doctor who: the forgotten

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I absolutely adore your art. I though I was the only one who shipped the doctor and the master. Glad to know I'm not alone. ALSO THANK YOU FOR INTRODUCING ME TO HAMILTON


where have you been?? People have been shipping those two since the Classic Who days. You’re certainly not alone there :)

This is for our favourites

For the ones that put everyone else first

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For the ones we spent our live with

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For the ones that were brave, even though they were scared

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For the ones that kept going

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Even though it was hard sometimes

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And the ones that never stopped believing

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For the ones who see things differently

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The round pegs in square holes

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The ones that want to change things

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The ones that showed us the universe

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The ones we could identify with

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Even the bad guys

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The outcast

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The “misfits”

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The lunatics

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And of course the troublemakers

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The ones that only follow their own lead

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The ones that take us into different worlds

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They are like our family

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And while some think of them as the crazy ones

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We see genius.


look at how scared they both were when they heard the raven…The Doctor was so scared but as soon as he sees Clara, he squares up his shoulders because he must be strong, even if it breaks his hearts…and by the time she faces him, she has put on her brave face too. But clearly they are both very scared of loss and death. And those last two, look at how he is smiling and pouring all his love out while she is looking…because these may be the last few moments. But the moment she turns away, you can see all the pain and suffering he has been hiding, because he doesn’t want her to see that…he doesn’t want her to be sad/guilty for them.