Bosniak Troops Open Gap for Italians in Tyrol, Though Italians Miss Opportunity

Ljudevit Pivko (1880-1937), a Slovene doctor and Austrian officer who attempted to open the way into South Tyrol for the Italians.

September 18 1917, Carzano–While both Austrians and Italians had been distracted with the Eleventh Battle of the Isonzo, the Austrian defenses in the Tyrol had been neglected.  Furthermore, over the course of the summer, a Slovene officer in the Austrian army, Ljudevit Pivko, had been in steady contact with Italian intelligence, giving them accurate maps and invaluable information about troop and artillery deployments.  Pivko had also been slowly building a conspiracy in the Austrian lines, recruiting Bosniaks with little loyalty to the Empire.  When the time came, Pivko was ready to cut off Austrian communications, destroy ammunition dumps, and leave the main road to Carzano wide open for an advance on Carzano and the entirety of Austrian South Tyrol.

Although the officer Pivko had been in contact with was enthusiastic about the plans, it had been difficult to convince his superiors.  This led to delays, which proved costly to Pivko.  He was nearly found out when he was betrayed by a Czech officer; however, Pivko’s word was better trusted, and he even briefly met with Emperor Karl, who told him that “I regret that somebody wished to cast a shadow over one of my most valiant officers.”  Time was also running out, as Pivko’s Bosniaks were soon to be transferred out of the sector.

In the wee hours of September 18, the Bosniaks duly opened the way to Carzano, and the leading Italian troops enter the town with little resistance.  However, the pace of the units behind them is painfully slow, as they show an overabundance of caution or a deep mistrust in the Bosniaks.  By dawn, the loyal Austrian troops in the area had realized something was afoot, and set up machine gun posts bisecting the road to Carzano.  The Bosniaks, along with the leading Italian columns, were cut off.  Many were killed trying to escape (some by Italian artillery fire), while nearly 1000 were forced to surrender.  Pivko himself was able to escape, and continued to work with the Italians for the remainder of the war.

Today in 1916: British Take the Quadrilateral
Today in 1915: Germany Suspends U-Boat Campaign
Today in 1914: Bülow’s Attacks on the Aisne Fail

Sources include: Mark Thompson, The White War.

Based off of Shadow of a Doubt by Haikujitsu. Not sure if Dr. Wagner is a blonde or not in her story, but i kinda imagined him as one for some reason…so I made him a blonde…lol Also, pretty sure Danny wasn’t still in his gross orange hoodie, but I kinda wanted to make him look even more of a mess than he was.

cherrysoda27  asked:

Can I get a Imagine were the hosts are the doctor's office? If you don't want to that's fine but I'd really enjoy it. Thanks -Me

Mun: I’m assuming you mean they’d be at the doctor’s office, as there was already an episode where Honey and Mori dressed up as doctors.


  • Scared shitless
  • He’d never been in a commoner’s doctor’s office before
  • He’s sitting in the waiting room, terrified of what’s to come
  • One of his maids kept telling him “It’s like any regular doctor’s visit”
  • “But that’s a doctor that makes house calls!” Tamaki would whimper
  • He gets called into the back, thinking this is the end
  • The nurse asks him some general questions about why he’s there
  • He’s too scared to explain it’s just a physical
  • The doctor comes in
  • Everything’s fine
  • Tamaki gets a lollipop
  • Tamaki then brags to the other hosts about how he was so confident and brave about the whole ordeal
  • Kyoya and Haruhi aren’t convinced


  • It’s just any other visit
  • He brings his laptop so he can work while he’s waiting
  • Everything goes as expected
  • The doctor is amazed at the vast knowledge Kyoya has
  • He then clarifies that one of his brothers is a doctor
  • Kyoya leaves the office but not before picking up some vacation pamphlets from the waiting room
  • They might be useful for the next host theme

The Twins (Hikaru and Kaoru)

  • They play doctor at home with one another


  • Mori scheduled his appointment at a pediatrician’s office
  • Other kids wanted to play with Usa-chan
  • He let them with a smile
  • The nurse calls him in
  • He calls her pretty
  • They go about the routine like normal
  • The doctor comes in and is surprised by the patient’s date of birth
  • “You’re 18?”
  • Honey nods
  • Mori nods
  • “…Okay then…..”
  • The doctor says nothing is wrong
  • They set up their next appt in 6 months
  • Honey and Mori get ice cream after the appointment
  • Honey asks when he can go to a doctor’s office again
  • Mori says next month he has a dentist appointment


