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Oh my gosh or mckirk (or mcspirk) for 47?

Drabble Challenge - 47: “I thought it was a one-night-stand…and now we’re married…” 

Surprise! I keep all ya’lls prompts even if it takes me oh…five months to get to them. I still can’t believe this was 5 months ago. But here you are, darling! Enjoy <3

Once, what feels like a lifetime ago, Leonard had sworn off all this nonsense. His ma hadn’t raised a fool, he’d had his heart broken once, had his world torn apart, and when Jocelyn had taken everything in the divorce, he’d sworn that he would never leave himself that open, that vulnerable, to anyone ever again. 

But Leonard hadn’t counted on Jim Kirk. Hadn’t thought there was a man that could be infuriating and irresistible all in one. An unstoppable force of nature that could also patiently wear away at all his defenses until Leonard was more vulnerable to that man that he’d ever been in his entire life. 

Now he stands with Jim in front of all their friends and family, and his heart’s never been so full.

He smiles warmly at the man who’s stolen his heart, and takes his hand tenderly in his own. “James Tiberius Kirk,” he says softly. “The first time I laid eyes on you, I also threw up on you.” There’s a titter of laughter from the assembled crowd, but Leonard only hears the soft laugh from the man in front of him. “Lord only knows how we became friends, guess you just wouldn’t let me be. You wore me down kid, in every way that possibly matters. That first night we were together,” and now Leonard smiles at the memory. “I thought it was a one night stand…and now here we are, getting married.”

Jim’s smile widens, his baby blues dancing in the way that always makes Leonard’s heart do the two step. 

“I love you, Jim Kirk,” he continues, his voice a little hoarse now, his own eyes bright. “And I can’t imagine spending one damn day without you bothering the hell out of me. I’m a doctor, not a wordsmith, but today, you’ve made me the happiest man in the galaxy.”

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