Season 5 "A" endings in order

5x5 “A” sends the liars and Alison a text after the explosion at Toby’s house. “A" is seen in the new lair with the black widow outfit hanging on a mannequin. "A” listens to police call the explosion in.

5x6 Black Widow sends a bouquet of flowers to the parents of Bethany Young.

5x7 “A” goes through Emilys mail and opens an invitation to Ella and Zacks’s engagement party. “A” seals the envelope back up.

5x8 “A"  through Spencer’s room caressing Spencer’s riding hat. flipping up a hidden panel under a couch cushion ultimately opening up a secret compartment.

5x9 "A” at Spencer’s eye doctor’s office is seen listening to Alisons fake kidnapping story

5x10 “A” folds clean laundry. He is seen pulling out a black hoodie and a nurses outfit from Radley

5x12 “A” replaces Emily’s baby jesus with a Mona doll. “A” puts the baby jesus in the trunk with Mona’s unconscious body. “A” also makes a snow globe witg tge

5x13 “A” sends an “A” message to the girls on Christmas

5x14 After Alison is arrested for Mona’s murder “A” sends the girls a message through fireworks

5x16 “A” goes into Detective Holbrooks office and knows exactly where he keeps his sweets. “A” signs into his files with the correct password.

5x17 “A” is seen in an abandon ice cream factory. Monas bloody clothes are seen In evidence bags and “A” flashes a blacklight on the door which reveals handprints of the liars

5x18 “A” enters Monas room to get the recording she left in the book. When “A” realizes its not “A” slams the book down in anger

5x19 “A” has samples of Aria, Hanna, and Spencers blood. Emily didn’t donate blood because of her trip to Haiti. “A” is watching a recording of Hanna and Caleb planning to sneak into the storage unit. “A” drips Hanna’s blood onto Mona’s bloody garments.

5x20 “A” goes into Mikes room and lifts weights. “A” pulls out a wrench and loosens the bench.

5x21 “A” reads a quote from the bible and places a 20$ on that page in all of the bibles for the womens correctional facility.

5x23 “A” shreds Paul Varjacks identity.

5x24 “A” drives a toy bus full of dolls with orange jumpsuits on to a castle. There is a blonde doll placed in the window of the castle. “A” takes a brunette doll out of the bus and places her behind the castle walls. “A” then holds his corsage up o his tuxedo for prom

My ADHD story

Hi! Just wanted to share my ADHD experience real quick. I was officially diagnosed with ADHD-PI last fall , but I’d had worsening problems with my focus since about eighth grade. (I’m in 11th now.) I was constantly fighting with my parents about my grades because ‘I can’t focus’ was never an excuse for why I wasn’t getting my homework done or not paying attention in class. I had tried to talk to my parents about my focus issues before but as time went on my emotions regarding the problem had gotten so bottled up I couldn’t speak on them without breaking down.(I’m not kidding here, I was a complete train wreck.) I felt like no one would believe my reasoning and completely gave up on sharing my point of view with my family and friends.

My mom finally agreed to get me diagnosed when I started sobbing in my doctors office while she was talking about her daughter who had ADHD and some of the symptoms that led her to her diagnosis. (I think I scared my mom because I wasn’t one to cry or show a big range of emotions in public.)I’d felt like something was seriously wrong with me and it had been eating away at me for over a year, and hearing that her daughters problems were so similar to mine was like a light switch flipping on. It had been an uphill battle for me to finally get the help I needed and I am so grateful that I don’t feel so crazy anymore.

To anyone who’s having problems with focus/ attention PLEASE TALK TO SOMEONE! Don’t keep your thoughts locked away, it will do more harm than good. More likely than not somebody will be able to help you and even if you don’t have ADHD, there are a plethora of other disorders like it that you may have. I hope no one ever has to ride the emotional roller coaster that I rode but I know that there are more like me out there so please share your feelings with others!

