doctor x river*


“For the two of us, home isn’t a place. It is a person. And we’re finally home.” 
― Stephanie PerkinsAnna and the French Kiss

Happy Valentine’s Day, Mr and Mrs Who.

For real though

So after all the big secret library stuff, the River’s diary stuff, and the everyone being a computer simulation but “you don’t have to be real to be the Doctor” stuff in this trilogy… we come to the climax of the last episode, where the Doctor has to plug his mind into something that will likely burn out his brain (actually, the second time that’s been a thing in this trilogy if you count the temporary-eyesight-borrowing-from-the-future-thingy.)  Then Bill ties him up and decides to sacrifice herself to save him by doing it instead.

(having flashbacks much?!)

Then there’s this.

You have to keep thinking about your mum, the memory you created.  Her voice, her smile- the monks can’t get near it.  Fill your mind with it.  Push it into every corner.  

She’s filling its mind with one pure, uncorrupted, irresistible image, and it’s broadcasting it to the world because it can’t help it!

All those years you kept her alive inside you, an isolated subroutine in a living mind.  Perfect, untouchable.  She’s a window on the world without the monks.  Absolutely loved, absolutely trusted.  And that window is opening everywhere.  A glimpse of freedom.  But a glimpse is all we need.