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gay-holtzy  asked:

fandom questions: B, C, I, T, U, V, Y, Z


Brace yourself! 

GIFS NOT MINE, just what I could get my hands on with Google Images

B - Pairing that you initially didn’t consider but someone changed your mind:

Swan Queen or Emma Swan/Regina Mills (Once Upon A Time)

Oh my precious babies. I had the typical WHAAAAT reaction to it at first, but ended up watching a fanvid that I really liked, and just went, “lol that’s funny” and didn’t think about it again for a while. But later I went back to the fanvid and began to ship it a bit, mostly as crack. 

And from there, well…yeah, it just snowballed. XD 

C - Pairing you wish you shipped but just can’t:

This is so tricky cos most things I want to ship, I just do. 


Doctor/Master (Doctor Who)

While I totally see the potential and why others ship it, and love it as crack especially with the Rani added, I just can’t for some reason, even after reading a really great Ten/Simm!Master fanfic.

I mean I think I will always probably ship it a little bit but never more than that, unfortunately. :(

I - Has Tumblr caused you to stop liking any fandoms, and if so, why?

Ummmm this is also tricky. The thing is that I’m going to mention  OUAT and SQ, and it was Tumblr that really got me shipping SQ.

But I did for quite a while dislike the Swan Queen fandom (even though I was a part of it) because of how abrasive, touchy, and downright demanding and rude some of the people in it were. BUT now most of that seems to have died and and SWEN is being awesome and the Swan Queen movement is going and I’m just so happy and so proud of everyone! 

Of course other OUAT fans who do not ship SQ who are really rude about SQ will always get on my nerves because it’s really disheartening and unnecessary. 

T - My favourite male/male ships or female/female ships?

Oooh slash ehehehe. XD 


Johnlock or Sherlock Holmes/John Watson (Sherlock)

Janto or Jack Harkness/Ianto Jones (Torchwood)

Jack Harkness/John Hart (Torchwood)

and maybe just a touch of 

Captain Charming or Captain Hook/Prince Charming (Once Upon A Time)



Sleeping Warrior or Mulan/Aurora (Once Upon A Time)

Jenny/Vastra (Doctor Who)

Molly Hooper/Irene Adler (Sherlock)

Willow/Tara (Buffy The Vampire Slayer)

External image
External image

Kate Stewart/The Rani (Doctor Who) [Shipping base of which consists of basically just me and Louise cos I basically made it up, message me for link to the fanfic] 

U - What are your favourite male/female ships?

Doctor/Romana (Doctor Who)

Eleventh Doctor/River Song (Doctor Who)

Ian Chesterton/Barbara Wright (Doctor Who)

The Master/The Rani (Doctor Who)

Whouffle or Eleventh Doctor/Clara Oswald (Doctor Who) [it’s one of those between brOTP and OTP ones but idk it gives me feels so]

Lily/Marshall (How I Met Your Mother)

Haymitch Abernathy/Effie Trinket (The Hunger Games)

Spuffy or Buffy Summers/Spike (Buffy)

External image

Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart/Liz Shaw (Doctor Who)

Ninth Doctor/Rose Tyler (Doctor Who)

The Doctor/Sarah Jane Smith (Doctor Who)

Victor/Sierra (Dollhouse)

Sydrian or Sydney Sage/Adrian Ivashkov (Vampire Academy/Bloodlines) [Book Series - Fancast]

V - Three way ships if any?

Oh yeah haha! my OT3 :P

Ninth Doctor/Rose Tyler/Jack Harkness (Doctor Who)

Y - A fandom you’re in but have no ships from

Nothing comes to mind because wow I am such a shipper :P

Maybe Avengers? Not sure, really not sure. 

Z - A ship I want to ship publicly but everyone hates it so I keep quiet? 

Don’t think I have any, thankfully. :) 

lalondeflower  asked:

Angels AU for Doctor/Sarah Jane because I know you like that, and I don't mind it. Whatever Doctor you so choose.

(Hehehehehehehe. <3)

Angels were strictly forbidden to fall in love. Reproduction was useless, as God created all new angels, and love was for humans. Of course, the angels Sarah Jane and Johnathan were kinda special that way.

They were created about four years apart. Johnathan had been assigned to young Sarah Jane to teach her the basics of flight and choosing a vessel. Sarah Jane took to Johnathan quite well, quickly wishing she could work up the nerve to ask him to be her friend. She was kind of shy, having a simple angelic form and being teased about it. Her angelic form only had two wings, and one face, a sort of half-dog, half-wolf thing. Her wings were a dark blue colour, and were fairly small. 

Johnathan was smitten with the younger angel, but didn’t know how to express his thoughts. One of the lessens he had to teach her was that angels didn’t fall in love. How hypocritical would that be, heh? Of course, he also had a pretty bizarre angelic form. It looked almost… human. He had four wings and a humanoid face. His wings were bright orange like the skies of Gallifrey. 

When it was time for them to find vessels to aid the Hunters from stopping the Apocalypse, their vessels had been close friends. Irony had taken its turn on the angels. Their vessels were called Sarah Jane and John Smith, no relation. Sarah Jane Smith was a journalist from Foxgrove who moved to London to work for a major paper. John Smith was a doctor at Royal Hope hospital. They had been friends since childhood.

The vessels had said yes, like they all do except the Winchesters. Sarah Jane and Johnathan soon dove head-first into battle to stop the end of the world, joining the faction of angels trying to keep Lucifer at bay.

After the Apocalypse was averted in that cemetery in Kansas, they went back to Heaven. While in Heaven, Sarah Jane couldn’t stop thinking about Johnathan and his immeasurable calm in the face of danger. She somehow also found herself thinking about his vessel. He was attractive, with gaunt features and curly auburn hair. She cursed herself for thinking like that, diving head first into her work.

Johnathan was having similar thoughts about Sarah Jane, about her compassion on the battle field and the soft curls of her vessel’s brown hair and the twinkle of her green eyes. He slapped himself and got back to work training angels.

When the angels were cast from Heaven, they immediately went to find each other. They needed to make sure their best friend was okay.

They both shared a similar to each other. They couldn’t return home. Of course, they didn’t blame Castiel. They didn’t join a faction either. They just assumed their vessels’ lives back in London. Slowly, they came to terms with their situation and the realization that they could do anything. Well, within reason. An angel would never murder an innocent or commit unspeakable acts like rape. No, their anything included love. Something they were told from the beginning was for humans. 

They loved, like those silly little humans, complete with little kisses here and there. They didn’t care what the other angels thought. They were happy

When they were returned to Heaven, they faced judgement but they didn’t care. Their judgement wasn’t really judgement, more like ‘how do you love’ and 'what is love like’. They answered questions happily and became Heaven’s only couple.

But they were happy.