  • Mori arrives about 15 minutes early for his appointment
  • People move away from him as he’s sitting down, mansplaining in his seat, hands folded, staring seemingly at nothing with a blank expression
  • He’s actually just watching tv
  • He’s called into the back room
  • They check his height, but the nurse is too short
  • They bring a taller nurse in to finish up the measurements
  • He takes a seat and waits for the doctor
  • The doctor arrives and asks him if he’s there for any reason in particular
  • Mori shakes his head
  • “So, a checkup?”
  • Mori nods
  • Everything seemed to be okay
  • Since that visit, everyone assumed he was a mute
  • When he goes in and something IS wrong, people are startled by the husk in his voice


  • Haruhi seldom gets sick
  • She only went to a minute clinic once, and it was because she thought she had a cold
  • The doctor said nothing was wrong and that the visit was covered by her insurance regardless
  • She thought the doctor was a quack and went back to bed
  • She didn’t know she was in love


  • Absolutely terrified of the bright lights
  • Is asked to remove his cloak so they can check his ears, nose, and throat, as well as his heartbeat
  • He refuses
  • The cloak is forcibly removed from his body
  • He faints
  • He’s taken to the ER
  • It’s even worse
  • After at least two hours of trying to find out what’s wrong, they bring in a psychologist
  • They speak with a traumatized Umehito and figure out the problem is a fear of bright lights
  • “Photophobia” as he recalled the psychologist saying
  • The psychologist puts the cloak back on him and he’s immediately back to normal
  • He walks out as if nothing happened
  • He then goes to the kids’ area of the hospital to show off Beelzenef (or Bereznoff)
  • They absolutely love it
  • A nurse begs him to leave for fear of him scaring the shit out of the kids
  • He politely obliges
  • He lurks home, happy to do it all over again
an uncomfortable half hour

I find that some of the day-to-day living things make me uncomfortable, like paying bills and making medical appointments and dealing with my property management company etc. In an effort to stop putting this stuff off for so damned long, I’ve instituted An Uncomfortable Half Hour at the best day in the month to get all this crap done at once.

Step 1: Pick day and time (in advance of any bills being due). Then ignore it all until then.

Step 2: Get all papers in place with all phone numbers at the ready.

Step 3: Set timer for half an hour.

Step 4: Understand that the next 30 minutes are going to really, really suck.

Step 5: Do.

Step 6: Stop timer, stand up, shake off as much of the discomfort as possible. 

Step 7: Drink a glass of ice water. If it was really stressful/bad, take a shower. It’s a psychological hack and not based in science but it can help.

Step 8: Go look at videos of cats. You’re done for the month.

(results may vary etc)


I finished retexturing the Midnight Hollow hospital rabbit hole this morning. The top picture is EA’s, and the bottom one is mine. I know the changes are subtle, but I think it looks less derelict now and generally suits Moonlight Falls better. As usual, the project took longer than I thought it would, but I feel happier with my decision to use that rabbit hole in Serendipity so it was worth it. :D

Jacin’s posture becomes rigid in the lunar palace, his attitude colder than usual. Winter and Cinder don’t think he realizes he’s doing it. Cinder has passed laws so that thaumaturges cannot hurt people or control them against their will, but every time a thaumaturge is nearby, Jacin shoves his weapons in one of his friends’ hands. Even now, he cannot trust himself not to hurt someone he cares about.

Winter has days when she is scared to touch Jacin. Her hands hesitate over his shoulder, she stands farther from him than usual. She knows he has no reason to reject her, with the war over and Levana gone, but she can’t help but be afraid that he will. Winter doesn’t think she could handle it if he brushes her off, if he pushes her away again. Sometimes she feels like she’s just waiting for him to shut her out for good.

Thorne hates having his eyes covered, hates the feeling of blind darkness. He pulls his shirts over his head as fast as he can, and has to force himself to keep his eyes shut at night. On his birthday, Cress tells him to cover his eyes with a bandana she gives him. Thorne flinches away, telling her quietly, “I… I don’t really like not being able to see, since the desert. Can we do something else instead?”

