Ugh so i kinda tried to skimp on medical costs by seeing A Doctor™. As in, a person who is a licensed medical practitioner. As in, I called up a family friend who is a doctor instead of going to a doctor’s office. So my shoulder isn’t actually on record as being injured.

Except my principal saw that I was hurt and I accidentally let it slip that it happened at field day. So now he’s telling me i need to report it as a workplace injury, which means the injury has to actually be on file, which means i actually need to go to a doctor’s office and have it officially examined.

Except I don’t have a doctor here in town. The closest I ever had was the family practitioner the college nurse sent me to for strep, and he’s gone now. So I have to find a new primary care physician. But nobody I talked to will see me until I can provide medical records, so I have to track down who tf has my most up to date medical records and idk who that would be and just


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The agency was very wrong.What they said is a really backwards issue that more agency's are finally realizing is very wrong to do, now they have learned as well. Typecasting means like you don't want to play a doctor or a police officer in every role. Being gay is not a typecast. A good example is Sebastian Stan. He has played many roles where the character also happens to be gay, no different to if they were straight roles.It has never hurt his career.He is so well respected and loved by many.

I agree, they made it sound like a character that is gay, is nothing but gay.
Like, that the character is defined by the sexuality and there’s no difference between different characters (that happen to be gay).

And as Morten stated on instagram, I hope the other actors aren’t gonna play straight characters now then. Because why should being gay be something that defines the character, and being straight doesn’t. what does it matter

⌜ based on this. ⌟

     ‘ so what now? ‘ the brunette asks as she sits outside the doctors office, looking at the other before she glances down at the ring on her hand. they had gotten married under the pretense that she was pregnant, but as many know, those over the counter pregnancy tests could be wrong and according to her doctor, they had been. ‘ do you want to get a divorce now or something? ‘

Fanfiction reading challenge

I have seen a lot of “book challenge for 2017″ and I thought “Hey, why we don’t have this with fanfiction???” and here we are with 101 points.

High School AU

Hogwarts AU

First Kiss  

First Time

Secret Relationship AU

Roommate AU

More than 30 chapters ff

More than 60 chapters ff

Fake relationship

A is famous, B is a fan  

Both A and B are famous  

Teacher/student AU

Stripper AU

Pure smut ff

Smut with some kinks in it (wink wink)

Jock and Nerd AU

Dancer AU (includes cheerleaders, but not strippers)

Cheating (A with B, not A on B)

Christmas ff

Kiss under mistletoe  

Summer Love  

Bad boy/girl and good student AU

Dating show  

New Years Kiss  


Making out (the one that does not lead to smut tho)

Slow burn

Sloweeeeeeest burn ever (you will know the difference)

Soulmates AU – colours

Soulmates AU – tattoos/marks/names

Soulmate AU – others  

A has terrible pick up lines, B finds it annoying/adorable

Sexting/phone sex

Birthday Party

Meet Cute  

Drunk Meeting

Drunk!A had a crush on B for a long time and now alcohol is involved  

Vampires or other supernatural AU (except werewolf)

Alpha/Beta/Omega dynamics AU

Alpha/Beta/Omega dynamics – omega is pregnant AU

Coffeeshop AU (it just had to be here, we all know it xD)

‘We were supposed to be just fuckbuddies but feeling happened’ AU

Forced to sleep in one bed

Camping (bonus for sleeping in one tent/sleeping bag, because B forgot his/hers)

A taking care of sick B


Fluffiest fluffy fluff that ever fluff (again: you will know the difference)

'Our friends tried to set us up, may give it a go when we are here’  

‘I thought I wasn’t gay, but hello there I may be bi now’

Teasing – like a lot of this one

Wearing each other clothes  

Competing sport teams/schools  

Competing CEO’s

Crossover ff

Blind date AU


Heavy angst  

Cheating (not A with B, but A on B)

Break up fic

*Major character Death* - although I would recommend to avoid this one  


Childhood friends  

A is in a toxic relationship/after break up and B helps to heal broken heart  

One of them is a Doctor/Police Officer/Lawyer and that’s how they met  

Crack fic

'I thought feelings are long gone but then I saw you again after years, and yep, its still here’

