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I can see the Doctor sending the Master the following: "Roses are red, the TARDIS is blue, I have two hearts, and they're both for you."

P.S. Be a good chap and stop trying to take over the universe, thank you

Kang Daniel “Bad Boy” Scenario
  • he was that bad boy in your school that everybody knew
  • was really popular but never showed interest in the girls that would shamelessly flirt with him
  • was known for always ditching class but no one really knew where he went
  • you’re not the type to ditch/miss class a lot but you received a call that your mom was in the hospital because she’d gotten a fracture from an accident
  • you ran out to the school entrance only to find that your bike was stolen while you were in class
  • “no no no no no!” you groaned in frustration. you had the other option of walking which was going to take 30 minutes which meant you’d miss seeing your mom before she went into surgery
  • you heard the familiar sound of a motorcycle starting up and you saw daniel ditching class like usual
  • “hey kang daniel, you ditching again?”
  • he raised his eyebrow as if he was surprised to see you. “i cant stand to hear the teacher blab on about photosynthesis anymore its boring me to death. but why are you ditching?”
  • “im not ditching” you frowned “i have to go to the hospital because my mom got a fracture and is about to go into surgery”
  • “is she okay!?”
  • “yeah, thankfully shes going to be completely fine. she just broke a few bones while she was trying to move a super heavy box down the stairs… i mean the story is irrelevant. but basically i was trying to go see her before she went in for surgery, but someone stole my freaking bike so i have to walk”
  • “i can take you, im heading there anyways” daniel tossed you a spare helmet
  • your face lit up at his offer “are you serious? thanks so much!!”
  • once you guys got to the entrance of the hospital the motorcycle swerved to a stop making you basically get thrown off
  • “yah!”
  • “give me the helmet tomorrow at school!” daniel said before speeding off to park
  • you complained to yourself cursing daniel in your head as you dusted off your uniform and rushed inside
  • you went to the front desk and gave your information to the nurse
  • “she just went into surgery! she will be out in 4 hours so you can wait in the hallway if you would like”
  • you frowned, sad that you’d just missed her “oh okay”
  • you sat down in the hallway and observed all of the busy doctors and nurses shuffling past along with a few patients 
  • after trying to get some homework done, you felt your eyes drooping so you put your backpack in the seat next to yours and your lied down, using it as a pillow
  • “y/n y/l/n?”
  • you rubbed your eyes, looking around and remembering you were in the hospital
  • the doctor explained that your mom had gone through surgery just fine and was in a room resting and recovering and that you could see her
  • you nodded and eagerly followed him to see your mom
  • “hey honey” your mom gave you a weak smile
  • “you must be so tired” you said as you straightened out her bed sheets and pillows
  • “i’m alright” she said in that motherly tone you were so familiar with “how was your day at school sweetie?”
  • “it was okay, i got an A- on my math test!”
  • “good job, im proud of you” she smiled squeezing your hand lightly. “but y/n, where’d you get that jacket from? i dont recognize it”
  • you looked down and realized that you’d been wearing a black sweatshirt ever since you’d woken up from your nap in the hallway
  • “um…” you took off the jacket and saw K.D. written on the tag of the clothing “my friend let me borrow it”
  • daniel must’ve seen me in the hallway and covered me with his jacket
  •  you smiled and hugged the jacket closer to your body as the breeze from the air conditioning flowed through the room
  • the next day at school you saw daniel parking his motorcycle before class so you gave him back his helmet and jacket
  • “you didn’t have to give me your jacket” you teased him as he shoved it into his backpack
  • “you looked cold” he said blatantly and he started to walk away
  • you quickly caught up to him and poked his arm “hey why were you at the hospital anyway?”
  • daniel poked your forehead in response and let out a small smirk “none of your business”
