doctor yoo eun soo


Eun soo: I’m going to stay behind, and be by your side. And I’m not going to waste my days worrying about whether I’ll stay or go based on something like this
Choi young: Do you know what you’re saying?
Eun soo: I know. If it goes wrong, I could die. In front of your eyes. If that happens, watch over me. Hold me until the end. And don’t leave me alone
Choi young: Pack right now, i’ll haul you to heaven’s door even if you don’t want to if i have to.
Eun soo: What happens after that? You don´t care what happens to me? 
Choi young: You’ll live
Eun soo: I’ll live. I’ll live in my room. I’ll see people whose faces I don’t know. I’ll say things I don’t mean all day. And then at night I’ll return to my empty room. As I fall asleep, I’ll call out, “Are you there?” I know there won’t be an answer. And then I’ll wake up in the morning, and live another day just like that. Like a person who’s already dead. Do you not know what living like that is like? You do know, because you’ll live the same way.