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Prompt:  Hello you’re taking request yes? Could you write a bones fic where the reader gets a bit too drunk and he has to carry her home, please? :))
Word Count: 1195
NaNoWriMo Word Count: 6423/50,000
Author’s Note: I love this.

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when you think about all of the burned episodes of Doctor Who that may never get recovered and all of the wonderful acting that’s probably lost forever

whiskey whispers (a tdbm lucien/jean fic)--part 1

listen jean beazley is a lightweight and we have seen her canonically get drunk once and idk about you, but i’m at my friskiest, boldest, and bravest when i’m drunk and i suspect jean may be the same

1400 words, angst and then pure fluff, drunk!jean

Jean Beazley did not turn to alcohol often. No, not when there was so much that required her undivided attention and especially not when Lucien drank enough for the both of them. 

But she was leaving for Adelaide in a few days; Lucien could not look at her for more than a few moments at a time–always looking like he was biting his tongue and leaving things unsaid; and she was leaving behind her home and her family. And Lucien. 

It was this thought that drove her to the bottle tonight. The house was quiet,  with all of the residents out and about. Lucien and Charlie working late on a case and Mattie visiting her parents for the weekend. 

Settling down on the squishy couch in the living room with a heavy heart, she brought the fire in the grate roaring to life, and with a satisfying pop, the bottle of sherry was opened and the first glass poured. And then the second. And then the third…

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Hey Carlisle, saw this on twitter, thought of you: "Being an old-timey doctor would rule, just drunk as hell like "yeah u got ghosts in your blood, you should do cocaine about it""

;;Sake Cuddles;;

Pairing: ~ PaperHat ~

Prompt: Japanese Sake makes Flug quite drowsy, I guess BH wasn’t excepting a drowsy, drunk Doctor to be sleeping on his work desk.

Sake = Rice Wine

Namazake = Namazake is sake that has not been pasteurized. It should be stored cold, or the flavor and clarity could suffer. Namazake has a fresh, lively touch to the flavor.

The mansion was eerily silent, but the atmosphere wasn’t suffocating or annoying like it should be. Black Hat could sense that something was much different. Especially with the scent of rice drifting through out the hallways.

The smells of rice being boiled were drifting from the Doctor’s lab. BH stepped closer, peering through the crack in the door. From what he could see, nothing was different.

“Docto-” BH stepped in and cleared his throat, his doctor was no where to be seen.

He ventured deeper into the lab and glanced around the work desk, staring at the drowsily quiet Scientist with his arms beneath his chin, bag and goggles resting on the desk next to him.

A tokkuri rested on the table right next to Flug’s right arm. “What is this?”

Bh grabbed the small vase-like vessel and inspected the liquid inside, it was clear almost. He held it up to his nonexistant nose and sniffed, “Rice?”

The scientist stirred and lazily rose his chin, “Ah! S-Sir?”

“What is the meaning of this, Doctor?”

The scientist glanced around them lazily, looking for someone, “D-Demencia made s-some for me, s-sir.”

When he glancd back at his boss, his mouth was slightly agape and blush overcame his features, “S-Sorry, s-sir…”

“What are you apologizing for, Doctor?”

“S-Sleeping on the job… Why aren’t y-you mad?”

“Boneless brat…” The demon eldritch scoffed when the doctor drowsily laid his head back down.

BH scooped up his doctor in his arms and carried him to his room, “Come on, you drunk idiot.”

The doctor nuzzled closer to him, his arms loosely hanging around BH’s slim neck as he was carried. He nestled his chin in the crook of his boss’ neck, rubbing his cheek passionately against the other’s.

BH flinched, a glare forming before he softened up a bit. He sighed and rested his cheek against the doctor’s, the other was falling asleep u=quite fast. “I’m never going to let you get drunk again…”

BH softly smiled, though, and popened his office door. Bringing the doctor to his bed, he knelt down and tucked him in. “Why would you drink something that failed lizard creation made?”

The doctor stirred but did not reply. The demon sighed and carefully rose the blankets, climbing in next to the scientist lcarefully as to not awake the drunk human.

He wrapped his arms around the other and spooned him, falling asleep while listning to the doctor’s soft breathing.

