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“I’m Bill. I serve chips. He’s a professor, or a lecturer, or as I call him “Doctor What?” And now we go everywhere! Any space. Any time. And now I see everything differently!”


-Literally running face first into the TARDIS and falling inside.

-Crying, because HOLY SHIT, it was the Doctor and his magic blue box.

-Him being confused as to how you understood who he was and how his TARDIS worked.

“I’m the last of the-”


“How.. how did you know that?”

-Getting really emotional when you went with him on your first adventure.

-Getting even more emotional when you recognised one of the adventures from TV.

-Knowing when he would die.

-Awkwardly staring at River in the library.

-Her giving you knowing glances.

-The Doctor being comforted and relieved by the fact that he didn’t have to explain his life to someone again.

-Him also feeling extremely confused as to why you even knew his life so well.

-Basically being a massive fan about absolutely everything.

“Oh my god oh my god oh my god.”

“I know that Daleks can be scary, but you-”

“When can I see one?! Do they really look like that in real life? They do have those plungers and whisks for weapons, right? I don’t think I could take it if they didn’t.”

“Y/N, that’s not… nevermind.”

-Laughing way too much with Donna for the Doctor’s liking.

“What are you laughing about? Is it me again? Stop it!”

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Imagine the Doctor finding out you’d been getting hassled everyday by a group of guys on your daily walk home. They mostly just cat call you and whistle and stuff, but the Doctor gets adorably pissed. After chasing them off, the Doctor grumbles to himself until you make it back to the TARDIS.

“The little… Daleks!”

“Oh they’re on the same level as Daleks now, are they?”

“Of course! No one gets to mess with you except me.”


Time it was
And what a time it was, it was
A time of innocence
A time of confidences

Long ago it must be
I have a photograph
Preserve your memories
They’re all that’s left you.

Bookends, by Simon and Garfunkel


From The Time of the Doctor to Hell Bent, the Doctor’s memories were fuzzy when initially greeting Clara, and then once more when he encountered her in the diner. This bookends their relationship perfectly.

when you think about all of the burned episodes of Doctor Who that may never get recovered and all of the wonderful acting that’s probably lost forever