doctor you are drunk

Various Sentence Starters


“No I won’t stop stapling tortillas to the wall this is ART”

“Your underwear is really ugly, you should take them off”

“Last time you wanted to watch a horror movie you cried all night and didn’t sleep for three days”

“Knock knock! …Knock knock…? Okay I swear I won’t say banana again”

“I swear to drunk I’m not God”

“My doctor said you shouldn’t drink after taking meds, so I take them WITH alcohol”

“I know I haven’t showered in a week but I saw a spider in the tub and LOST IT”


“Yeah can I get 20 mcdoubles. Yeah, 20. Two zero.”

“Okay you could go to work but get this, how about instead- you don’t and stay in bed with me”

“It’s not a fetish until you have a Deviantart collection for it”

“Mini horses make me so uncomfortable, I want them to be normal sized”

“I’m gonna make dinner so go ahead and have the fire department and pizza hut on speed dial”

“Oh yeah I’ve totally done- uh- weed. I love gardening”

“It’s not an obsession it’s a keen interest- I don’t care if I have three body pillows it’s a KEEN INTEREST”

“Maybe if I just ignore them they’ll stop trynna kill me”

“I’ll just put this fire over here with the rest of the fire”

“Can you believe that people actually ENJOY coleslaw?? What savages”

“First time I kissed a boy was the time I realized I was probably homosexual”

“It’s not gay if it’s for art”

“I like you but in the ‘please shut up for five seconds’ way”

“Let’s get fake ID’s and buy fish from Petco”

“I brought home a kitten, her name is Mary Lious Ann Kate the Third”

“I just hate the word moist, it makes me so uncomfortable”

“Starbucks is so overpriced let’s go get a frap”

when you think about all of the burned episodes of Doctor Who that may never get recovered and all of the wonderful acting that’s probably lost forever

i know what you did last summer   /   sentence meme .

❛  look at her she was born for this.   ❜
❛  i never knew her breasts were so , ample.    ❜
❛  guys , i’m on sexist overdrive as it is , kill the commentary.    ❜
❛  do you believe all this shit ?    ❜
❛  how’s my hair ?    ❜
❛  hey , it’s all about the hair don’t you forget that.    ❜
❛  so the do’s vital , got it.    ❜
❛  hey ____ , i brought you a shooter on the house.     ❜
❛  how about i take you out before you leave town , you know kind of a bon voyage.    ❜
❛  we’ve been friends since forever , now you cant just leave without farewell right ?     ❜
❛  it’s not a scratching sound , it’s a drip , drip , drip.     ❜
❛  no he wasn’t decapitated , he was gutted with a hook . that’s the way i heard it.    ❜
❛  hey , hey none of it really happened , it’s a bullshit ghost story to begin with .     ❜
❛  please , it’s a fictional story created to warn young girls of the dangers of having premarital sex.    ❜
❛  hey ____ you don’t really believe all that crap do you ?     ❜
❛  hey , did you know the success rate of high school sweetheart relationships is higher than any other type of relationship ?     ❜
❛  who’s car is this ? nobody drives my car but me.     ❜
❛  come ride in the back with me , i’ll let you do things to me.     ❜
❛  is everybody okay ?     ❜
❛  oh my god you’re bleeding.     ❜
❛  fuck ! can’t you see where you’re going ??     ❜
❛  you dropped your bottle , i was just…     ❜
❛  it was an accident leave him alone.     ❜
❛  what the hell was he doing out here?    ❜
❛  we’ve got to call the police and get an ambulance out here.    ❜
❛  you’re not a doctor you don’t make that decision.    ❜
❛  are you kidding ? look at me , i’m drunk as shit , i’m fucked.     ❜
❛  it’s manslaughter . we’re gonna fry no matter who takes the fall.    ❜
❛  the grills busted , there’s blood everywhere.     ❜
❛  you can wipe that “ my shit don’t stink grin off your face ”.    ❜
❛  don’t you nod your head you fuckin say it.    ❜
❛  we take this to our grave , let me hear it.    ❜
❛  come on , move your tired ugly ass girl we’re late.   ❜
❛  i just wanted to surprise you , i want an honest reaction.    ❜
❛  this is nothing. i know what you did last summer ? oh , what a crock of shit.    ❜
❛  you guys should check out a mirror once and a while , you two look like shit run over twice.    ❜
❛  what the fuck are you on huh?    ❜
❛  listen i’m gonna say this once , i’ll fucking kill your ass , i got no problem with that…    ❜
❛  mother fucker . don’t you test me mother fucker , i’ll call the cops on your college quaterback ass.    ❜
❛  i’m sorry , i’m sorry , i swear we didn’t mean it , please don’t.    ❜
❛  no for the fortieth fucking time i couldn’t see his face.    ❜
❛  come on you guys please don’t do this.    ❜
❛  no , no , what i want is for you and me to just…    ❜
❛  yeah , jodi foster tried this and a skinner of a serial killer answered the door.    ❜
❛  adding breaking and entering to our crime spree ?    ❜
❛  i don’t think we’re that powerful julie , you’re giving us way too much credit.    ❜
❛  what happened between us ? we used to be best friends.    ❜
❛  you and your hair , it’s so pathetic.    ❜
❛  Don’t ask me that again, he was dead okay? I saw him with these… with these crabs.    ❜
❛  what are you waiting for huh ? what are you waiting for ????    ❜
❛  everything’s gonna be alright . i’m not gonna let anything happen to you.    ❜
❛  did this fisherman guy use the same hook to cut all your hair off ?    ❜
❛  no , he used scissors asshole . look , okay i know i sound delusional but it’s true.    ❜
❛  look , you little shitstick mayberry ass reject , there’s been a murder and you’re gonna fry in hell if you ignore it.    ❜
❛  lock the other door , i’ll call the police.    ❜
❛  i can explain… ___ wait , ___ .    ❜
❛  we never killed anyone , this whole year was fake.   ❜                