I am just always so caught off guard when I go to the doctors office and the nurses always ask me as part of the routine 20 questions before you get to see the doctor “When was the date of the start of your last menstrual cycle?” Like, I dunno, you expect me to remember that? Really? Almost 2 years ago now. I have no idea. Just none. Can you just make a note somewhere so you aren’t so flustered and confused every time you hear that answer? Also how are you flustered and confused? You’re looking at me and we literally just went over the list of medications I’m on which includes testosterone. Just what? What?

I’m trying to bleach and color my hair and I’ve been interrupted by so many phone calls (I have to answer upstairs and then go get the cordless and carry it to the blind guy or the Murble) and tiny emergencies that I’ve missed my window to add color before I wash out the bleach. cool. It’s not just naps I don’t get to have it’s any thirty minute period to myself during the day. Neat.

Next time a doctor’s office calls I’m going to have to say, “no. I’m sorry I can’t take the phone to them right now, I just took my shirt off for the fourth time and I’m not putting it back on again.”

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I feel a lot like you about the baby thing. I'm a lesbian who has tried and failed to get pregnant. I'm almost 30 and a several people around me are struggling with fertility issues-- and here's 1dhq flaunting one nightstand babies. It's very hurtful

I’m 41 and probably won’t have kids at this point but I do remember sitting by myself in the doctors office literally surrounded by pregnant teenagers (the area I was in had a high teen birth rate) and I just remember being so upset because even their baby daddies were there and here I was married but alone. I’ve never really forgiven my ex for that.

But yeah baby stuff is just….u don’t stunt with that. U just don’t

I built this collage spread a couple of bits at a time while on hold with a new doctor’s office and at various other odd moments when I was losing my center to intense agitation about an unexpected and highly unwelcome health development.  While I feel it looks an awful lot like some of my other recent pages, and I might otherwise be critical of it for that reason, making this particular collage definitely helped to widen my mental and emotional scope and also helped me start to incrementally improve some edges of my attitude about the problem.   Have been writing daily about the struggle this has been.  Think I’ll be ready to start visually processing the underbelly of this experience once today’s surgical procedure is in the rear view mirror.  In the meantime I’ve been focusing whatever parts of me are able to get past general apprehension and specific fear of hospitals on things it makes me happy to look at and work with.

My mom got her wish
I couldn’t even get a pap smear because it hurt too much
Needless to say, Mirena is a no

The doctor gave me a prescription for the pill, but I don’t want to gain weight or have it affect my mood, because pms wreaks havoc with my depression and anxiety, but because of that she said she made sure it was a low dosage of estrogen?

Idk idk idk I don’t want the side effects but I also don’t want to have to live with a debilitating period???

Spent my day crying and shaking in a doctor’s office, it’s been a great day. A+. The tops. I’m going to go cry some more now.

the doctor’s office that my Father goes to has a lobby/waiting room that isn’t very warm or comforting… as cliche as that is, it makes the sitting & waiting dreadful.

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So I saw all the responses to the Malec Fic you posted the other day and I was like "nope. No no no no. I'm not reading it. I'll cry. Not happening." Well I changed my mind and decided reading it in the waiting room of the doctors office was a good idea. -_- I wasn't. IM SOBBING. THESE PEOPLE ARE GOING TO THINK IM MENTAL. THANKS A LOT FOR RIPPING MY HEART OUT AND STOMPING ON IT WITH YOUR BEAUTIFULLY WRITTEN WORDS OF SORROW. HAVE A NICE DAY. IM HOPE YOURE HAPPY WITH WHAT YOU HAVE DONE.

damn that’s unfortunate (have a nice day omg ok ily)

Gonna make this post to pass time in the doctors office

I’m nervous she’s going to want to strip my membranes. I heard it hurts like a bitch and that it usually, in 2/3 woman, causes labor.

I’m not ready! Like I’m not mentally ready. I’m terrified to give birth again. You think it would be easier the second time but it’s not. You know just how bad it hurts and how hard recovering is.

Maybe I should just decline the membrane stripping if she offers. :/ I’m running out of time to decide.