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DOCTOR: Smile for me. Go on, Clara Oswald, one last time. 
(Clara has tears streaming down her face.)
CLARA: How could I smile? 
DOCTOR: It’s okay. Don’t you worry. I’ll remember it.

  • Hell Bent, Doctor Who

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My theory is very easy. Doctor asked Clara to smile for him “one last time”. And if we will see Clara “one last time” what if… She will smile to him?

Not just like smile when you meet your old friend/enemy/lover. But it is like a special smile. It is like a promise. A promise to remember. A very special smile to someone very special.

(to your soulmate)

And maybe… Just maybe someone will recognize this smile. Maybe this would be the way for Doctor to remember.

*Internal screaming*

A Parent’s Worst Fear, Round Two

This was written for @doctorroseprompts‘s Soulmates September

Ten x Rose, Soulmates AU, Teen, ~2000 words

This is part of my Perfectly Matched series, as part of my outtakes collection. This outtake takes place within the epilogue of And Baby Makes Four.

James turned his back for just a second, but it was long enough for Ainsley to try to share her cereal with her baby sister.

Choking trigger warning


“Daddy! Daddy Daddy Daddy Daddy Daddy!”

James dropped the pan into the sink and grabbed a towel to dry his hands as he turned around at Ainsley’s frantic cry. His heart stopped at the scene in front of him. Sianin was sitting in her high chair with a little pile of what James recognized as Ainsley’s cereal in front of her on her tray. Her arms were flailing and her face was pinched in a cry but no sounds were coming out of her mouth, and her chest was heaving as she tried to gasp in a breath.

“What happened?” he shouted. He rushed up to Sianin and yanked her out of her chair before he began smacking her on the back. “Ainsley, what happened?!”

“I was sharing my cereal!” she sobbed.

James felt dizzy and his ears were ringing as he continued working to help his daughter breathe. He flipped her so that her belly was against his forearm and he angled her body slightly downwards, hoping gravity would help him as he continued to beat his hand against Sianin’s back.

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  • The Doctor: *regenerates*
  • Sherlock: *dies and comes back*
  • Sam Winchester: *dies and comes back*
  • Dean Winchester: *dies a lot and comes back*
  • Castiel: *dies and comes back*
  • Loki: *dies and comes back*
  • Harry Potter: *dies and comes back*
  • Professor X: *dies and comes back*
  • Buffy: *dies and comes back*
  • Arthur:
  • Merlin: …Arthur?
  • Arthur: *loading please wait*