doctor who sticker

I got a new camera case.

Figured it needed some decoration… now, it’s like a Where’s Waldo for you, but instead of Waldo you’re finding the Scooby-Doo sticker:

I’m mighty happy with how it’s turning out… oh, and for extra credit, the R&M fans will appreciate the other…

subtly familiar

…stickers I got for the car.

Hopefully one day, someone out there – probably stuck in traffic – will get a nice chuckle out of them.



I’ve been working on my redbubble quite a bit recently, and I’m happy to be officially posting about it for the first time in a while! Some of this is a little older, but I have a lot of new things that I’ve added and plan on adding! The most exciting is sticker sheets! I have sets of four chibi stickers each available there now. They print best at medium-sized and up, by the way. Go check it out!

I’ve also retired the old Purrtal stickers in favor of the shiny new ones, but if for some reason you want the old ones, you can ask me about it! if i can find the files…


Hey guys. How you doin’?

So, I finished all my stickers and I already printed them out.

There were some that weren’t printed because:
1) I didnt had enough money for the prints,
2) Some were specially requested, like that Sonic Oc(the bunny) and that undertale couple(Ryker!sans and Ash!sans), and
3) I want to draw all eeveevolutions so i can sell all of them in a bundle.

The ones that were printed out were(plus how many):
- Treasure planet(20)
- Sansta(16)
- Totoro(16)
- Fabulous Unicorn(14)
- Tardis(15)
- Captain jack Harkness running(22)
- Human Monokuma(16)

If you have a question or want to order a few stickers from me, please send me a private mensage on chat and we’ll talk there about the prices and way of sending the stickers for you ^^

Here is a list of what I already have:
- Silver and Shadow the Hedgehog(Sonic the hedgehog)
- Zangoose, Houndoom, Lucario, Flareon, Delphox and Samurott(Pokemon)
- Prof. Grabiner(Magical Diary)
- Rafa and Fafa(Sonic original character)
- Treasure map(Treasure Planet)
- Flying machine(Atlantis)
- Tardis and Captain Jack Harkness(Doctor Who)
- My neighbor Totoro(ghibli)
- Fabulous unicorn(special request)
- Sansta(Undertale/Toby Fox. It was made for last Christmas)
- Eyeless Jack(Creepy Pasta)
- Human Monokuma(Danganronpa)
- Kamen Rider Kiva(Kamen Rider)
- Pepsiman(Pepsi)
- Emil(Nier)
- Couple sticker, Ryker!sans and Ash!sans( @car-race-undertale-au and @decaytale)

Everything belongs to their respective creators

speak: they’re only words

Written for the “having the courage to talk to Jemma for the first time” prompt for Team Engineering’s The Fitz Wish List. Academy-Era and post-Framework.

many thanks to @itsavolcano for the beta!

Read below or at ao3.


i. then

Fitz knows he and Jemma Simmons will get along. He can tell by the way she eagerly raises her hand in lecture, by the way she fidgets when she’s chapters (books, really) ahead of the rest of the class. By her accent, which isn’t home, but it’s home-adjacent, and since he’s thousands of miles from his mum and his city, home-adjacent is more than enough. He can tell by the fact that she’s his age and has two PhDs, by the way their classmates seem to like her but don’t confide in her. She’s warm and friendly, but decidedly an odd bird, and underneath the surface she seems as lonely as he is. She has a Doctor Who sticker on her notebook and a fondness for his favorite kind of tea. In the same way he knows the laws of thermodynamics and that if he takes a machine apart he’ll be able to put it back together again, he knows, without a doubt, that she could be his friend.

When she answers a question in class, he helpfully adds on. Her ideas are dazzling, and he can’t contain the excitement he feels when imagining how his work could complement hers. His suggestions only spur even wilder possibilities from her, until inevitably their professors are forced to shut down their debate and their classmates look like they’ve had front row seats to Wimbledon.

But she always packs her things into her bag before Fitz can close his book, and in the library he’s too scared to make conversation.

“Hello,” he practices in front of the mirror, when his roommate is out. “Can you believe that work Professor Vaughn assigned? It’s so easy, right?” He raises an eyebrow and immediately cringes. He was aiming for disarming but thinks he landed on lecherous instead.

“Jesus Christ, man,” his roommate groans, stumbling into the room and somehow surmising, despite his inebriated state, what Fitz had been up to. “Why do I always get stuck with the children? Do you need your mummy to come make friends for you, too?”

Fitz’s face burns bright red and he rushes out of the room. When he nearly runs over Jemma Simmons in his haste to exit the building, he thinks how in the movies, this would be the moment she notices and comforts him. Instead, it’s the moment he decides to give up, because he’s wearing pajamas with monkeys on them and his eyes are watery, and maybe that angry voice in his head, the one that’s usually drowned out by his mum’s, really was right this whole time.

The day he finds himself paired with Jemma Simmons in chem lab, he can’t find the courage to even say hi. She might be having an off-day, because she seems annoyed when she sits next to him, and she doesn’t bother making polite conversation.

The longer this goes on, the more dejected he feels. There are so many things he wants to tell her, but if he stumbles over the words in his head, he has no hope of speaking them aloud. Every day he hears an irate, drunken voice telling him he’s stupid and worthless. Every day, he does nothing to disprove the accusations.

When the professor hands back their first lab assignment, she gives them each a genuinely warm smile. “Outstanding work, Fitz, Simmons. I knew pairing you two up could produce fascinating, creative results. I’d love for you to continue with this project on your own if you have the time. Why don’t you drop by my office hours sometime this week?”

Fitz and Simmons both nod mutely, matching wide eyes and stunned expressions. It’s certainly not the first time their work has been praised, or even the first time a professor has wanted to mentor one or the other outside of class. But it’s the first time a partnership has yielded a better outcome than solo effort. Fitz suddenly remembers all the times he’d thought his work could benefit from Simmons’s expertise and now it has, almost without him noticing.

Maybe, he thinks, as their professor leaves them to consider her offer, it’s not too late for a friendship after all. Maybe together they really could be twice as smart.

He licks his lips and shoves his hands beneath the table to hide the shaking. “So,” he says, smiling bravely, “can you believe that work Professor Vaughn assigned?”


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