  • that day in class, you found yourself getting distracted from the lecture and gazed out the window as you heard the familiar sound of a motorcycle
  • you saw daniel speeding away once again as he wore that black hoodie he’d lent you
  • after school you went to visit your mom again and you noticed a vase of flowers by her bedside
  • “where’d those come from?”
  • “this sweet boy came by and dropped them off!”
  • “oh wow” you turned the vase around to admire the different colors “did he say why?”
  • “he said that he was a friend of yours” your mom smiled “daniel, i think it was?”
  • “kang daniel?” you nearly dropped the flowers in shock “he gave you these?”
  • you wouldn’t have imagined that in a million years because daniel was the type of guy that would ignore his teachers when they would call on him in class, would run away from police officers who chased him down, would reject girls when they asked him to dances… but he gave your mom flowers ?
  • “he just came by like 10 minutes ago, he might still be outside if you look for him.” your mom waved at you to go find him 
  • you looked through the hallways but found no sign of him so you cautiously peeked through some of the hospital rooms when someone tapped on your shoulder making you jump back
  • “thats an invasion of privacy you know”
  • “god daniel you scared me!” you sighed, clutching at your chest “i was looking for you anyways”
  • “why?” daniel pulled you aside as a nurse went out of the room you’d been snooping on
  • “i was just wondering why you’d given my mom flowers”
  • “is there something wrong with that?”
  • “no… but it was just…. unexpected. i mean we barely know each other”
  • “just think of it as a nice gesture” he responded with a smile
  • “hey daniel, who’s that?” one of the doctors that was walking by stopped to join you two
  • “just a school friend”
  • “ah i see.” the doctor put his hand out to shake your hand “i’m doctor kang”
  • “wait…. dr. kang…… is that your dad?” you said scrunching your eyebrows together in confusion “but….”
  • the doctor sighed “yeah this idiot skips lectures and flunks all of his classes even though his both of his parents are doctors. maybe one day you’ll realize that volunteering at a hospital isnt enough to get you a job here”
  • “volunteering?”
  • daniel’s ears went a little bit red as he explained “i volunteer with the kids here, just like spending time with them and stuff”
  • you hit daniel in the shoulder “aWWW THATS SO CUTE!!”
  • “but dont you dare try and tell anyone at school”
  • for the next week that your mom was recovering and going into check ups and whatnot daniel would come and visit to just chat with you and your mom
  • you’d even agreed to help him keep his grades up by tutoring him at the hospital 
  • daniel would open up to you and you to him and your mom was like “marry this boy”
  • sometimes you’d fall asleep by your mom’s side and he’d gently shake you to wake you up and you’d be super groggy and your hair would be all tangled and daniel would just laugh bc you look so cute
  • even after your mom was released from the hospital, you’d join him sometimes when he would spend time with the children in the hospital and you’d be amazed at how well he gets along with them
  • all the kids love him and would start making fun of you two
  • “are you guys getting married soon?”
  • “when will you kiss??”
  • “daniel do you like y/n?”
  • lots of blushing on both parts 
  • “yeah i do” daniel gave you a really small peck on your cheek making all of the kids squeal
  • “you better not be kidding kang daniel because i like you too”
  • daniel would just have a smug smile on his face and would put his arm around your shoulders pulling you closer to him
  • you would go out on dates after volunteering at the hospital to get ice cream
  • in fact your first kiss was when you two were just talking about random things when daniel noticed a bit of ice cream on your lip and leaned down and kissed you
  • “mmm, strawberry” he would give you a giant smile while you were blushing super hard
  • would also go on lots of dates to the animal shelter admiring all of the cats
  • you found a small cat that’s the runt of it’s litter and both of you fell in love
  • and when you smiled and talked about how you wished you could adopt it with daniel one day daniel began to imagine his future with you and how amazing and fun it would be

