doctor x rose tyler


I decided to keep on working on that sketch by @shaniartist. I wasn’t satisfied with what I presented yesterday, but now I have 2 versions I can’t choose between ;v;

Thirteen/Rose!!! I hope its okay. Thanks again for the wonderful drawing, Shani!!

Prompt: When Rose Tyler moves into an old manor house that’s been converted into an apartment building, she couldn’t be more excited. She’s finally living on her own in her own place, never mind the fact that it’s a rather creepy building at night. Despite that, she enjoys living in her new apartment and has some nice neighbors, too. Especially the cute bloke next door, John Noble.

They hit it off right away and Rose hopes that they will soon become more than friends. The first few weeks are absolute bliss–and then the noises started.

She was given one warning when she moved in–stay in your room at night. That should have been her first clue, but it was such a good price that she thought the strange old man was just trying to scare her.

She was wrong.

John and her investigate the history of the manor for any clues about the strange noises but they don’t find much.

Maybe they aren’t looking back far enough. The local legends speak of the Gallifreyan ruins once being home to an ancient people who dabbled in the supernatural. Could they be responsible, or was it something to do with the creepy old landlord, Mr. Yana?