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“He never raised his voice. That was the worst thing.
The fury of the Time Lord.”

The Parenting Adventure Teaser

Because it feels really weird not posting anything every day, have another small teaser. I will start posting next Monday, probably. So here’s a little Clara/Doctor awkwardness to pass the time:

With a heavy heart the Doctor has decided to move on. He has left Clara after the events on Gallifrey and is ready for a new adventure – when suddenly a girl appears in his TARDIS. Elsie is starting to fade because Clara should be pregnant with their daughter but isn’t and Elsie has come back from the future to fix it and bring her stubborn parents together. A plan that sounds a lot easier than it actually is because they are running out of time. Post Hell Bent.

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Could you do an imagine with Reid where the reader and him are best friends and the reader ends up joining the BAU?

The first imagine in the 1k week of writing! Don’t forget to send in requests and ships! I hope you like it!xx-Ash

“Actually, people with blue eyes have a higher alcohol tolerance!”


“That’s not fair!”

“Is too!” You gently slapped your best friend’s arm “Every time you spout a random fact we drink!” You both took a shot.

“God that’s disgusting” Spencer coughed and screwed up his face “I’m always amazed at how easily you do shots.”

“I’ve had lots of practice” you winked at him taking the one shot left on the bar “However, I think I’ve had enough. I’ve got to give a lecture to my Criminal Psych students at 9am and I don’t think showing up drunk would be entirely professional”

“I suppose not, would be funny though. If I’m not on a case over the weekend do you want to come over and watch the new Doctor Who teaser? And we can plan our cosplay for Whocon next month!”

“I would love to, but you forget, you’re always on a case” you leaned in and kissed Spencer on the cheek “I think you’ve got an admirer” you nodded towards a woman across the bar. Spencer spotted her and smiled sweetly, a smile that you loved to see, “Go get ‘em tiger!” you laughed. But as 


“Y/N? What are you doing here?” Spencer pulled you into a hug.

“Agent Hotchner has asked me to join the team, we’ve been talking about consulting on cases for a few months now” You smiled wildly but Spencer’s gaze shifted to Hotch, he looked upset “you could at least pretend to be happy.” his face made you angry, he was your best friend and closest ally. 

“Y/N can I talk to you privately?” he wrapped his hand around you arm gently ushering you towards the storage room “You can’t join the team!”

“I’m so happy you’re here Y/N, we get to spend time together and you have that dream job you always talked about!” you mimicked him sarcastically “You’re supposed to be my best friend”

“Yes and that’s why you’re not joining the team.” 

“Excuse me? Since when did you run this team?” you were angry and disappointed

“I don’t want you getting hurt. You and I both know how dangerous this job is, you’ve stayed with me in hospital so many times because of it. I don’t want you to be in that kind of danger, we deal with some horrible people…” 

“I’m well aware Spencer, I’ve studied serial killers for years, I know the ins and out of their minds, I’m equally as qualified as you and if you were truly my friend you would support m…” Spencer slammed his lips to yours. Your brain took a second to process what was happening but your body relaxed into his.  Your eyes closed and your arms wrapped around his waist, his hands held your face to his. He pulled away from you and studied your face,

“I’m sorry I go so mad, I tried to make you understand without it coming to this but…” he pushed your hair out of your face and rested his forehead against yours.

“I’m glad it did” you smiled at him “But I’m still joining the team” you kissed his again and winked at him.

Doctor who last christmas teasers

Someone has Time Lord technology.

“He’s probably texting women of low moral character.”

The Doctor reveals he finds someone sexually attractive.

“That noise. I never realised how much I loved it.”

Something heard in Turn Left is heard again

“My Little Pony”

The Elves find something in common with Clara

“It’s the North Pole, and I own it.”

The Doctor almost quotes Die Hard.

“That is rude. That is perverted.”

Santa reveals how reindeer can fly.

“We’re being hacked!”

The Doctor quotes Madame Vastra


SPOILER WARNING- BBC America unveils the Doctor Who Christmas teaser! 

It’s Christmas in the North Pole when Doctor Who returns to BBC AMERICA in an all-new Christmas special.

Last year’s special featured the emotional regeneration that marked the start of Peter Capaldi’s run as the Twelfth Doctor. This year the Time Lord and his companion are in for an all-new adventure as stars Capaldi and Jenna Coleman are joined by Nick Frost (Spaced, Shaun of the Dead) as Santa Claus!

Previously announced guest stars include Michael Troughton (Breathless, The New Statesman), son of Second Doctor Patrick Troughton, Natalie Gumede (Coronation Street, Strictly Come Dancing), Faye Marsay (Pride, The White Queen), and Nathan McMullen (Misfits, Casualty). Written by Emmy Award winner Steven Moffat (Sherlock, Coupling) and directed by Paul Wilmshurst (Strike Back, Combat Kids), the 2014 Christmas Special will air on BBC AMERICA.


Listen! - Doctor Who Series 8 2014 Teaser Trailer


I see into your soul, Doctor - Doctor Who Series 8 2014: Teaser trailer - BBC One