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“Hello there. My name is Peter Capaldi, and I am the new Doctor.”

“Being asked to play ‘The Doctor’ is an amazing privilege. Like the Doctor himself I find myself in a state of utter terror and delight. I can’t wait to get started.“

“I don’t remember 'Doctor Who’ not being part of my life, and it became a part of growing up, along with The Beatles, National Health spectacles, and fog. And it runs deep. It’s in my DNA.“

“I didn’t want to be Doctor Who in a ‘Doctor Who’ that I didn’t like.”

“When I was a kid, I wrote to the BBC, and the producers sent me a huge package through the post with 'Doctor Who’ scripts. I’d never even seen a script and couldn’t believe that they actually wrote this stuff down. It sort of opened a door.”

“Even though I am a lifelong 'Doctor Who’ fan, I’ve not played him since I was nine. I downloaded old scripts and practiced those in front of the mirror.“

“Every viewer who ever turned on 'Doctor Who’ has taken him into his heart. He belongs to all of us.“

“I think the nice thing about 'Doctor Who’ is whether people like it or don’t like it, somewhere, someone loves you and will always love you - and the more everyone hates you, the more they’ll love you.“

“I wake up in the morning, and I go, 'I’m Doctor Who! I’m playing Doctor Who. I’m Doctor Who.'“

“'Doctor Who’ has a certain amount of showbiz attached to it.”

“Even if I hadn’t been cast as Doctor Who, my acting would probably have been influenced by William Hartnell or Patrick Troughton, Jon Pertwee, Tom Baker, and all of the other guys. Because those were the actors that I really watched every moment of, as opposed to Laurence Olivier.”

“I know what 'Doctor Who’ fans are like because I am a 'Doctor Who’ fan myself. They’re good people.”
chelsea on Twitter
“they were literally like this from the beginning can you believe”

Never seen this particular photo before. How can people deny there was chemistry? I remember reading some claim that she looked uncomfortable with him too. You have to be kidding.

I don’t think anyone expected Peter and Jenna to hit it off as well as they did - or be as right together. This is why Jenna agreed to stay for another season - cancelling her resignation twice and if Victoria hadn’t come along, who knows? It’s also my firm belief that this is to credit or blame (your choice) for what was clearly some form of a “course correction” with regards to Danny Pink. Only Steven Moffat can speak to this with authority - and maybe some day he will - but I don’t think he expected Twelve and Clara to go in the direction they did … but then he saw them on screen together and I think it was evident from that first readthrough, and certainly on screen we saw it from the restaurant scene in Deep Breath and the “Am I a good man” scene in Into the Dalek, and the opening to Robot of Sherwood. I always wonder what might have happened if they had decided not to film most of Series 8 in order of broadcast. What if they’d filmed Mummy on the Orient Express first, before Deep Breath. Would we have had the hallway nightcap? The “if only you liked the people you were supposed to” conversation? Would whoever was responsible ultimately for Clara saying “I love you” to the Doctor (I doubt it was a spur-of-the-moment thing) even have thought of it? Food for thought.


doctor who | twelfth doctor era (2014-2017)

“I am not a good man! And I’m not a bad man. I am not a hero and I’m definitely not a president - and no, I’m not an officer. You know who I am? I… am… an idiot! With a box and a screwdriver. Passing through. Helping out. Learning. I don’t need an army. I never have. Because I’ve got them, always them. Because love… it’s not an emotion. Love is a promise.

ok everybody is always saying Mummy On the Orient Express was a super shippy episode and I ship Clara and 12 to the moon and back but I don’t understand what was more shippy about that episode than any of the others??? its probably because im autistic and traditional romance kind of escapes me so if someone could explain that would be great


hatred is too strong
       an emotion to waste on
            someone you don’t like


For Peter’s birthday today, I thought this would be a good time to post this GIF collection. Although there’s many words to describe the Doctor (and even Peter himself) and his whole way about him, there’s one that’s been circling around my head the most.

That word is:

Throughout Series 8 and 9, the Doctor does noticeable habits, old-fashioned mannerisms, and possesses/uses objects of the past, that make him a lot of those synonyms. Timeless, however, fits both him and Peter perfectly.

1. Using a chalkboard to share information is very old school. He could use a modern one like a white board, but he prefers the classic type from centuries ago. Plus, with Clara being a school teacher, she influences him on things in her world. Though, I noticed she uses a white board in her classroom. Oh, well! :)

2. A gentleman offering a hand to a lady is of the old world. I know it still happens in today’s society, but not everyone does this polite gesture.

3. Still keeps a supply of jelly babies, a favorite treat from his Fourth incarnation.

4. Drinks from an antique tea cup instead of a newer cup. Classy!

5. Keeping a handkerchief in his pocket is very First Doctor, but also of the past. The only person I knew who did that was my Great Uncle. I don’t know too many men of today keeping a handkerchief in their pocket.

6. Has a collection of old records of classical music. Does anyone even own a turn table anymore? Records? Records of classical music?

7. Still owns a yo-yo, something his Fourth incarnation used.

8. Uses a digital watch to check the time when he could use his phone. It looks like a Casio waterproof, a similar type I had in the 1990′s.

9. Precise to detail, unchanging of objects as they were originally found. This may not count as timeless, but more like having an OCD trait.

10. Licking the tip of a pencil was done to make the lead run smoother on the paper. This is something people of today don’t normally do or they don’t have to. It’s an artist habit, too. ;)

If anyone can find other stuff throughout the seasons, share away!