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“Uh-huh. Right. We can do that.”

You rolled your eyes. You understood that the Doctor couldn’t help getting distracted this way, but you couldn’t imagine what would happen in an emergency.

Only his shoes stuck out from under the console- he had, somehow, with his skinny little stick-body, wormed his way all the way into the tiny maintenance hatch. Nine never would have been able to do that, you thought, feeling a twinge of nostalgia for the Doctor’s previous incarnation. If the Doctor had taught you anything, it had been that the looks did not make the man, but you could help but miss those broad shoulders and strong, workman’s hands. Not that Ten wasn’t wonderful in his own way. You didn’t think it was fair that he got to be naturally skinny like that, but there was no point in whining about it, was there?


This time, he didn’t even bother responding, although you felt like you still deserved points because his foot did twitch. You smirked. Another thing you had learned, more from the TARDIS than the Doctor, was that a little mischief could go a long way if you wanted the Doctor to learn something. He was probably the only person you knew who needed a joke as lesson reinforcement, but if it worked for him, who were you to question it? What worked, worked, and you would use what you had to. Huh. You should write a book. ‘How to Train Your 900-and-Something-Year-Old Time Lord’ would be a big hit.

“Doctor, I’ve just finished dancing naked on Raxacoricofallapatorius, so I’m gonna go take a slime bath now. If you get hungry, I mixed ground glass in the jam jar.” There. That ought to do it.

“Yeah… sure thing….” Or not.

Exasperation irritably buzzed against your brain. Well, if he was going to be like that, it was time to bring out the big guns.

“… I love you.”

You had done things in your life that you regretted. Less, since you came aboard the TARDIS, but still. You knew that feeling of suddenly wishing, beyond all things, that you could roll back the clock and change something you had said or done. Everybody did. It was nothing special. And no, for your information, it is not unreasonable to try to will an event out of existence by the power of your mind. Yes, it is ridiculous, and no, it will not work, but yes, everyone does it. As are you, in this moment, even as you wondered what possessed you to say something so dangerous.

You know what? your mind reasoned, This is no big deal. Perfectly excusable. Friends tell friends that they love each other all the time. Sure, you’ve never done it with the Doctor, but you’ve got to start sometime, right? 

“Do you mean that?” the Doctor’s voice rang from inside the console, distorted and echoed.

Oh, of course, he hears that.

“Of course I do,” you said, and it was the truth. How he interpreted it was his business.

The Doctor, quick and agile, wriggled his way out of the console, coming out very rumpled with his tie thrown over his shoulder and his hair all fluffed out in that just-got-lucky manner that was going to drive you crazy now that you had noticed it.

You didn’t know if you were blushing, but it felt like you were, so you thought fast and said the most brilliant thing that your mind could come up with! “I think you lost a button in there.”

Smart. Very smart, that was. Bravo. In your defense, you were under a lot of- oh, whatever. It’s not my job to explain you to yourself. Figure it out on your own. We’re getting to the good part.

“What did you just say?” he asked, and you did not like the look in his eyes. That wide-eyed, unblinking, very, very brown stare that would drive you mad if you let it. And you had let it, you supposed. Falling in love with him had been the worst idea ever.

“I said you lost a button.”

The Doctor looked at himself and found that, despite what an idiot your were (that wasn’t what he was thinking, but I’m sure you know what I mean), you had spoken the truth: a button had popped off of his shirt.

“Oh, bother it, that’s-” the Doctor stilled, cutting himself off. “No!” he exclaimed, pointing at you (and if that didn’t make you flinch, well, then nothing did). “No distractions this time. You said you loved me.”

“Yes.” And another astounding bout of witty banter from your side. Point, match.

“Did you mean it?”

“Of course I meant it!” Shut up!

“Then why didn’t you say so before?!”

The Doctor surged forward faster than you could back away, and his lips crashed against yours.

Now, at this moment, I would like to give you a little privacy, seeing as it’s nobody else’s business that the Doctor kissed you until you were forced to break away for air, so let’s just say that he was rather… passionate about the exchange. As were you.

The Doctor laughed at you as you panted for air. He grinned, looking completely, utterly happy.

“You know,” he said, “we could have done that ages ago if you had just said. Did I mention I love you too?”

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I need to know the basics of electric shocks! I have a character who can control electricity, and in a PIVOTAL SCENE I want him to electrocute someone enough that it knocks them unconscious, but then, I don't know how long realistically they will remain unconscious and if that causes, you know, permanent brain damage or anything. (Which would be bad.)

Hey there nonny! 

There’s a neat shortcut to this that I think you might be able to get away with. But first, a little bit of background. 

