doctor who tshirts


Hey there! I’m selling the shirts pictured above (and one “This Machine Pwns N00bs” Hank Green shirt but you’re only allowed 10 photos, you know how it is). All of these are Large, except the two Harry Potter shirts those are an American Apparel XL. They’re all in good condition, I’m just cleaning out my closet. If you’re interested in any of these just send me an ask telling me which one you want and I’ll give you a price and additional information on payment, contacting me, etc.

Thanks and DFTBA

Guys help what do I wear for comic con tomorrow??

My Marvel Tshirt (I’m meeting Stan Lee so I’m swaying towards this), my Captain America Jumper, My Supernatural Sam Winchester Tshirt or my Doctor Who tshirt?

And then

My Star Wars Vans, my Superman Converse, My Batman Converse or My Pokemon High Tops


T-shirt designing

So I've only just started to research about this, but does anyone know anyone who designs and sells t-shirts online? Me, my dad and my Clara are coming up with some ideas to draw and Clara knows about Photoshop but I need to know about the selling. I know most people seem to use Redbubble, is that the best option? I presume people havn’t made their own website for selling for a reason, they must offer a good deal. 

Anyway, eventually i’ll be showing you guys the designs. At the moment they are just ideas and sketches (DW and Matt themed). We’ll see if it goes anywhere.