David about working with Neil Gaiman on Good Omens, NY ComicCon 2018 (x)

David: I feel very sad that… leaving Doctor Who was a big thing and it was quite traumatic, and then I found out the next season Neil Gaiman was going to be writing for it. I feel like that was a great sadness that I finally now get to put right by actually working with the man and just getting to speak his words.  

didn’t feel too artsy lately, but finally made a matching Dalek to go with my pride TARDIS, because it looks like a lot of people liked that and it makes me a bit proud haha. This one`s of course also on redbubble (x

I’m thinking about how in s1 ep1 of the reboot the guy who’s been investigating the doctor shows Rose a picture of the Doctor with a family set to die on the Titanic who mysteriously cancelled their trip and lived and then Donna saying to the doctor “someone just save someone” at pompeii and the doctor changing history with the Mars mission because he could and because they deserved to live but who was he to make the rules of who lives and who dies and who was he to fight what history is written? And then he goes on and he saves ashildr from certain death and in his desperation to save as many as he can he accidentally gives her his curse instead. Because everywhere he goes people die and people leave and not even half of them deserve it and not even half of them had enough time but he just keeps going and going and going and he cares so damn much but everyone keeps dying and he has to save someone. Because if he doesn’t what hope is there at all? There’s just eternity. I’m just thinking and its killing me.