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There are ways to accommodate an actor permanently leaving a show without resorting to killing the character off. I recently found myself un-suscribing from a (relatively) popular youtube channel that does Doctor Who reviews and predictions because, apparently, “having Clara dying at the end of Series 9 is the only way of giving the character a dignified exit.”

Umm, no it’s not. Killing her off is your idea of the only way of giving her a “dignified exit”, possibly because you’ve never liked her character to begin with and resolving her storyline in any other way would be seen as “making her too powerful”. 

Well, fuck that. Clara could sprout golden wings and shoot laser beams out of her eyes (wait, didn’t Bad Wolf Rose actually do that?) by the end of Series 9 and turn into motherfucking Time Itself or some other metaphysical shit like that, and it’ll still be a more dignified exit than killing her off

Because, seriously, what has the character done that is so absolutely terrible that the only way to reclaim her dignity is by dying? It makes it sound like she’s on some fucking quest to redemption. From what, exactly?

I think what the people from that channel are actually peeved about is the fact that Clara has been breaking away from the “Yes Doctor, okay Doctor” companion role, calling the Doctor out on his shit, proving herself to be just as competent as the Doctor, “dom-ing” the Doctor in some respects…and they want to see her being put back in her place. It’s like, ‘how dare you consider yourself to be equal to the role of the Doctor? you’re just the companion. and we want to see you being killed off, as a cautionary tale of what happens when the companion oversteps her bounds.’

No. Just…no.

So I challenge Moffat to find a way of resolving Clara’s story line (in the event that Jenna decides to leave at the end of Series 9) without killing the character off. Give her her own TARDIS. Send her off to her own adventures and have her meet up (off-screen) with the Doctor periodically. 

I’m probably as biased as those youtube reviewers because I like Clara so much, but I just do not want to see her story end with her death. Especially not in any way that could be interpreted as ‘punishment’ for being “too powerful”.