doctor who tee shirt

High School Aesthetic
  • Freshman: Makeup budget found in couch cushions, shorts and sweatshirts below freezing, sharpie as eyeliner bc I thought no one would notice, earbuds always in
  • Sophomore: Too much foundation 2 shades too dark, purple eyeshadow, skinny jeans and comfy thrift shop sweaters, relatable posts as iPhone wallpaper
  • Junior: Combat boots, black tee shirts w/Doctor who quotes, two-toned hair in braids, constantly reapplying dark lipstick, listening to CHVRCHES all the fucking time, playing Super Mario World during study hall
  • Senior: Slippers, return of the thrift shop sweater, what even is makeup, crumpled papers and cans of Diet Coke falling out of backpack, velociraptor noises, probably sleeping with eyes open.

Rating: T+
Written by: fitzsimmmonns and fitzsimmvns
Banner by: fitzsimmmonns

“Hell of a day,” Jemma groaned, throwing the duvet over her legs. Fitz nodded, eyes already falling closed.

“I’ve had worse,” he stated. Jemma grinned wickedly, moving his arm aside so that she was lying on it. She scooted up beside him, tapping him thrice on his chest.

“Oh, really?” she whispered, leaning up to kiss him but his next words froze her in place.

“Well, there was the day I shot a door lock and punched the Monolith,” Fitz muttered, exhaustion evident in his voice. Jemma stared at him for a minute; his face was relaxed, calm. Handsome. It was as if he simply didn’t understand the weight of his words.

But she did. And they fell directly on her shoulders. “What?” she whispered quietly. He popped open one eye to look at her, and the other eye opened too as his eyebrows scrunched together in confusion.

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