Electricity, as I’m sure you know, wants to travel the path of least resistance. So the contact points – the “entrance” and “exit” wounds – are going to make a big difference in how the electricity affects someone. 

Electricity that crosses the chest can kill, because the heart is essentially a mechanical pump run by an electrical signal, and electricity that interferes with that signal can cause fatal miscommunication within the heart, known as ventricular fibrillation. (Defibrillation was actually called countershock at first, because a lot of electrical line workers were getting shocked, which was putting them in cardiac arrest, and the countershock would hopefully get them back!) 

We don’t want to kill the character. That would be bad. 

We do want them to be unconscious. That would be good! 

So how can we get electricity to take a quick path that doesn’t stop the heart but does affect the level of consciousness? 

The head. Enter on one side, exit on the other. What you’ll get is a seizure. 

It’s done fairly routinely as electroconvulsive therapy – electricity inducing seizures. I’ll admit to not being an expert, meaning I can’t give you voltage/amperage lists of what does and doesn’t work (and I don’t know how much control your character has.) But realize that idiot doctors have accidentally defibrillated their own heads, with a quick seizure and no ill effects later on. So there’s that. 

Now, a seizure is different from unconsciousness! But the brain has uncontrolled electrical activity – it basically shuts down and reboots (with some dramatic shaking and voiding of bladders and biting of tongues to boot). 

But what happens after is that the brain reboots. It’s called a postictal state. The character will be dazed, confused, and disoriented. They’ll likely be really drowsy for at least a few minutes, and as they wake up they won’t quite know what happened. 

This is the closest I can come, dear nonny, to what you need. It’s not exact, but it’s close, and has a period of unconsciousness. 

I hope this helps your story! 

xoxo, Aunt Scripty

(Samantha Keel)


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New & Improved! Free eBook: 10 BS “Medical” Tropes that Need to Die TODAY!

Doctor Strange tells the story of an eminent surgeon who leaves his job after he starts to believe in impossible magic – so it’s basically the Ben Carson story. Recently, the massive success of Marvel’s Doctor Strange proved that the character can appeal to a wide audience – which wasn’t a guarantee for the sorcerer, who was specifically spawned by and for filthy acid-flashbacking hippies. In fact, a cursory glance at this goateed aging hipster immediately makes us think he belongs inside a crappy blurry VHS copy, not a massive IMAX 4K theater. It’s fitting, then, that that’s exactly where Strange started out.

Doctor Strange’s road to the big screen is one paved with rancid dog turds. First, there was the 1978 TV adaptation starring Arrested Development’s Jessica Walter and a sentient mustache stapled onto a mannequin. Then, in the early 90s, it seemed as though Doctor Strange would be coming to the big screen, albeit in a schlocky low-budget form. Charles Band, the B-movie producer of Ghoulies infamy, was all set to tell the story of Strange when the rights reverted to Marvel, who then sat on them for 20 years biding their time like some evil ancient dragon that hoards intellectual property. So Band did what any responsible producer would – he told the writers to change the character’s name, lose the goatee and make the damn movie anyway.

6 Superhero Films (That Made Your Favorite Heroes Idiots)


Stay put.  You dummy.  I’m coming.

I swear to Rao, Cat Grant, if you get on an airplane, your ‘idiot doctors’ will be the least of your worries.

God knows nobody ever questioned your commitment to a goal.  I’m overreacting?  Says the woman who threatens to pull stars from the sky to eliminate the light by which we see her vulnerabilities.

And after everything, every stroke of my pen and soft word and hopeful plea, you still actually believe I might be dating?  You monumental idiot.

You talk about power like it’s a commodity to be bought and sold and you lament having given so much of it to me.  You fear I’ll wield it like a weapon and damage you even more than I have after you’ve spent years bludgeoning me with yours.  Power, I have, Cat.  It’s those confessions you fear so greatly that I truly crave.

I’ll give you mine, when I see you.  That should be only a few hours from your receipt of this letter (which I have spent a fortune to send via urgent messenger).  I have to see a man about a cape, as I don’t know how long I might be away.