@escaiator and i were having a chat that resulted in me having a new au dammit, so enjoy this:

Spock is a cop au


Bones and Jim get arrested for being drunk and Spock is on drunk tank duty. Jim is all flirty but also gross and Spock is amused but ignores him. Then Jim falls asleep and Bones kinda perks up and apologises for Jim

Spock and Bones are chatting and Bones is WASTED, but he’s trying to be sensible cos he’s w a police officer. Bones is trying to talk about his job but really he’s just interrupting himself saying Spock looks good in that uniform

Then Spock mentions his Vulcan father and Bones loses his mind cos he hadn’t noticed Spock’s ears

“HOW are you a Vulcan, you’re flirting w me!”
“You are flirting with me, Doctor”
“I am not”
“I’m just drunk”
“I see, my apologies”
“No wait, I am flirting w you!! Just let me be coy dammit”

“Your face looks like broccoli”
“Excuse me?”

“If your blood is green then how come your lips are pink?” Bones then makes Spock come closer and asks him to wipe the lipstick off.

Or Bones wiping the lipstick off for him and that’s like halfway to a steamy make out for Spock

So Spock backs off then tells him why he backed off and Bones is like, "But you let me do that. D’you want to kiss me, officer?”
He’s all leaning against the bars and grinning and Spock is like mmmmfuck

But when they do start making out Jim 100% wakes up and ruins the moment, but he’s also the one who comes back a day later cos Bones is too embarrassed and Jim invites Spock to the pub with them so that Bones and Spock can meet while they’re both sober and neither is incarcerated

And Spock is struck by how diff Bones is cos he’s all blushing and “I’m so sorry i was so forward I’m never like that”

So Spock has to make the first proper move but when he does Bones is all over him in an instant and Jim is smug af


Spencer Reid was totally hammered. It was a rare occurrence, like seeing Hotch smile. The BAU was out celebrating a successful case. It was a child abduction case, but all of the children had been found alive and unharmed, and the unsub had been arrested and put away for life. These kinds of happy endings were rare, and sometimes, they warranted celebrating.