Assassin/Murderer/Criminal AU

A is a Demon/ghost/vampire and B is not amused  

Disney AU

Song fic


Forced to work together

Foster siblings AU

A and B are soldiers and met at war/training  

A is afraid of something (probably storm) and B calms them down

'5 times when… and 1 when…’

Superheroes AU  

Superpowers AU (different than superheroes)

'So you are my best friend’s date? Shit’

'We had sex before and now we are forced to work together/be around each other’

Soulmates AU Angst

Boss/employee situation

'I accidently found/text wrong number and its you and oh we know each other in real life’

Genderswap AU

Best friends to lovers  

Different Era AU  

A has a obvious crush on B and B is clueless

Co-workers AU



Kids – expecting/adopting

Kids – toddlers problems  

Kids – first date and 'what if he will hurt our daughter?!’

Telling to kids how they met  

Coming out to families  

Space AU  

DRAGONS AU (im sorry)

Kings/Queens AU

Fic that had amazing description but is shitty as hell  

Total multifandom fic with this couple in it

A and B are old and together and looking at their past with nostalgia


I finished retexturing the Midnight Hollow hospital rabbit hole this morning. The top picture is EA’s, and the bottom one is mine. I know the changes are subtle, but I think it looks less derelict now and generally suits Moonlight Falls better. As usual, the project took longer than I thought it would, but I feel happier with my decision to use that rabbit hole in Serendipity so it was worth it. :D

Boyf Riends: The Doctor

“You’re going to have to come out eventually.”
“No, I refuse to!” Jeremy sighed. For the last half hour he had been trying to coax Micheal from under the table to get his Flu shot. The doctor had left a few minutes earlier and before leaving he asked Jeremy to try and convince Micheal to willingly come out.
“You know I hate needles! You said this was just a check up!”
“Michael you need this shot, you’ve gotten sick three times in the past five months!”
“Well I don’t see them poking you with a needle just because you got sick a few times!” Jeremy paused at this when he got an idea.
“If I get the shot first would you be willing to get yours?”
There was a moment of silence before a small,“…maybe…” Jeremy smiled as Michael came out and moments later the doctor came back in.
“Uh, we were wondering if maybe I could get the shot first then Michael?” The doctor nodded gesturing for the teen to have a seat on the examination table. Jeremy winced as the needle entered his shoulder before it came out and he turned to Michael with a smile. “See? Not that bad…” The doctor left again to get a new injection for Michael as the two traded positions on the table when he noticed drying tear stains on the sides of Michael’s face.
“I know I’m being a crybaby…it’s just…I really don’t like needles…”
“Michael, everyone’s scared of something…I mean I’m scared of dogs almost as much as you are of needles. You’re not a crybaby.” The doctor came back in with the needle and Michael closed his eyes, holding one of Jeremy’s hands as the needle entered his shoulder. He opened them again and the doctor was disposing of the needle and Jeremy was still holding his hand.
“Alright boys, were done. You can go check out at the front desk.” The two walked out, still holding hands and Michael’s head was bowed down slightly.
“Hey Jer, thanks for the help today.”
“Anything for you man.” Michael smiled glad to have a boyfriend like Jeremy.

There’s so many autistic people who support autism $peaks because they have amazing pr, and literally the only criticism of them comes from individuals on the internet trying to spread the information about why they’re horrible. If someone’s not involved with social media in any meaningful way, there’s a very low chance that they would have any clue about any of this.

And that’s an issue! But that’s what happens when you have a multimillion dollar company that’s on tv, chocolate bunnies, stuffed animals, posters at your doctors’ office…

Idk it really feels pretty detached from reality that so many of y'all have gone from trying to spread awareness about a charity that if asked most people in the real world would probably say that they support to ‘this person is problematiqué because they support this charity’.


Y'all I’m still not over this


The Nintendo Switch’s handheld nature is turning out to be a bigger deal than I imagined it would be, and I think it’s going to play hugely into the Switch’s success.

My Traumatic Hospital Experience

It’s taken me a while to write about this. 

However, I feel it’s necessary as a person with a disability to share this story in hopes of spreading awareness about the challenges anybody can face when headed to the emergency room.

I suffer from seizures. These started as absence seizures, but over time I began to have convulsive seizures that occurred while I was conscious. The problem here is that doctors expect to see a “certain kind” of seizure, and when your seizures don’t meet these expectations…

Well. They don’t necessarily believe you when you tell them you’re having seizures. So they look to other explanations first.