“You’re lucky to have a demon that cares too much…”

  • Shadow, bursting into Sonic's room: AND THE PARTY DON'T START 'TIL I WALK IN!
  • Sonic: Shadow, what the fu--?!
  • Sonic: Have you been drinking?!
  • Sonic: GO THE FUCK TO BED!
Dean - One Last Time

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A year had passed, but nothing much had changed. “It’ll get better,” they said. “Time heals all wounds.” He wanted to believe in those words. He truly did. But even after 365 days, he was still in the same spot, missing you every minute and every second he breathed. The void in his heart grew bigger and bigger with every passing day. Why couldn’t he forget about you? Why did it have to end this way?

At first people showed him sympathy. They would offer him their help and try their best to make him feel better. However, with time passing their sympathy slowly turned into pity and eventually indifference.
They moved on and went on with their lives as if nothing happened, while he was still stuck in the past.

If only he could see you one last time. If only he could hold you in his arms one last time. If only he could tell you how much he loved you and how much he needed you one last time. Maybe then, he would be able to let you go.

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We’ll kiss it better

Anon ask: R came back from a mission all bruised and hurt, super tired and upset cause the mission failed and on top of all that, R has to do a lot of paperwork and other works, R is grumpy and weak, at some point almost beat up an agent, but her girlfriends Wanda and Nat comfort her and help her get through the day. I need fluff matt <3 (sorry for any grammar mistake English is not my first language)

Warning: swearing

(A/N): Don't’ worry love your English is amazing! and let me tell you guys that I love poly Nat & Wanda so fucking much it physically hurts. Sorry if this sucks I write it at 4 am. I also tried to write it as neutral as posible , sorry if I miss any pronounce , I’ll repeat , I writed this at 4 am  

Words : 2098

Masterlist / Prompt List / Fandom List / Ask me anything!

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17: You didn’t have to marry me, you know (for Sherlolly of course, thanks!)

This is actually three separate requests: mizjoely, an anon, and biroba.  What can I say, they all just blended together.  And yes, Paramount, I would consider optioning this, so please, send me piles of free money.

“You didn’t have to marry me, you know”/ “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.”/ “Your brother told me all about it.”/ “Put your hands where I can see them.”/ “I’m soaked.”

“You didn’t have to marry me, you know,” Molly said, twisting her new ring.  She wasn’t sure, but she thought her finger was beginning to turn green.

“When in Rome…” Sherlock replied, flipping open his sunglasses one-handed and slipping them on, steering Molly toward the chapel doors with his arm around her shoulders.  "We’ll have it annulled before we leave.  Or get a divorce, or whatever it is people do.“

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Essays in Existentialism: The Dancer

(Prompt/Edit courtesy of thegunbitch)

The halls were empty and still shiny in the early morning as Lexa yawned and made her way down the steps towards the lower floors. The only noise that followed her was the sound of her shoes, soft and light against the tiles, and the eternal buzzing of the fluorescent lights.

With a slight adjustment of the bag on her shoulder, she began the descent into the bowels of the old music building.

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Drunk pining Hannibal prompt

@tirlaeyn  this is for you!  Love this prompt!

He knew Will wasn’t going to be there but found himself opening the door to the waiting room at the usual time anyway.  He always kept this space free for Will anyway, he had kept up the habit despite himself.  Rationally he knew the reason for Will’s absence, he had contrived them after all. He was suddenly ceased by an overwhelming feeling of melancholy at the absence. He really hadn’t thought this through, he had not foreseen the absence of Will, he hadn’t actually thought through to the empty office he know found himself in.  Clocks ticking. Empty, cavernous space.  So he started drinking, at first it was just a glass of wine.  Something to take the edge off this feeling.

After he had drunk the entire bottle he tried to call Alana but she didn’t answer.  He then called Bedelia who answered and immediately regretted it.

“Are you drunk Hannibal?”

“I have drunk wine.”

“How much wine?”

“A bottle, ichs fine have ‘nother one.”

“Hannibal, where are you?”


“Are you…. Are you crying?”

He bit his lip, “no” he was though, he realised, he was crying like a baby.

She rolled her eyes, “Hannibal stop drinking and go find yourself some coffee.”