You had just been transferred to the BAU, and this past case was only your fifth. The team had been extremely welcoming, and they already felt like family. Although, you’d been having some decidedly non-familial feelings towards a certain messy-haired doctor.

You and Reid sat in a booth, both of you fairly drunk. You were nowhere near as out of it as Reid though. You had always known you were a giggly drunk, but Spencer was so hyper you weren’t even sure it was him. He was talking at a speed your inhibited ears could barely register, and you were only picking up half of what he was saying. You rubbed your eyes, unknowingly smearing makeup across your face. You concentrated on Spencer’s words.

“-and Derek was naked and so were Hotch and Prentiss and you were there but I can’t remember if you were naked. If the others were naked you had to be naked-” Spencer rambled. You stared at him incredulously.

“Wh-Why does anyone have to be naked?!” You interjected, a little too loudly. The rest of the team turned their attention to the two youngest agents.

“I’m not sure I wanna know what that conversation is about.” Morgan commented. Prentiss took a much-too-large sip of wine.

Spencer stared at you across the bar table, silent for the first time in what he assumed was at least an hour.

“Your face is really red.” He stated calmly. You grinned.

“Yours is too.” Reid lifted a hand to his face and felt his cheeks. They were 6 degrees hotter than normal.

“Hey.” He looked at you with his big brown eyes.

“What.” You replied, eyes wide.

“Let’s get out of here.”

Sometimes having your heart ripped from your chest means you’re in love.
Yes it hurts but god it feels so good because whose hand that clutches it so tightly is the one that heals your bruised knees and bloody nose.

Sometimes having your heart ripped from your chest means you’re in love.
Your heart can be gone for months and you can not feel a thing but as soon as he leaves you tear stained sitting in the bath tub everything around you turns to liquid nitrogen because your skin feels like it’s shattering every time you hit the floor.

Sometimes having your heart ripped from your chest means you’re in love.
New things burst from deep within your rib cage and they make you feel drunk like the pain pills the doctor gave you for that hole on your left side that you refuse to sew together.

Sometimes having your heart ripped from your chest means you’re in love.
Sometimes it’s because you want them to hold your love forever and sometimes they take it and leave but either way you let them hold it for too long.


I feel like I have a cuckoo clock heart



Requested by Anon #34

Doctor: This is how you dance Y/N!
Y/N: *laughs* What do you call that dance move?
Doctor: The Drunk Giraffe!
Y/N: Of course it’s called that!
Doctor: Nobody knows how to really party until the Doctor shows up!
Y/N: *sarcastic* I know! I can’t believe I even survived at some of the parties before I met you!
Doctor: Well you’ll never be bored again Y/N! We will be partying forever!
Y/N: Sounds good to me!
Doctor: Do you know something though?
Y/N: What?
Doctor: You should never get a dancer mad.
Y/N: Why not?
Doctor: They can kick your face now matter how tall you are!
Y/N: *laughs* Speaking from experience are we Doctor?
Doctor: No!….Maybe!
Amy: Why can’t those two just get together already?
Rory: Because they are too oblivious to each others feelings.
Amy: I hate people like that.
Rory: Excuse me? You were oblivious that I liked you for years! You thought I was gay!
Amy: Oh yeah…

Hux Masterlist

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(*** means smut)

My Right to Be Hellish

Doctor Love

The Unknown

“Drunk me…” - Drabble

“Hi, you don’t know me…” - Drabble

“Have you seen this?” - Drabble

“But I love cats!” - Drabble

“After everything’s that happened…” - Drabble

“This is the fifth dog…” - Drabble

“Is this a habit of yours…” - Drabble

“People do crazy things…” - Drabble

“Girls talk too much…” - Drabble

“I don’t like food…” - Drabble


Princess Duties

I Hate You, I Love You

Happy Little Family - Drabble

Invisible - Drabble

Let it Be Known (Mob Boss AU) [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4] [Part 5]

Break Out of Your Shell (Modern AU)

Tattletale was pointing to Panacea’s upper arm now.  It took me two tries to murder the spider.  Before I’d finished, Tattletale was directing me to the final one, which I’d stashed on Panacea’s ankle. I killed it by jabbing at it with my toe.  The headache was completely gone a second later. 