Keep that apology close.  Halley’s Comet was nothing compared to the asteroid belt surrounding Daxam.  I’ve seen comets that would obliterate earth before you could say ‘fall on my sword.’

Why do you make it so impossible for anyone to

No. Soon.

P.S.  The cupcakes were delicious.  Thank you.

“Looks like you could use a drink, kiddo,” McCoy says, sliding into the seat next to Kirk.

Kirk turns his head, the stiff dress uniform digging into his neck as he raises the glass of Terran bourbon in his hand. He smiles brightly, hair a luminous gold beneath the lights of the bar.

“Beat you too it, Bones,” Kirk laughs throatily, knocking his half full glass against the Doctor’s own tumbler of whiskey.

“Great minds think alike, then,” McCoy shoots back, and Kirk smiles, eyes crinkling at the corners. Kirk leans closer, knocking his shoulder against McCoy’s and resting there. McCoy doesn’t protest, letting Kirk rest his head against him, the warmth of his friend’s body soothing the ache that three back to back twelve hour shifts at Medical had ground into his body.

“I’ve missed this,” Kirk says softly, shifting to sip at his bourbon. He straightens just a little, relaxing against the bar and running a hand through his hair. McCoy watches him closely, noting the wrinkles of worry around his friend’s glowing eyes.

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doctor-who-hears-a-horton requested a sketch of Rose and Ten post-Idiots Lantern

so much OTP in this episode- how can it get any more adorable than this? 

if you want a free sketch you can send me an ask with your request

apparently, i have the survival instincts of a lemming
  • My Idiot Ass: *hauls herself to the doctor because after the Bout with Flu, the cough and the cold have not yet gone away and it’s nearly a week over*
  • Doctor: Hey, you have Bronchitis!
  • My Idiot Ass: Oh crap!
  • Doctor: Well, your breathing is a bit “noisy” and you also have allergic rhinitis. And your lungs are borked. (Note: “Borked” is my term, I am paraphrasing the medical lingo.)
  • My Idiot Ass: Double crap!
  • Doctor: It’s a good thing you came already. Otherwise, this could’ve ended up as pneumonia. Here’s your prescription for antibiotics.
  • The moral of the story, children, is that if your cough and cold haven't blown over in a couple of days, please haul your idiot ass over to the doctor because pneumonia is Not Fun(tm). Also I still like being firmly in the Land of the Living.
Mad: Part 3

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“We’re all a little crazy on the inside. Some are just better at hiding it than others.”

Warning: Contains smut, violence and tense situations in some chapters

Teaser  Part 1  Part 2  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7 

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How The Doctor Falls should have ended

The Doctor slammed his fists into the snow to keep the threatening regeneration at bay. Not again. He lost Bill and Nardole to the Cybermen. How could he now simply change and move on? Sure, he had done it before. More than once. But wasn’t it time to end this cycle of rebirth, new companions, destruction and death?

Who am I to always walk away with a new body and a new face? If anything this face, the old wittered face should have taught me mercy. Did it? Have I been merciful to the people I met? To Missy? To… the Master? No. I haven’t.

The answer stands so clearly in his mind that it reinforces the decision he had made: No more changes.
I’m not done yet. I haven’t been merciful Not truly. I’ve been arrogant and self-righteous. I’ve played games with friends and foes alike. Clara tell me, am I a good man?

“I’m really not. No. I’m really not.”
But there was no one here to hear that confession that he whispered into the snowstorm.

The Master and Missy, after temporarily contemplating to shoot each other over their differences on how to best help the Doctor, finally made it to the Master’s TARDIS and Missy fixed it without further ado. They locked on to the Doctor’s TARDIS and followed it to the lonely planet where an equally lonely monster fought regeneration. It was a compromise, really.
The Master couldn’t allow that standing with the Doctor lead to their own destruction on no one else’s but the Doctor’s terms. However, his devotion to the Doctor forced him to seek him out as soon as his ship and the black hole allowed a departure. Missy who was by now fiercely loyal to both of them eventually agreed that they had to save themselves first before they could do anything for their oldest friend.

