doctor who spoiler

Donna Noble’s Journey

So I’m rewatching the “Partners In Crime” episode of Doctor Who and I get to this scene:

And suddenly, all I can think about is “Journey’s End”:

And then I think about how it all comes to fruition:

And I realized, “It’s like you were never there” is the most heartbreaking foreshadow I’ve ever heard.

I’m going to be crying in a corner somewhere if anyone needs me.

Can we just talk about this???

The Doctor told Clara:

“Do you think that I care for you so little that betraying me would make a difference?”

Can I just point out that he did NOT say care about you, he very specifically said care for.

The two dictionary definitions of this verb are to love someone, or to look after and provide for someone. Only one of them applies in the context the Doctor used.




“Imagine babies in wombs could talk to other babies in other wombs. What would they say? What would they think life was like?”
“I-I really have no idea.”
“They would think that life was nine months long, then–boom! Trap door opens, out you fall, gone forever, never hear from those guys again, nothing at the end of the cord.”
“This isn’t really an afterlife. Just more life than you expected.”