Killing spiders: a surprisingly good painkiller. Recommended by nine out of ten doctors, do not use if pregnant or drunk.

“Which is why you call yourself Tattletale, I see,” Glory Girl was saying,

It’s quite a fitting name.

“But you’re a retard.

Hi there, 2011.

We’re part of New Wave.  We have no secrets.  That’s the whole fucking point of our team.

Yeah right you don’t. Everyone has secrets, even from their closest kin. Such as the numerous times you’ve used excessive force and then had Panacea heal the victim so you wouldn’t get in trouble - does the rest of New Wave know about that? I think not.

Heroes with no secret identities, no secrets, full disclosure, total accountability.”

Which you’ve been evading.

aaaaaahhhh angst

jumin 💍

-but…he just sent you home? everything had finnally been falling in to place and now everything was ripped to pieces

-he should'nt have let you leave. just one more day, then you would'nt have gotten work

-lashes out at the doctors out of frustration and fear

-abandons all work and refuses to leave your hospital room

-is furious at V for letting yoi stay in an apartment with a bomb, feels so betrayed.

-when you finnally pull trough and wake up after about 2 weeks in and out of coma, he immedeatly embraces you and refuse to let you go for hours after that

-will never have the same relationship with V again

-also will probabaly become very very overprotecrive, heightens the already tight security, refused to let you live anywhere that isnt with him and will leave work to accompany you whenever you have to run an errand

zen 🎭

-he was on his way and only 5 minutes away at most.

-he hears the bang and knows what happened.

-freezes and just watches the building fall apart.

-he’s bewildered, pacing back and forth outide the hospital door, while the doctors examine you

-whenever your condition worses once again, he gets drunk out of his mind and just cries by your side.

-will shower every little inch of you in kisses when you finnally wake up.

-is holding you so gently like he’s so afraid of you suddenly turning to dust and him losing you forever.

-will never ever forgive himself or seven and v. never.

-if v or seven even tried to get near you or as much as mentions your name, he has to be restrained from beating the shit out of them.

-will avoid talking or chatting with them at all costs and will flat out ignore them at future parties.

yoosung 🎮

-if only he hadnt gone with seven, none of this would ever had happened

-not only is he terrified of losing you, but he also feels like he has lost rika all over again. he cant believe she would do that.

-its been 2 weeks when you finnally wake up, yoosung hasnt left your side in those 2 weeks, the hospital staff has had to lend him clothing, and bring him food.

-he’s crying uncontrollably for hours aftet you wake up. hes so relieved.

-his anger towards V only itensifies, as he blames him for not being honest about the dangers of mc staying in the apartment


-she feels so guilty about feeling dissapointed you didnt show up at the party

-this is the first time anyone has ever seen jarhee so broken, lashing out at everyone, especially V and seven, as they are the only one she can really hold responsible

-she used to spend her nights working, now she spends them at your side, watching over you.

-she’s fiercly protevtive of you and is even relucant letting other rfa members, besides zen, visit you

-as soon as you wake up, shes sobbing by your bed, thanking whichever god allowed her to keep you.