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Imagine requested by @bloodofthepen

Maybe your knowledge of late 1800’s London was a bit iffy, but you were rather sure that there were no vampires. Nada. Nope. Zilch. Non de vamps. Nil vampires. Not to be confused with Dill Vampires, which technically existed, according to the Doctor. You had cracked a joke about them being pickled, but in retrospect… it didn’t seem very funny. Not now that they were trying to eat you. But, anyway, the point is that there should not have been any vampires in London, at any time, much less December 22nd, 1892.

And yet you had just barely escaped nearly-certain death by a fanged monstrosity that wanted to slurp you like a milkshake. Okay, ew, bad mental images. You had already been pretty grossed out by the blood-sucker. He was pale and gaunt and in dire need of a tic-tac. Maybe some adult braces, too, because those fangs were a mess. Nothing handsome about this monster of the week.

He had also been very, very difficult to outrun.

You lay on your back, panting. Snow made soft crrrnch-crrrnch sounds under you as you sank into it, and you could hear the same sounds coming from the Doctor’s boots.

“Fantastic!” he exclaimed, thumping down to sit beside you. It occurred to you that it couldn’t be comfortable for him, since the snow would probably soak through his jeans, but he didn’t seem bothered.

“Not sure… if that’s… the word…” you panted out, spittle coating your lips. Why didn’t the Doctor drool like an idiot when he was out of breath? Why couldn’t he be out of breath, period?

“Nah, tha’ was amazin’!” he insisted. “Vampires in London!”

You snorted. Not the most attractive noise, but it was really the only appropriate response. “Whatever.”

“You love it,” the Doctor insisted, leaning back so that his head rested next to yours. And he wasn’t even breathing funny. Jerk.

“Yeah,” you agreed, “I suppose I do.”

Vampires aside, you loved it. Mostly because of him. Partially because of traveling through all of time and space and seeing amazing things and saving the universe, but mostly because of him.

Not that you’d ever say that to him.


Hospital Visits | Tony Stark

Imagine Tony Proposing
Probably Grammar/Spelling Errors

“Sir, you can’t go in there!”

Tony easily brushed off the women and pushed past the SHIELD guards in an attempt to get into the hospital room. One of the guards called it in while the other blocked the nurse from following in. She gave him a pointed look before letting out an hmph and turning on her heel and strutting away.

Inside the room, the stench iodoform and antiseptic was unpleasantly strong. Tony had to hide his nose behind his hand in an attempt to guard it against the smell. He looked around the room and took a mental list of the things he liked, things he didn’t like, and things he would pay to get changed. The room was small, plain white (something he knew you hated), and had a horrible view. This wasn’t going to cut it.

If his therapist was her they’d probably say he was avoiding the problem. They’d be right; the moment he stepped foot inside the room he refused to look at you. You, on the other hand, watched him in mild amusement as you slurped down the red Jello.

“The moment you’re safe to move, I’m taking you back to the tower.” He stated and closed the blinds in distaste.

“Your place is unsanitary,” You answered between bites.

“Please,” He placed a hand mockingly over his heart, “You wound me, Y/N.”

“Oh, you poor baby,” You teased.

He rolled his eyes and grabbed the clipboard that hung from the end of your bed. “Your doctor is an idiot,” He muttered, flickering through the pages as quick as possible, “He should be giving you morphine for the pain, but all he’s done is recommend bed rest and keeping off your feet– foot.”

Your mood drifted sourly as he corrected his mistake, something that didn’t go past him. He sighed and placed the clipboard on the unoccupied chair. He ran a hand down his tie, nervously straitening it as he took a seat at the end of the bed. He couldn’t meet your eyes. He couldn’t do it. He knew it was selfish of him to feel so guilty, but if he was there he could’ve-

“Tony…” You said his name gently as you stretched across the bed to grab his hand, “I know what you’re doing. It wasn’t your fault. This is- was my job. I shouldn’t have gone in their blind. Don’t blame yourself for something that neither of us had control over, okay?”

“Jarvis could’ve picked up the bomb before it was too late-” He wrapped his fingers with yours, but still couldn’t look at you- “but I wasn’t there. I should’ve been there. I should’ve protected you.”