Cress can’t stand isolation. She hates being alone in her empty room, and cannot fall asleep by surrounded by silence and emptiness. Being inside and alone is even worse-sometimes Cress will wake up in her room, thinking she is back in that horrible empty satelite, cut off from the world. She doesn’t want to be clingy, to suffocate Thorne and her friends, so she says nothing, letting her fear rise when her door closes.

Wolf has always hated doctors and needles, but after his second surgery, it’s become much worse. He no longer travels on trains and ships to avoid having to give blood samples, and he refuses to go with Scarlet to the doctors office. After a while, he agrees to let Jacin give him check-ups every six months, but he refuses to see any other doctors. Every time Jacin has to give him a shot, he can’t stop shaking for hours after.

Scarlet has stopped putting her chickens in a pen, letting them roam freely instead. When she and Wolf do renovations on the farmhouse, the first thing she does is rip out the iron trellises over the windows, the ones that make her feel trapped, that remind her of prison bars. Winter schedules one of the Rampion crew reunions to be a day trip to a local zoo. Scarlet pretends to be sick that day. She just can’t stand to see the cages.

Kai refuses to keep guards around his bedroom. He never locks the doors in the offices in the palace, and only allows Torin to own copies of his keys. Despite lots of outrage from his staff (and later, the press), Kai refuses to carry an ID chip anywhere on his person. Levana is dead and gone, and can no longer control him. Kai doesn’t care. It may be irrational, but he never wants to feel like a prisoner in his own home again.

Iko can’t be out of her body. She clings to it, despite how illogical it is, despite the fact that newer, better versions are becoming available to her all the time. Beauty matters less to her now-she’ll gladly accept physical flaws if she can say that they belong to her. Without a physical body she can call her own, Iko finds herself questioning her identity, doubting her humanity… She’ll take a few dull wires over an existential crisis any day.

Cinder has days when she’s scared to speak. She has days when her voice feels like a loaded gun, her finger perpetually caught on the trigger. With her voice, she could control all of the people she loves. She could kill people. She could turn into a tyrant, like her mother, like her aunt. With her voice, she could make a choice, an order, that might hurt people, unleash oppression, or start a war, and to Cinder, that’s even scarier.

They survived a war. They survived being criminals, being leaders, being fugitives, being soldiers, being prisoners. And they are okay, for the most part. They are. But there are some things that stay with you, no matter what. And the survivors are the ones who have to deal with the aftermath.

Chocobros Going to the Dr HCs

This is my first fanfic-type writing EVER. I decided to try my hand at HCs, so I’m starting with the boyband going to the Doctor’s office for a routine checkup/physical. Mostly SFW. 

I’m tagging just a few of my favorite ffxv blogs. I’d love your opinions! 

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  • Low key afraid of the doctor’s office and needles, but puts on a brave face because he’s the future King of Lucis, and you can’t have a King be frightened of getting the flu vaccine.
  • Internal screaming when he hears he’s due for a booster shot.
  • Blushes like mad during the physical when the doctor instructs, “Turn your head and cough” while palpating his balls.
  • “Excuse me, WHAT?” when the doctor explains the prostate exam. Terribly confused when he doesn’t hate it. Borderline kinda likes it. Realizes he needs to do some kink soul searching.
  • Rewards himself afterwards with a trip to the arcade to take his mind off of doctor’s office anxiety and the kink black hole he thinks he’s falling into.


  • Whereas Noctis puts on a brave face, sunshine boy is openly nervous af about his doctor’s visit. It’s written plainly on his face…mostly with sweat.
  • Is heinously uncomfortable when he needs to take off his clothes for the physical exam. He’s thankful that his doctor is a man, and is one of those cool doctors who is personable and puts his mind at ease.
  • Turns his face away when the cool doctor congratulates him for hard work involved in making positive changes in his health habits and achieving a healthy weight/fitness. Tries not to cry. He hasn’t been openly praised for his hard work in this arena. Likes the doctor even more.
  • Cool doctor offers Prompto a lollipop on the way out, for being a trooper through his exam and Prompto happily accepts.
  • Leaves happy and relieved with a skip in his step and a grape lollipop in his mouth. Maybe the doctor’s office isn’t so bad after all.