-almost forces you to move in with her, and wont let you do simple things as going to the grocery store without her


-he were on his way to you, because of the danger of the bomb, but when he arrives its already too late

-he’s at your side in an intant, all thoughts of his work forgotten

-vanderwood figures out what has happened and takes over his work, handling it in on sevens behalf

-he’s so guilt ridden, he made the bomb that hurt who he loves the most, and now they’re suffering because of him

-so when you wake up he’s on his knees begging for your forgiveness trough broken sobs

-he quits all the hacker deal after that, tightens his security and falls asleep holding onto you every night

-they never find the remains of ‘unknown’, as with many of the residents

@lordhellebore That person needs a reality check. So ridiculous and stupid.
umm depending on anyoe elsei is toxic didnt you know you cant force people to help you!!  ugh well imo its pretty gross to tell people their support network is actually form of cruelty to loved ones and better to be dead  
me yo actually disabled people have lives that matter even f they need support and or cant be fully independent ist not wrong  to have assistance its your right
them  no fuck you that is abuse

this is not the case thats your right  your right you absolutely are entitled to it doesnt mean everyone in the world has do your biding all the time thats not what  it is

….yah gosh  what was i thinking i totes  forgot disability rights are evil  and  im ramsay bolton who will assist in my evil deeds such as how tf  do you use a tin opener ?

Don’t try to kill yourself because if you fuck up you get put through -a Kafkaesque (sp?) nightmare
-the doctor will treat you like ur an asshole especially if ur a young woman because ur just an hysterical attention seeking princess
-the giant nazi cop with the nazi haircut sent to make sure you don’t hang urself with a sheet will treat you like a criminal and a spoiled brat
-in fact everyone will treat you like a criminal. Ur the only patient in ur vicinity not wearing handcuffs
-nobody tells you jack shit
-Five hours until someone sees you. Five more hours until you get discharged
-psychotic delusions that you actually succeeded in killing yourself and now ur in purgatory
-violent drunk men screaming
-the doctor will tell you your method of attempted suicide won’t kill you even though it will it very much will. Which is why you had your stomach emptied and vitals checked and blood taken. Is that gas lighting? Who knows. Nothing makes sense here.
-your family will threaten to kick you out because you were “ungrateful” and “rude” and self centered. And how dare you be upset about a man patting you down and having the audacity to ask for a woman to do it
-and so much more!!!

Essays in Existentialism: The Dancer

(Prompt/Edit courtesy of thegunbitch)

The halls were empty and still shiny in the early morning as Lexa yawned and made her way down the steps towards the lower floors. The only noise that followed her was the sound of her shoes, soft and light against the tiles, and the eternal buzzing of the fluorescent lights.

With a slight adjustment of the bag on her shoulder, she began the descent into the bowels of the old music building.

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New Agent

Summary: A new agent joins the BAU, who is basically the female version of Reid. And after a drunk girls night, she confesses her feelings for Reid to him. How will he respond?      

Warnings: Drunk talks, nothing else really. FLUFF FLUFF and more FLUFF. GIFs aren’t mine     

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“Agents this is (Y/LN) the newest addition to the team,” Chief Strauss told your new team at the Bureau. “Well, I’ll let you get settled.” And then she left you standing awkwardly with 7 pairs of eyes staring down into your soul. Agent Hotchner was the first to speak, “Yes team this is Dr.(Y/FN Y/L/N). I interviewed her a couple of weeks ago. She was a member of Interpol, and the CIA before she transferred over to the BAU. Agen- Dr. (Y/L/N), these are SSAs Morgan, Prentiss, Jarreau, Rossi, Dr. Reid and Penelope Garcia.”

He introduced the rest of the team, and Rossi being the closest one to you, reached his hand out for a shake. You bit your lip looking at the hand outstretched to you blurting out, “you’d be surprised to know that there are a staggering amount of germs that get transferred during a simple handshake,” you glance at his face and continue shakily, “it’s actually safer to kiss.” You purse your lips noticing the awkward silence and shut your eyes, cursing yourself for your stupid quirks. When you opened them you notice the entire team smirking while looking back and forth from Dr. Reid to you.