“Anthony Edward Stark,” You warned, “if you continue to blame yourself so help me I will kick your ass.”

“Marry me.”

“What?” You took your hand away from his, stunned.

He looked into your beautiful, E/C eyes and smiled gently. “Y/N M/N L/N, will you marry me?”

“You want me to what now…?” You blinked and you wondered if he was the one who was badly injured. After a moment of silence, his face dropped. “…Will I get unlimited cuddle time if I do?”

“Depends…” His lips picked up in a cheesy smile, “Do I get unlimited s-”

“If you finish that sentence then I’m not going to say yes.”

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He who saved me .

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BTS AU (Demon Yoongi/Suga)

Part1/ Part2 /Part3 / Part4 / Part5Part6 / Part7 / Part8 / Part9 / Part10 / Part11 /… ( I will fill in the parts as I go.)

A/N: I was watching Boy meets Evil for the 100 time and while watching Hoseok, low key killing me , I got this idea. Hope you like it and sorry for any mistakes made. Requests and asks are open. 

Word count: 2, 062

Warnings: Don’t know.😀

  School was ok, you had a lot of friends…but the way you felt deep down, wasn’t the same as the way you looked on the outside.

  Last year ,you were feeling chest pain from time to time. But since then things have been getting worse. You went to see a doctor ,but he said that nothing was wrong with you. Half a year latter, another doctor said that you might have hear problems.

  You went back to the first one, but he was so stubborn and didn’t want to admit his mistake. So ,a month passed since your last visit. That idiot of a doctor told you, that if you feel pain again, you should take some pain killers, which weren’t a solution to anything.

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Unimpressed as always, Maki flicks one of Rin’s bruises, purposely aiming for one that looks particularly purple and fresh. Not too hard, but still hard enough.


“So what really happened?”

Rin pouts. She’s still got twigs and bits of grass in her hair, like a half-assed bird nest left in the early stages of construction. As much as Maki would like to pick them out, she keeps her arms folded for now.

“Me and Honoka-chan were racing down this big hill! Then we fell. Hard!”

“And then?”

“What else…? Nope, that’s it.” Ridiculous. But plausible, considering the two morons involved. Rin swings one bruised arm to point at Honoka, who’s sniffling and dripping water everywhere in the corner with a blanket wrapped around her shoulders. “Honoka-chan even rolled right into the creek at the bottom of the hill!”

“You crashed into a tree, Rin-chan!”

“I know! It was really cool, right?!”

“Yeah, the coolest!!”

Maki whacks Rin’s shoulder and shoots a glare at Honoka. “Stop enabling each other!”

“O-owww, Maki-chan, it really hurts! Really!”

She keeps her hand on Rin, absentmindedly squeezing as she looks over her scuffs and scratches and bruises. Rin continues to squirm and pointlessly whine about how it hurts in between boasting with Honoka about how awesome they looked, and how fast they were going, and arguing over who really won the race. Honoka sneezes. Rin meows. Maki sighs and roughly turns Rin around to face her, eyeing the damage done to her face. As much as Rin’s whining came off as excessive, the scuffs and bruises do look like they hurt.

“You’re lucky you didn’t break anything.”

“That’s okay! Maki-chan’s gonna be a doctor, so she’ll take care of me!”

“I’m not your personal insurance, idiot.” Nonetheless, Maki leans in to carefully, gently kiss a particularly nasty bruise above Rin’s eyebrow. She flinches but giggles, squeezing her eyes shut. It’s always a good day when Maki doesn’t mind being affectionate when they aren’t alone together.

“Heeeey, what about me?” Honoka finally pipes up after an unnecessarily long stretch of silence.

Maki dismissively shrugs, already moving onto Rin’s next bruise. “Go ask Umi.”

What I like about River and the Doctor is they’re equals. River is never somebody who is asking him questions in the way that his companions might.

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What happened after you hit him?

I grabbed my crutches and left the room, walked back to my room in only my boxers and a tshirt in front of everyone, told my doctor, and he said “good. He’s an idiot, your leg isn’t supposed to move that way yet”

It’s mid-autumn festival!