  • Is not intimidated by the doctor’s office AT ALL. He loves going to his physicals and annual checkups, as it’s a natural extension of taking care of his body as is required of the Shield.
  • Soaks up praise from the doctor, who is pleasantly surprised to see a patient with completely normal vital signs and blood work. Working in healthcare, you see a lot of bad. Seeing something good is a welcome change. Tells Gladio to keep up the good work. Gladio’s ego grows two sizes bigger that day.
  • Ain’t afraid of no stinkin’ needles. Bring ‘em on!
  • Openly flirts with the nurse who takes his height and weight. And the one who comes into the room before the doctor to do the introductory work. And the lady at the front desk. Something about a woman in scrubs ~does something~ to him.


  • Is as prepared for his annual checkup as he is for any project he undertakes as advisor to the future king of Lucis.
  • Comes with a list of concerns and questions to discuss with the doctor. Not quite a hypochondriac, but is very cautious with his health.
  • Surprises the crap out of the doctor’s and nurses when he uses medical terminology like a pro, because of course he does.
  • Ignis: Doctor, I’ve had intractable fatigue for the past two months that doesn’t respond to typical lifestyle interventions. I’d like to rule out anemia and hypothyroidism, so I’d suggest the following blood tests: CBC w/ Differential, TSH, T3, T4, ferritin…… (and onward for what seems like eternity).  
  • Doctor: Er, it seems you’ve thought this through. I’ll order the lab work…
  • Turns out his fatigue is just not sleeping enough and relying on Ebony to get him through his day. Is relieved, but feels silly.
Trimberly Week (D2)

da angst

tw: brief mentions of death and suicidal thoughts

  • Trini’s parents die in an accident when the Rangers are battling Goldar
  • She doesn’t find out until the hospital calls her and informs her that her brothers are okay
    • Mateo broke his arm and needed stitches for the cut on his forehead
    • Alex suffered minor burns and some smoke inhalation
  • A doctor and a police officer pulled her aside to tell her that one of the “rock monsters” had thrown the car and smashed through the windshield
    • her father had been crushed
    • her mother had died en route
  • And Trini nods, numb and buzzing, and excuses herself back to the room where her brothers are
    • and she barely has time to make it to the bathroom before she’s throwing up and shaking and on the verge of losing it but then she hears Alex outside the door, asking if she’s okay
    • and she decides right then and there that even if she isn’t she’s all her brothers have now and she’s going to be strong
  • A tired looking social worker comes around some time later and gives her temporary guardianship of her brothers
  • And Trini has to break her brother’s hearts when she explains to them what happened to Mami and Papi
    • she holds them both as they cry into her lap and swears she’s never letting go
  • Kim finds out first
    • The boys get released from the hospital (because they’re injuries aren’t extensive and they desperately need the extra beds) and Trini has to drive them home by herself, tuck them in by herself, and it isn’t until they’re both asleep do things start to hit her
    • the house is too quiet, too empty, and her parents are dead, and now she has to take care of her brothers all by herself
  • So she’s just sitting in her room, holding a picture frame from the mantel downstairs, when Kim crawls through her window
    • she’s talking as she crawls into the dark room, about how crazy everything looks, how they don’t have school for a while because the place was nearly demolished, how Zack says his mom is okay and Jason’s family is too, along with Billy’s mom, and it isn’t until she sits next to Trini does she realize somethings wrong
    • and they may have this new link that connects their emotions or whatever, but somehow Trini’s got a dam on hers because it isn’t until Kim touches her cheek, turns her face to look at her, and asks “what’s wrong?” does the dam break
    • and suddenly Kim understands perfectly
  • Trini cries and Kim holds her all night
    • Zack finds out next because he comes to visit Trini the next morning and then he messages Billy and Jason to get their asses to Trini’s now 
    • And they spend a good two hours in a big huddle, everyone holding each other, and Trini cries and they all share her ache
  • Trini can’t sleep in her house, traumatized by Rita’s encounter and haunted by her parent’s absence
    • And she’s struggling to juggle lawyers and life insurance and social workers and funeral expenses and finding a full time job because she’s gonna need that if she wants to keep custody of her brothers
    • Kim makes it a little easier, she stays every night for a week, even when Trini doesn’t sleep, just having Kim next to her helps ease the emptiness around her
  • Madi and Ted Hart notice their daughters disappearances and when they confront her about it she tells them her friend just lost her parents and has to take care of her little brothers
    • turns out Madi was the doctor who stitched up Mateo’s forehead and Ted was the officer who pulled them from the vehicle
  • To make matters worse, the judge assigned to the boys case has deemed Trini unfit to look after her brothers, not because she physically can’t but because she’s too young and without a full time job
  • And Trini breaks down outside the courthouse because two social workers are taking her brothers away and she nearly sends two police officers flying as they hold her back
    • Ted holds her as she sobs deeply and when Kim shows up and swoops in to hold her, he knows he has to do something
    • He calls his wife, who immediately agrees, then makes a few more phone calls and few favors and then its done
  • Trini’s sitting in her room, alone in the dark, when she starts wishing Rita had killed her the first time, how she wishes she were dead
  • And then Kim’s stumbling into her room, teary eyed, and running over to Trini and pulling her close
    • “don’t you ever, ever, think like this! I can’t do this without you Trin, and god I know this sucks, but please, please don’t leave me. I need you. Your brothers need you. And I’m not going to leave you, ever. so please, just stay with me”
    • and Trini cries and kisses her and Kim holds her so tight she leaves small bruises that disappear by the morning
  • The next morning Kim gets a call from her mom to bring Trini back to their house
  • and Kim tells Trini to live with them
    • she poses it like its a question but Trini knows she doesn’t really have a choice
    • and she can feel Kim’s resoluteness through the link and it hits her a little because Kim really isn’t going to leave her, no matter what
    • So she kisses her again and Kim kisses back twice as hard, twice as soft, and doesn’t let go
  • And when they finally get to Kim’s house, Trini’s things packed in three duffel bags, the front door flings open and Mateo and Alex come barreling out, followed by Madi and Ted
    • the phone calls were to square away the boys adoption since Madi and Ted were registered foster parents before they had Kim
  • And Trini breaks down crying and hugging and kissing her brothers, and then the Harts are joining in the group hug
  • Trini still misses her mom and dad, but she gains a second family
    • or rather a third because her fellow rangers are family too