It has been six months and several cases after that awkward introduction. The BAU had turned into your home and the team, your family. Spencer Reid became your best friend, a friend in ways that no one has ever been. You had several conversations with him about black hole paradox and the cosmos. You finished his thoughts before he would even say anything, and he was the only one who understood your jokes without you having to explain. On one particular case with an unsub that used chemicals to attack, Spencer and you found out where the unsub was hiding after figuring out that the chemicals he was using would leave a radioactive trace. The entire team was focused on the interaction that happened between Reid and you and before they had a chance to process what was happening Garcia whispered out, “Oh my god! It’s like love at first geek!”

“Come on (Y/N)!!! We know you have a crush on our genius boy, would you just admit it?” Garcia frustratingly exclaimed as she takes another gulp of the margarita in her hand. You were at Garcia’s apartment with Emily and JJ having a well-deserved girl’s night and the girls were trying to get you drunk so that you would confess your feelings for the other doctor on your team.

They were all convinced that you had feelings for him and was too afraid to tell him. They weren’t too far from the truth, you did have feelings for Spencer but it was more than a regular office crush or infatuation, you were in love with him. As the girls guessed you were afraid to tell him, but not because you think that he might reject you, you were a good enough profiler to figure out that Spencer felt the same way, you were more afraid of being hurt. The last time you were in a relationship you opened yourself up and let down the walls that you had built up, only to have your ex completely use it against you. This was why for the past 5 years you only had one night stands and focused more and more on your work. You ran in the opposite direction whenever there was even a small possibility of you getting hurt. This, however, didn’t mean that you never wanted to be in a committed relationship, but you knew your problem and wanted to wait until you had a solution. Being as smart as you are, you also knew that the only solution to this problem is to be in a relationship and start to trust someone again.

“Earth to (Y/N)! We’re losing you, (Y/N)!” Emily teases you while JJ threw a popcorn at you to get your attention.

“Hmm,” you hummed an annoyed response and looked at the three women who were growing sillier as the night wore on. “You are in love with Spence, just admit it!”

You didn’t know whether it was the high amount of alcohol in your system or the increasing pain of keeping your love for him a secret, but somehow you worked up the courage and blurted out, “You know what? Yes I am in love with Dr. Spencer Reid, but I can’t do anything about it, want to know why? Because I am an idiot, the world’s biggest idiot alive! I know that he feels the same way about me, but I decide to sit around watching him flirt, work, and bite his lips. I’m so insanely in love with him that it affects my work, and I go home mopping in my misery when I know that I can stop it,” you looked back to the girls who were all looking for their jaws on the floor. Suddenly a very drunk thought plagued your mind, and before you could tell yourself to stop you pull out your phone and dial the charming doctor’s number, which just happened to be on speed dial.

“(Y/N)” a very sleepy voice greeted your call.

“Hey Spence!” you slurred, all three of the girls dropped what they were doing and launched at you in an effort to get the phone away from you in order to stop you from revealing something that you would truly regret. However, you were too fast for any of them.

“(Y/N)? Are you feeling okay?” Spence asked concerned at why you were calling him so late at night.

“I’m sorry for waking you up, my dear doctor, but there are somethings that I need to let you know about,” you say with all the confidence you could muster up. Em and JJ were still chasing you around Garcia’s apartment screaming at you to stop, poor Penelope tried her best to help you stop but was too drunk to even get off of the couch. You finally made it to the bathroom and locked yourself in, yelling to the girls that this just had to be done.  

“(Y/N), are you- are you drunk?” Spence asked hesitantly.

“Bless your beautiful brain Doctor. I am indeed drunk,” you replied. Clearing your throat you continue, “Now listen, I need to tell you some things that I probably will never tell you when I’m sober because I am a raging dumbass. I am in love with you Doctor Reid. I have been in love with you for 3 months and 4 days. I haven’t told you about it not because I think that you wouldn’t feel the same, I know you like me too. I haven’t told you because I’m afraid that if I do tell you then everything becomes real, and that means that I could get hurt. I was hurt a lot when my last boyfriend used my trust for him against me. I was really hurt, and ever since then I couldn’t commit to anyone. However, Spence I am willing put myself in that spot for you and if you feel the same way then after I sober up, talk to me about this. If you don’t feel the same way then please forget about this phone call and go back to just being my friend.”