“Hannibal I can’t talk to you when you are drunk.  You need to sober up.”

“Isch fine, just listen..”

“Hannibal… I really don’t think this is appropriate and I am sure you will feel the same in the morning.”

“I miss him.”

“Who do you miss?”

“Mongoose, I miss my mongoose….”

“Your what?  What are you talking about Hannibal?”

“He not here, he usually here, all … twitchy and stressed….I miss him….mongoose what did I do?”

He was not talking about Will, he can’t be?  Can he? “Will is your mongoose?” She felt nauseous just hearing those words come out of her mouth…Mongoose…really?

“S’what I call him, in my head.”

“Hannibal… you know why Will isn’t there” she couldn’t say it on the phone but he was the reason why Will wasn’t there, he wanted it this way.

“I know, I ‘ust didn’t expect to miss him…I miss mongoose.”

Dear lord, Bedelia thought, he really is an idiot for someone she considered to be a master manipulator. “Hannibal, you should really stop drinking.”

Suddenly his voice became brighter as he was seized by an idea “I should go see mongoose, they would let me, am Doctor.”  This is a genius idea, he thought, he will go see Mongoose, just to see him, that would help he was sure, smell him once more.

“Yes you are a Doctor, however you are also drunk right now and I don’t think Will is going to want to see you, he thinks you framed him remember?”

“I know but he still my mongoose…I miss him…I don’t want him to be mad at me.”

“Hannibal you can’t stop mon..” She did not just almost call Will that ridiculous name… “Will from being mad at you.”

“I know but…”

“Hannibal, you need to just accept that you are no longer friends.”

“Never wanted to be friends….” This was mumbled with a drunken bitterness.

“You didn’t want to be friends with,” she made sure she used his name this time, “Will?”

“Friends not enough…I want more…so beautiful….beautiful mongoose….”

Bedelia rolled her eyes again and sighed, “Hannibal you are sleeping with Doctor Bloom aren’t you?”

“Yesh… thinking about mongoose though…he liked her…”

“You are sleeping with Doctor Bloom because you can’t sleep with Will?”

“Yesh, I don’t feel bad about it…I’s prob should but don’t…”

“Hannibal are you in love with Will?”  Incoherent sobs were the answer. “Hannibal?”


“Hannibal seriously you need to stop now.”  Bedelia could hear actual sobs now with intermittent cries of ‘Mongoose’.  No she was definitely not getting paid enough for this, no matter how many crimes Hannibal might have helped her cover up she was not doing this.  “I’m hanging up now Hannibal, I suggest you do as well and go find some coffee.”  She hung up the phone.

Less than two minutes later it rang again and she let it go to voicemail.  She poured herself a glass of wine, put her phone on speaker and listened to Hannibal’s drunken ramblings about his precious mongoose. Oh this is going to be so much fun in the morning, she thought with a smile.

@escaiator and i were having a chat that resulted in me having a new au dammit, so enjoy this:

Spock is a cop au


Bones and Jim get arrested for being drunk and Spock is on drunk tank duty. Jim is all flirty but also gross and Spock is amused but ignores him. Then Jim falls asleep and Bones kinda perks up and apologises for Jim

Spock and Bones are chatting and Bones is WASTED, but he’s trying to be sensible cos he’s w a police officer. Bones is trying to talk about his job but really he’s just interrupting himself saying Spock looks good in that uniform

Then Spock mentions his Vulcan father and Bones loses his mind cos he hadn’t noticed Spock’s ears

“HOW are you a Vulcan, you’re flirting w me!”
“You are flirting with me, Doctor”
“I am not”
“I’m just drunk”
“I see, my apologies”
“No wait, I am flirting w you!! Just let me be coy dammit”

“Your face looks like broccoli”
“Excuse me?”

“If your blood is green then how come your lips are pink?” Bones then makes Spock come closer and asks him to wipe the lipstick off.

