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{x} for a time machine and her thief ; dedicated to typefourty

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I ship them to hardcore because out of everyone the TARDIS as always been there for him. She is his best friend and wife mixed together! 

I mean, my god, she is the Doctor’s home:’) Without her the Doctor wouldn’t be travelling the universe all of time and space.

She takes good care of him and is very protective like omfg they are SOO beautiful!

I will FOREVER and EVER ship the Doctor & the TARDIS omfhafjkdh

send a shipname and I’ll tell u if I ship them or not and why

An Ode To Hope

Title:  An Ode to Hope (Chapter 11/13)

Author: @kelkat9

Pairing:  Ten/Rose

Genre: Post Doomsday/Angst/Separation/Reunion/Babyfic

Warnings:  Dark Ten or TLV Ten (Part 3)

Summary:   Rose lost the Doctor at Canary Wharf.  Due to a cruel universe he was swept away to Pete’s World while she endures in her home universe.  But even in her darkest hour, hope blooms in the form of friends who come to her aid and offer strength and encouragement.  And Rose needs all she can get when she learns the Doctor left a gift behind neither of them expected.  Pregnant and desperate, Rose finds a way to send a message to him.  Suffering from loss of Rose and his TARDIS and on the cusp of madness, the Doctor has his own group of friends determined to see he and Rose reunited.  And if one equally pregnant Jackie Tyler has her way, the universes can sod off so family can be reunited.

Notes: Please read the notes before chapter one.  Yeah this fic sort of ran away with some adventurey things.  This chapter is based on the Doctor’s Wife but with some parts left out.  I grabbed the dialog I loved only some of it is tinkered with to make it work for Ten and Rose.  I was in a rush to post so haven’t looked over as many times as I normally do. 

He couldn’t hide the smug little grin as he waited for her. Oh, she’d love her. They both would. The TARDIS did already, still, again. Weren’t many companions could boast that. Rose and Sexy. Sexy and Rose. Sexy liked Rose, and Rose was sexy. Oops, no. Well, no, yes, actually, still, but oops all the same.
—  11th Doctor’s thoughts from an AU RP