They tell you you’re having anxiety if your hands are shaking and convulsing. Even if you tell them you’re not anxious at all.

They run drug tests on you without your consent, or without telling you that they’re running drug tests. 

They jump to every possible conclusion OTHER than “this may be a seizure” - even if I have a strong, verifiable history of seizures which I have told them about and which has been confirmed via EEG.

Here’s the thing. There are many, many types of seizures other than the typical “grand mal’ seizure that most people think about. Sometimes you fall down. Sometimes you’re conscious. Sometimes you’re not. Sometimes you do strange things. Sometimes you’re very confused. Sometimes you lose time. Sometimes you experience strange smells.

In MY case, I was having a series of episodes that began with convulsions while I was conscious, and that over time moved to me being frozen in place, also while conscious. 

While “frozen in place” I couldn’t move. I couldn’t speak. I couldn’t do anything.

When the paramedics found me after I called because I knew an episode was coming on, I had fallen to the ground in front of my house because I couldn’t stand any longer. I remember listening to the 911 operator calling for me and me being unable to respond. I remember waiting, and waiting, until I finally heard the ambulance coming for me.

I came out of the episode long enough to tell them I was having seizures. Then I went right back into seizure. 

The paramedics got me onto the stretcher and into the ambulance. Then they began asking me questions. Of course I couldn’t respond. They asked me again and again. I couldn’t respond.

Then the paramedic threatened physical force - pushing on my chest - if I didn’t respond. 

Fortunately I came out of seizure long enough to finally speak back. Then I got to the hospital

Then I got to my room, where I encountered my nurse. Again, my nurse began asking me questions. I began seizing. 

I couldn’t respond.

She questioned me further.

I couldn’t respond. 

“Megan, you have to cooperate,” she told me angrily. 

I couldn’t respond. 

“You have to cooperate!” she told me. This continued as I lay there in my bed, frozen in place, unable to respond, unable to move, unable to do anything as my nurse shouted at me that I needed to cooperate. 

She continued to berate me and tell me to cooperate even after I told her that I was trying - that it was the seizures preventing me from “cooperating.”

Even though I had told the paramedics that I was coming into the hospital for seizures. Even though the nurse should have known that I was coming into the hospital for seizures.

There is an endemic problem in the way that people with invisible disabilities are treated in emergency rooms and doctors offices and in the medical community in general. 

I was traumatized by this experience to the point that I am scared to ever call emergency services or ever go to the hospital for my seizures ever again. I needed to share this to let you people know that this is not okay. 

If any of you ever plan to go into nursing, to become doctors, or simply want anything to do with medicine, do not ignore anybody when they communicate with you - when they say what is happening with their bodies. 

There are certainly negative things about being a public face. People following you to the doctor’s office to take pictures of you never used to happen. Pop culture has become culture, the more people buy into tabloid stories and tabloid magazines, at times our lives can be impossible. I mean, it’s weird to go for a walk with your brother and have people say that it’s your boyfriend and to take pictures of you when you’re in a private moment. I can’t make that adjustment. I refuse to adjust to that, because adjusting to that means being a hermit and never leaving your house. I refuse to adjust to something like that.

For the trans man just beginning his journey;

It will not be easy, but it will not always be hard. There will be days you see no changes at all (I promise they ARE happening, no matter how subtle) and others where you wake up and see someone completely different looking back at you in the mirror. There will be acne, awkward body fat repositioning, patchy body and facial hair. Your voice will go from high pitched to scratchy, low.. then high again… then low, and so on. It will stabilize I promise you. There will be mood swings and adjusting to the hormones so that they are right for you personally. Top surgery is an easy ride for some and for others the pain and recovery will be worse. You will have days when you remove your bandages and wonder how it could possibly end up looking like how you’d imagined and for some just seeing a flat plane of skin will bring happy tears to your eyes. We are all different but our experiences are very similar. We are a brotherhood. Try to welcome these bumps in the road, they mean you’re on your way to finally meeting yourself for the first time. Away from our medical transitions (if you so choose to do so) we will overcome adversity and discrimination as we are dealt it in our schools, workplaces, doctors offices, or just generally in public. We are fucking strong and we are braver than anything we face.