SEB turns around holding a clipboard, ready to give his standard introductory speech. His face falls.

SEB: Oh. It’s you. Never mind. (points) Just go sit in the temporary waiting room.

RORY: The what?

RORY glances over. JACK HARKNESS waves.

let’s talk about how the doctor was willing to risk death just to share a dream state with clara to save her life

let’s talk about how that mirrors amy choosing death in the dream lord’s world if it meant she could be with rory again

let’s talk about how clara got her last christmas and goodbye to danny and was able to see what her and the doctor both dreamed of for each other – christmas together, a long and happy life, a second chance

let’s talk about how clara snuggle-hugged him on santa’s sleigh and he just relaxed into her touch (with some resistance)

let’s talk about how he SAID FLAT OUT he didn’t mind clara holding his hand

let’s talk about how all of the doctor’s focus was just CLARACLARACLARACLARA, an absolute proper devotion

let’s talk about how he said the tardis was just outside, all of time and space, please, just come away with him again

let’s talk about how they peered into each other’s face, like they did on last christmas, wished each other a proper christmas, and ran away hand in hand

let’s talk about how the doctor was only happy when he knew clara was back with him again

So in The Snowmen, Clara:

  • Persisted in following after the Doctor despite him pushing her away and being cold and dismissive.
  • Used her cleverness and curiosity as an impetus to get up to the secret staircase to the cloud, even dared to knock on his door.
  • Maintained faith and admiration in him despite being told over and over again that he didn’t help others, that he didn’t bother with the world any more.
  • Switched the paradigms on him quickly (hand-holding, running, plan-hatching).
  • Was fatally wounded and still maintained all of her cleverness and faith and admiration, agreeing to go away with him if he saved the world.
  • Brought him out of his depression and made him want to start traveling again.

In Time of the Doctor, Clara:

  • Persisted in following after the Doctor despite him pushing her away and lying to her.
  • Used her bravery and her determination to go back multiple times, clinging to the side of the TARDIS and being stuck in space and among the stars as the ship took her back to Trenzalore.
  • Was determined to be by the Doctor’s side on what would likely be his very last stand/sacrifice in battle regardless of the danger.
  • Was brought back to his side when it seemed likely he was going to pass away so he didn’t die alone, and was basically told that she was the only one that “could fly him.”
  • Oh and maybe sort of kind of a little totally told her family that he was her boyfriend.

In Last Christmas, the Doctor:

  • Persisted in following after Clara into her dream world, even though it meant he would have to slowly die to do it.
  • Refused to let go of her hand for half of the episode.
  • Pleaded with her twice to go onto the TARDIS/come away from him (the first for her safety, the second as close to an eloping proposal as you can get).
  • Was ready to kill the dreamcrabs for attacking Clara, regardless of all that SCIENCE! curiosity shaz.
  • Refused to let go of her hand for half of the episode.
  • Shared a dream world with her in which they both wanted her to have lived a long, happy, fulfilled life full of love – but where no one else came around that was good enough to share her life.
  • Learned that he was the only other person whom she ever loved like she loved Danny, and was subsequently the only other person that she could ever want to be with.
  • Said the most Nicholas Sparks-y line in the history of Who when he told her that she would never look any different to him, after an entire series where he’s made funny, strange remarks about her appearance.
  • Expressed regret that he didn’t come back for her sooner, not because she was old, but because those 62 years were years of her life that he missed.
  • Refused to let go of her hand for half of the episode.
  • Got a second chance at a new start with her.