  • Years later, when Trini and Kim have dated for a while, Kim proposes
    • “I think it’s time you joined the Hart family too. Trini will you marry me?”
    • And Trini says yes (duh)

childhood in autumn

jumping into piles of raked dead leaves, pumpkin patches, wind chimes, “trick or treat, smell my feet”, corn field mazes, hay rides, scarecrows stuffed with straw, pom-pom hats, winnie the pooh sneakers, rainbow color-block jackets, a warm bright yellow kitchen, scents of cinnamon and apple, corduroy fabric, “it’s the great pumpkin, charlie brown”, a black sky by 5 pm, covered up in a baby blanket in my car seat, holiday crafts and decorations in school, candy corn and ghost window stickers, the aroma of hot turkey with crisp cold wind and strong perfume, a scruffy brown welcome mat by the front door, white thermals and footie pajamas, plastic orange pumpkin buckets, a costume witch hat, cold red cheeks and a runny red nose, drawing hearts and smiley faces on fogged car windows with my finger, frost on dead brown grass, a flu shot and a sticker at the doctor’s office, the stuffy warmth of thanksgiving dinner, a dark green and red plaid school skirt, gutting and carving pumpkins on sheets of newspaper, a cartoon turkey made from the outline of a small hand, goosebumps when stepping into a hot bath on a chilly evening, bare backyard trees against a dark blue sky.

schneeplestein staying up late in his doctors office past his work hours, scrolling through e-mails and progress reports of patients with a miserable look on his face, doodling art of anyone who caught his eye that day or objects under certain light

the sticky notes have their own pile on his desk, and the pile grows bigger and bigger. rather than it being a distraction from his work, it’s just a reminder of the life he could have had


The Nintendo Switch’s handheld nature is turning out to be a bigger deal than I imagined it would be, and I think it’s going to play hugely into the Switch’s success.