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I’ve been working on my redbubble quite a bit recently, and I’m happy to be officially posting about it for the first time in a while! Some of this is a little older, but I have a lot of new things that I’ve added and plan on adding! The most exciting is sticker sheets! I have sets of four chibi stickers each available there now. They print best at medium-sized and up, by the way. Go check it out!

I’ve also retired the old Purrtal stickers in favor of the shiny new ones, but if for some reason you want the old ones, you can ask me about it! if i can find the files…


Hey guys. How you doin’?

So, I finished all my stickers and I already printed them out.

There were some that weren’t printed because:
1) I didnt had enough money for the prints,
2) Some were specially requested, like that Sonic Oc(the bunny) and that undertale couple(Ryker!sans and Ash!sans), and
3) I want to draw all eeveevolutions so i can sell all of them in a bundle.

The ones that were printed out were(plus how many):
- Treasure planet(20)
- Sansta(16)
- Totoro(16)
- Fabulous Unicorn(14)
- Tardis(15)
- Captain jack Harkness running(22)
- Human Monokuma(16)

If you have a question or want to order a few stickers from me, please send me a private mensage on chat and we’ll talk there about the prices and way of sending the stickers for you ^^

Here is a list of what I already have:
- Silver and Shadow the Hedgehog(Sonic the hedgehog)
- Zangoose, Houndoom, Lucario, Flareon, Delphox and Samurott(Pokemon)
- Prof. Grabiner(Magical Diary)
- Rafa and Fafa(Sonic original character)
- Treasure map(Treasure Planet)
- Flying machine(Atlantis)
- Tardis and Captain Jack Harkness(Doctor Who)
- My neighbor Totoro(ghibli)
- Fabulous unicorn(special request)
- Sansta(Undertale/Toby Fox. It was made for last Christmas)
- Eyeless Jack(Creepy Pasta)
- Human Monokuma(Danganronpa)
- Kamen Rider Kiva(Kamen Rider)
- Pepsiman(Pepsi)
- Emil(Nier)
- Couple sticker, Ryker!sans and Ash!sans( @car-race-undertale-au and @decaytale)

Everything belongs to their respective creators

anonymous asked:

Sorry to bother but, are you going to be making any more Doctor Who stickers? I love your art!

Thank you! Yes, I intend to put together a few more DW sticker sets to add to my store later :)