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At AwesomeCon (June, 2016), this was Peter’s response to a fan asking what his two most favorite lines are in Doctor Who. I’m sure there’s more, but these are perfect enough to satisfy the audience…and world. 😉

EDIT (July 20, 2017): I can’t believe I forgot the most important episode where he utters , “I am the Doctor.” Heaven Sent, of course!

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“I was secretly on your side all along you silly sausage”

“try, nano brain, to rise above the reproductive frenzy of your noisy little food chain and contemplate friendship”

“Kindly delete your opinions, thank you”

“I’m still in two minds, fortunately the other one’s unconscious”

“Exposition and comic relief”

“Okay cutting to the chase, not dead, back, big surprise, never mind”

“Death is for other people, dear”

“Hang on a minute, Davros is your arch enemy now? I’ll scratch his eye out…”

What I’m finding kinda eyebrow-raising about the way in which people are talking about Danny Pink in this regard is that he’s being reduced to “a black character who died” - as if that’s all that matters about him.

He was a very well-defined and realised character with a complete (and emotional) arc, he subverted a number of tropes around masculinity, and he ‘died’ because he gave up his chance to return from the Nethersphere in order to instead revive the young Afghan boy he accidentally killed during a military operation.

Let’s say that it happened the other way around and Danny chose to come back instead of the boy. What would the reaction to that be? Would that be better? Worse? And why?

Danny’s story was complete, and I really can’t see a way that he could’ve been integrated into Series 9′s arc - his death was, in part, a critical turn-of-the-screw event for Clara becoming more separate from her home life and throwing herself into being more of a ‘citizen of the universe’. But that wasn’t all Danny’s death was for, he wasn’t there just to serve Clara’s development because he had a full arc of his own throughout Series 8 that was almost entirely independent of the influence of other characters.

Even after his death, a significant amount of the following episode, Last Christmas, brings him back in the dream world and further deals with the emotional fallout of his sacrifice.

I totally get that this obviously doesn’t exist in a vacuum and there’s certainly valid criticism to be made, but it really rubs me the wrong way when everything about Danny (who is still very much one of my favourite characters) gets reduced down to “oh, he died, so Doctor Who is clearly a show that hates black people”.

He wasn’t just just discarded and forgotten.

His death wasn’t some cheap shocker for the purpose of trying to elevate the drama.

He was afforded the full emotional range and complexity of any main companion character. He saved the world and got to right a wrong that took away the life of a young boy, sacrificing his own chance to go back so the boy could return to his family and live the life that had been previously taken from him. That was what the ‘soldier’ arc was all about - self-sacrifice, to ensure the safety of those he promised to protect. Because the thing that defined Danny as a soldier was love.

It bothers me because this reductive articulation of Danny was uncomfortably prevalent throughout Series 8 where people just cast him off as “Mickey 2.0″ and called him bland and boring, which seems to be a bit of a trend in a lot of fanbases, and it’s why I am not liking the way in which he’s being talked about regarding the events of World Enough and Time.

There was more to Danny Pink than just his death. I’d like to see that acknowledged in more of the Discourse™ I’m seeing about last night’s episode…


“Peter doesn’t giggle, but when he goes he REALLY goes.” - Jenna Coleman at Oz Comic-Con (x)

And this is something we’ve all been blessed to see happen many times. Just another reason to love this man even more! 😊


On this day three years ago, Peter and Jenna attended a photocall at Parliament Square to promote Series 8 and the premiere of the first Doctor Who episode, Deep Breath. The event drew a lot of crowds, especially Whovians, who were curious to know what was going on. This gave Peter a chance to greet more fans apart from the Doctor Who World Tour he and Jenna just completed. Photos are by Simon Kimber (except for the last one is by I believe Brian Mackness) while the GIF is from the end credits of Doctor Who: Earth Conquest.


People need cheering up, so here’s a flashback to when Peter and Jenna comforted a young fan who was sad about Peter becoming the new Doctor because she only knew Matt. This was one of the first videos to emerge of Peter after filming properly began on Series 8 and was a bit of a watershed moment as I recall this is what convinced a lot of people that he’d be OK as the Doctor, plus it also served to sell a lot of people on the Peter and Jenna chemistry. And of course this was one of the first of many examples of Peter being wonderful with his fans.

Be sure to read the user comments under the video, most of them from 3 years ago, where people are already calling Peter the best Doctor ever, and one that made me chuckle: “I hope Jenna treats Peter nice.” No worries on that score!