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I ship them to hardcore because out of everyone the TARDIS as always been there for him. She is his best friend and wife mixed together! 

I mean, my god, she is the Doctor’s home:’) Without her the Doctor wouldn’t be travelling the universe all of time and space.

She takes good care of him and is very protective like omfg they are SOO beautiful!

I will FOREVER and EVER ship the Doctor & the TARDIS omfhafjkdh

send a shipname and I’ll tell u if I ship them or not and why

Starlight on her Lips Part One

Victorian/regency era AU (three parts) for femslash February which is now in March but shhh whatever. Rose Tyler x Idris, with Eleven and a modified Melody Pond and Jenny–other characters to come in later (Jackie and Pete are here of course). A bit strange, but I hope you enjoy!

Idris Smythe is a rather… odd young woman.

   Everyone, no matter their opinions regarding other, more controversial, matters, agrees with such a statement. And where to start? With the curly dark hair she simply refuses to tame, her wide and wild eyes, and that almost palpable wrongness about her, as though something in her mind doesn’t work quite correctly. Really, it is through no fault of the Lady Smythe that her daughter runs with her skirts at her knees and climbs trees and follows her elder brother around like a puppy.

   Idris doesn’t care about everyone. She has her brother and she has her Rose, and that is all that matters.

The first time they meet is on Rose’s eighteenth birthday.

Lord Peter Tyler of the Powell Estate hosted (at the… request of his wife) a lavish celebration upon the occasion of his only daughter’s coming-of-age–the perfect excuse for the Lady Jacqueline to invite the other two most powerful families with of-age sons: the Saxons and the Smythes. Lord Jonathon Smythe of the Gallifrey Estate is the second-richest man in the entire kingdom, second only to Lord Tyler himself. According to the Lady Tyler, twenty-three year-old Matthew Smythe is an excellent match.

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{x} for a time machine and her thief ; dedicated to typefourty

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