Or Bones wiping the lipstick off for him and that’s like halfway to a steamy make out for Spock

So Spock backs off then tells him why he backed off and Bones is like, "But you let me do that. D’you want to kiss me, officer?”
He’s all leaning against the bars and grinning and Spock is like mmmmfuck

But when they do start making out Jim 100% wakes up and ruins the moment, but he’s also the one who comes back a day later cos Bones is too embarrassed and Jim invites Spock to the pub with them so that Bones and Spock can meet while they’re both sober and neither is incarcerated

And Spock is struck by how diff Bones is cos he’s all blushing and “I’m so sorry i was so forward I’m never like that”

So Spock has to make the first proper move but when he does Bones is all over him in an instant and Jim is smug af

i know what you did last summer   /   sentence meme .

❛  look at her she was born for this.   ❜
❛  i never knew her breasts were so , ample.    ❜
❛  guys , i’m on sexist overdrive as it is , kill the commentary.    ❜
❛  do you believe all this shit ?    ❜
❛  how’s my hair ?    ❜
❛  hey , it’s all about the hair don’t you forget that.    ❜
❛  so the do’s vital , got it.    ❜
❛  hey ____ , i brought you a shooter on the house.     ❜
❛  how about i take you out before you leave town , you know kind of a bon voyage.    ❜
❛  we’ve been friends since forever , now you cant just leave without farewell right ?     ❜
❛  it’s not a scratching sound , it’s a drip , drip , drip.     ❜
❛  no he wasn’t decapitated , he was gutted with a hook . that’s the way i heard it.    ❜
❛  hey , hey none of it really happened , it’s a bullshit ghost story to begin with .     ❜
❛  please , it’s a fictional story created to warn young girls of the dangers of having premarital sex.    ❜
❛  hey ____ you don’t really believe all that crap do you ?     ❜
❛  hey , did you know the success rate of high school sweetheart relationships is higher than any other type of relationship ?     ❜
❛  who’s car is this ? nobody drives my car but me.     ❜
❛  come ride in the back with me , i’ll let you do things to me.     ❜
❛  is everybody okay ?     ❜
❛  oh my god you’re bleeding.     ❜
❛  fuck ! can’t you see where you’re going ??     ❜
❛  you dropped your bottle , i was just…     ❜
❛  it was an accident leave him alone.     ❜
❛  what the hell was he doing out here?    ❜
❛  we’ve got to call the police and get an ambulance out here.    ❜
❛  you’re not a doctor you don’t make that decision.    ❜
❛  are you kidding ? look at me , i’m drunk as shit , i’m fucked.     ❜
❛  it’s manslaughter . we’re gonna fry no matter who takes the fall.    ❜
❛  the grills busted , there’s blood everywhere.     ❜
❛  you can wipe that “ my shit don’t stink grin off your face ”.    ❜
❛  don’t you nod your head you fuckin say it.    ❜
❛  we take this to our grave , let me hear it.    ❜
❛  come on , move your tired ugly ass girl we’re late.   ❜
❛  i just wanted to surprise you , i want an honest reaction.    ❜
❛  this is nothing. i know what you did last summer ? oh , what a crock of shit.    ❜
❛  you guys should check out a mirror once and a while , you two look like shit run over twice.    ❜
❛  what the fuck are you on huh?    ❜
❛  listen i’m gonna say this once , i’ll fucking kill your ass , i got no problem with that…    ❜
❛  mother fucker . don’t you test me mother fucker , i’ll call the cops on your college quaterback ass.    ❜
❛  i’m sorry , i’m sorry , i swear we didn’t mean it , please don’t.    ❜
❛  no for the fortieth fucking time i couldn’t see his face.    ❜
❛  come on you guys please don’t do this.    ❜
❛  no , no , what i want is for you and me to just…    ❜
❛  yeah , jodi foster tried this and a skinner of a serial killer answered the door.    ❜
❛  adding breaking and entering to our crime spree ?    ❜
❛  i don’t think we’re that powerful julie , you’re giving us way too much credit.    ❜
❛  what happened between us ? we used to be best friends.    ❜
❛  you and your hair , it’s so pathetic.    ❜
❛  Don’t ask me that again, he was dead okay? I saw him with these… with these crabs.    ❜
❛  what are you waiting for huh ? what are you waiting for ????    ❜
❛  everything’s gonna be alright . i’m not gonna let anything happen to you.    ❜
❛  did this fisherman guy use the same hook to cut all your hair off ?    ❜
❛  no , he used scissors asshole . look , okay i know i sound delusional but it’s true.    ❜
❛  look , you little shitstick mayberry ass reject , there’s been a murder and you’re gonna fry in hell if you ignore it.    ❜
❛  lock the other door , i’ll call the police.    ❜
❛  i can explain… ___ wait , ___ .    ❜
❛  we never killed anyone , this whole year was fake.   ❜                

Garashir Prompted Writing

#10 and #43 as requested by @eilupt

10 “You are a bloody idiot, you know that?”

