Strex Family: 1920's Mafia AU

Ricardo is the patriarch, obviously. No one is sure exactly where he was from before he came to town and set up shop, but no one is brave enough to ask.

Christopher and Cleo are his lead informants. Between the two of them the can find out anything. Cleo tends to be a bit more violent in her interrogations, while Chris tends to be of the sexual sort. They double as his secretary and PA, of course. Adrian and the Bio Boys are his security crew.

Divina keeps records of business transactions and finances. Diego keeps the crew outfitted in guns.

Sergio, Luciano, and Caesar all run various fronts for smuggling/speakeasies. One is a chemist, the other a diner, and another a doctors office. Sergio is being groomed to take over the family business. 

Isa is a spy/double agent. The walls have ears, better be careful~

Eugene hides the bodies and helps with the smuggling process. No one bothers to check for contraband in coffins, after all.

Aliana is remarkably good at finding high-grade tech. No one asks where she gets it from.

The Smiling Gods are a Rival Gang. They’ve been around longer than Ricardo’s family, and are native to the area. They greatly dislike the intruders.

Marcus, Jake, Hiram, FOW, etc. are the corrupt faction of Night Vale’s law. They’re in cahoots with the gangs, and profiting off of looking the other way. 

Cecil, Carlos, Earl, Lucy, etc. are the ‘good guys’. They’re upstanding citizens who want law, order, and respectability to prevail.

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8. things you said when you were crying Ben/Leslie

There was a reason Ben hated doctors’ offices. The sterile, white walls, the smell of antiseptic, the aura of sickness and death. 

But today, he hated them more than ever. He wanted to rip every picture from the wall, throw every piece of equipment onto the ground in a grief-induced rage. He wanted everything to be as shattered and broken as he was.

But he couldn’t. He had to be strong for his fiancée, the love of his life who was weeping in his arms. He wanted to scream, cry, do something, but he didn’t. He held her, soothed her, and wished that he could take her pain away.

"I lost it," she sobbed, "I’m so sorry, I lost it."

She was apologizing, and it broke him. She thought that it was her fault, and he didn’t know what to say to tell her how wrong she was.

They didn’t plan for this when they found out a few weeks ago, in a room much like this one. It was definitely an accident, but one that they welcomed with open arms.

But that didn’t matter now, because the life they had created together was gone.

-gets a call from my doctor reminding me that today I start Chemotherapy; gets out of bed throwing on some sweats and stands in front of the mirror; runs my fingers thru my hair tearing up; calls my friend Juan to pick me up; 15 minutes later he comes and I leave out heading to my doctor office-

FixT Music has a song for every situation in life.
  1. Driving? Shapeshifter - Celldweller
  2. Doctor’s office/Sick? Metamorphosis - Blue Stahli
  3. Alone/bored? Eon - Celldweller
  4. Birthday? Gift For You - Celldweller
  5. Bad Decision? Switchback - Celldweller
  6. Robbing a bank (not recommended)? Give Me Everything You Got - Blue Stahli
  7. Nightmare? Kill Me Everytime - Blue Stahli
  8. Falling Down Stairs? The Fall- Blue Stahli
  9. Running for your life? Empty Streets - Scandroid
  10. Won the lottery? The Lucky One- Celldweller
  11. About to take a test you didn’t study for? Good L_Ck (Yo_’re F_Cked) - Celldweller
Two steps forward, one step back.

Lately I’ve been feeling on top of the world since I got my results declaring me free from cancer over a year. But, recently, over the past week, my chest area has been growing tender and swollen. So much for being on a lucky streak, there should be a personalised waiting room seat for me seeing as I’m at the hospital and doctors office so much, sigh. Let’s just hope for the best.


Steven Moffat Appreciation

     ↳ Osgood

One of the most touching tributes to come out of the Doctor Who 50th special was the one to the fans through the character of Osgood. There, in the background of what was the most important negotiation in history, without anyone noticing, Osgood saved the world.

She could have easily sabotaged the Doctor’s plan by telling Kate to check her pockets, but instead of choosing to divide, Osgood chose to be kind. Becoming the bridge, the one who was willing to connect with what everyone had been so afraid of.

She had been neither cruel nor cowardly. And I think that’s why Steven wrote her in wearing the scarf. Because, really, anyone, anywhere, through kindness and courage, can be the Doctor. If that’s not the greatest tribute to the fandom, I don’t know what is.

  • Me:*Procrastinates*
  • *Watches 2 seasons of a show in one day*
  • *Reads fanfiction*
  • *Plays video games*
  • *Stays on the Internet all day*
  • Me:"Why can't I get anything done what am I doing wrong in my life?"