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It’s summer and I don’t have a job yet so I need to edit videos to train.

So any song suggestion for this couples or shows and i’ll put it in the list ™

- Bellarke 

- Evak

- Enjoltaire (movie or 25th musical or modern au with tarjei sandvik moe as enjolras and tyler young as R)

- Lukas + Phillip 

- Malia + Stiles

-Or just a sad song that can be used with a lot of shows because I am a sucker for sad multifandom which I can edit:

- the 100

- skam

- teen wolf

- eyewitness

- ouat

- captain america (stucky cof cof)

- harry potter

- Doctor who (RTD era tho)

- Shadowhunters

It Finally Worked!

Sorry that it took so long, guys! I had a lot of problems with my computer being slow and stuff! But, it’s finally done and I can show it to you guys!

I know it’s not really good or anything but I sang this song for my friends here on Tumblr! As a huge “THANK YOU” for being so kind to me and such awesome people! I love all of them!


Steven Moffat Introduces The Lie Of The Land - Doctor Who: Series 10

Short but intriguing introduction to the next episode. I was also laughing at this bit of comments at the official Doctor Who YouTube Channel.

I know what pokegen2000 is talking about with the ‘jumpscare capaldi’ too. The old clip of Peter telling viewers to subscribe used to pop up so fast and unexpected, it made everyone (including me) jump.

I remember watching a really sad Doctor Who video on their channel, and I’m crying and stuff. The video ends and then this booming voice and eyebrows pop up– “DON’T FORGET TO CLICK BELOW–” and I’m like, “AAAAH! Oh, hi, Peter!” XD


This is my tribute to Peter Capaldi’s Twelfth Doctor, set to Queen’s “Don’t Stop Me Now”.  He’s having such a good time and I know I don’t want him to stop :)

Hope  you like it and please feel free to share and comment on my youtube channel :)


Families in Doctor Who (aka Steven Moffat doesn’t understand people) by Claudia Boleyn. 

This is a little video I made earlier focussing on the lack of families in the Moffat era, and contrasting that with the rich variety of family dynamics we were given in the RTD era. 

I do not think Moffat knows how to write people, real human emotion, love, or humanity, and I think it’s killing Doctor Who. 

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A little bit in love with my nails, and a lot bit in love with Doctor Who. Why/HOW did it take me 23 years to discover it? I’m up to series 5; I can see myself falling in love with Matt Smith :). Hope you like this tutorial and please subscribe to my YouTube channel!


So, the Doctor Who youtube channel put up this video containing the “Emergency! You’re my boyfriend” bit from last Christmas earlier today and then later today put up a promo with this gem:

As Eleven nicely put it - DING-DONG! OKAY! BRILLIANT!


Producer Phil Collison talks about the challenges of bringing back Doctor Who in 2005

“Everything had been thrown at us…. It was hard but the minute we sat and watched an assembled episode, it was magical.”

Watch the full video here.

(h/t Doctor Who YouTube Channel)