“You are a bloody idiot, you know that?” Julian laughed as he walked into Garak’s shop.

“Hello to you too, doctor.” Garak smiled. “Anything I can help you with?”

“Helpful?” Julian scoffed. “You? Unlikely!” He crossed his arms with an amused smirk.

“Oh, I’m sorry. I hadn’t realized you only came here to scold me.” Garak countered. This was an interesting way to begin the conversation. Garak was curious as to where it would go.

“You’re the one who established debate and argument as the basis of our interactions.” Julian pointed out. “Of course, that’s what makes you a bloody idiot.”

“If you can’t handle a good argument, I’m sorry.” Garak shrugged. “I thought you were enjoying our lunches.”

“Oh, I have been.” Julian walked over to the work table and leaned on it. “Immensely, in fact.”

“So then why am I an idiot?”

“Because you thought I wouldn’t find out that you’ve been flirting.” Julian smiled. Garak froze. Oh no. “Or you thought I’d figure it out without any damned assistance from you, so you’ve wasted all this time.”

“Doctor, what are you talking about?” He feared this day would come. Julian would discover his feelings and laugh in his face.

“Miles told me Cardassians flirt through argument.” Julian explained. “Which means you’ve been practically begging me to do this.” He grabbed Garak by the collar and kissed him. “But you know, you could have just made a real move ages ago.”

43 “Well this is a surprise”

“Well this is a surprise.” Was all Garak could think to say when he walked into his quarters to see Julian sitting on his couch with a bottle of Saurian brandy. A mostly empty bottle. “Are you alright, doctor?”

“I’m drunk.” Julian held up the bottle and swished the remaining alcohol around.

“I can tell.” He said carefully. “I hope you weren’t drinking alone.” There were few things sadder than drinking alone, Garak was all too familiar with the act.

“Not alone.” Julian waved a hand. “Well, yes, I’m alone, since Leeta broke up with me. But I wasn’t drinking alone.”

“I’m sorry to hear that, doctor.” Garak said. He was sorry that his friend was sad, though there was that damned nagging hope that was sparked every time one of Julian’s relationships ended. “I thought things were going well, after all, you went to Risa together.”

“Oh, that was all part of the breakup.” Julian laughed. He seemed oddly amused by it all. “Bajoran tradition. Sex. Lots of it. Honestly, the best breakup I’ve ever had.”

“You don’t seem to be taking it all that well, though.” Garak sat down next to Julian and took the bottle away from him. Luckily, Julian didn’t fight him.

“No, no, Leeta and I are fine.” Julian shook his head. “I mean, it was never all that serious, and she’s in love with Rom.” Garak’s eyes widened in surprise. “I know, right? I got dumped for Rom.” He chuckled.

“Doctor, this is all very interesting.” He paused, trying to put it delicately. “But why did you break into my quarters to tell me this?”

“Well, I mean…” Julian looked at Garak with pleading eyes. “She’s a Dabo girl, right? No one can deny she’s beautiful and people will probably give her trouble if she dates a Ferengi.” Julian frowned. “A somewhat failed Ferengi at that.”

“It’s alright to feel confused.” Garak soothed. “In my opinion, she’s certainly making a mistake.” Julian shook his head.

“She’s in love, Garak!” He sighed. “I just wish I was brave enough to risk so much for love, you know? What if he rejects her? What if it causes trouble on the station?”

“I’m sure you’d be willing to take that risk if you were in a similar situation.” Garak smiled. It was odd for him to be comforting anyone, it wasn’t really in character for him, but he didn’t mind doing it for Julian.

“You’re right…” Julian bit his lip. “I would.” And just like that, Garak found himself being kissed.