There was absolute silence from Spencer’s side of the line and once the silence took over you, tears popped up. “I’m going to hang up now,” you announce but before you could end the phone call, Spencer’s voice came out “Where are you?”

“Huh?” you answered confused. You thought that he didn’t want to be with you, you had thought that you put yourself out there again and he broke you too. But why did he want to know where you are?

“Where are you?” he repeated. “I’m at Garcia’s apartment,” you replied.

“Okay, I’m coming over to pick you up. You are going to sober up at my apartment and then we’re going to talk,” Spencer replied and you smiled at the dominance in his voice. When you open the bathroom door the three girls fell forward, all three of them were not so subtly listening in on your conversation. Emily was the first to get up from the floor and she asked the question that was on all their minds, “What did he say?”

“He’s coming to pick me up,” you responded still dazed from the phone call.  After about 20 minutes of waiting, there was a small knock on the door. JJ opened the door and let a very sleepy Doctor in. “I’m here to take (Y/N) home,” he stated with fear to the 6 eyes that were intensely staring at him. You get up, grab your things and try to make your way to Spencer but stumbled halfway and fell against the doctor. You giggle while gathering yourself, Spence took the things from your hands and led you out the apartment.

However before he could get out Penelope got hold of his wrist and said, “You take advantage of her and I will end you, Dr. Reid. Do you, understand me?” If she wasn’t drunk she would have been threatening but now she just looked ridiculous.

Reid, on the other hand, decided to be polite and said: “Of course Penelope. I wouldn’t dream of hurting her in any way.” The three girls cooed “Aw” in response to this statement and you two made your way out to his car.

The drive to Spence’s place was quiet and short. Had you been sober your anxiety would have kicked in, but you were getting drunker by the minute and all you could do was giggle. When you finally made it to Spencer’s apartment and when attempting to get out of the car you fumble again, causing Spence to carry you out bridal style all the way to his apartment. He slowly sets you down onto his couch and without a word gets you water.

For the rest of the night, Spencer stayed by your side making sure you were comfortable and even held your hair when you threw up. You woke up the next morning with little recollection of what happened last night and with a terrible headache. “Morning sleepyhead!” Spencer greeted you with pills and some more water. You grunted in response and grabbed the water and pills out of his hand.

“So you told me a lot of things last night, and I have a few things to tell you,” Spence started. “You told me that you are in love with me and that you wanted a relationship. I just want to make sure that, that is still what you want,” he paused and looked at you for a response, you just nodded not trusting your voice at this moment.

“Well then, in that case, it’s only fair to let you know that I am in love with you as well. I want a relationship with you as well, and I know that you have been hurt in the past but I will try my very best to never hurt you in any way. I promise,” Spencer finished. One of his arms snaked around your waist and the other hand found its way to the back of your neck. His thumb brushed over your chin and your eyes locked with his and before you knew it both of your lips were crashing with each other. His lips were surprisingly soft and warm, you eventually pulled away for air and was dizzy from the hangover. You run to the toilet and throw up whatever was left in your stomach, just like last night Spence held your hair back but this time he laughed. “I know I don’t have much experience kissing but, I didn’t think I was that bad, though,” he teased.

“Oh, shut up!” you say giggling pushing his shoulder playfully as you get up off the floor. After washing your mouth out Spence sneaks his arms around your waist and twirl you around to face him. He pulls you closer and this time you lean in and push your lips to his. When you two finally pull away, you put your forehead to his and breath out “I love you Spencer Reid” to which he replied, “I love you too (Y/F/N Y/L/N).”

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How much do you know about a man called 'The Doctor'

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The Doctor? But.. doctor who?

I know so many doctors.. Doctor Strange.. and.. no, that’s it. Strangeee. I’m feeling so strange. Maybe I need a doctor.