doctor who tumblr hobbies

Just some of my hobbies...
  • Wanting to frick frack famous men who are almost twice my age
  • Rewatching TV episodes at least 50 times
  • Gross sobbing over my OTP
  • Reading books and totally ignoring people at the same time
  • Singing the 100% instrumental intros to my favorite TV shows
  • Hyperventilating 
  • Arm flailing
  • Dancing in my underwear
  • Reading gay fanfiction
  • Quoting the Doctor during random situations
  • Saving a million pictures to my computer with the file name aslkfjsdlkfgjdfklj
  • Reblogging at the speed of light
  • Deducing things with the same accuracy as drunk Sherlock Holmes
  • Fangirling over fictional characters

….Want to be my friend? :D