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Whouffaldi will live on

As a Whouffaldi fan the reference to River with the 24 year comment and the Doctor being sad really bothered me. I know that I am not alone. But the more I think about it I realize that Whouffaldi is and always will be the stronger relationship. He spent 4.5 billion years to save Clara and spent 24 years with River because he knew she was about to die. He didn’t try to save her. He broke every rule he ever had and went to the end of the universe just to get Clara back. I take solace in this fact.

some BODY once told me the world was gonna roll me I ain't the sharpest tool in the she she was lookin kinda dumb with her finger and her thumb in the shape of an L on her forehead well the years start comin and they don't stop comin fed to the rules and I hit the ground runnin don't make sense not o live for fun your brain gets smart and your head gets dumb so much to do so much to see so what's wrong with takin the backstreets youll never know if you don't go you'll never shine if you don't gooOOO HEY NOW YOURE AN ALL STAR GET YOUR GAME ON GO PLAAAY HEY NOW YOURE A ROCK STAR GET THE SHOW ON GET PAID AND ALL THAT GLITTERS IS GOOOOOOOLD ONLY SHOOTIN STAAAAARS BREAK THE MOOOOOOLD it's A COLD PLACE AND IT ONLY GETS COLDER bundle up now wait till you get older but the media men beg to differ judging by the hole in the satellite picture THE ICE WE SKATE is getting pretty thin the waters getting warm so we might as well swim my worlds on fire how bout yours that the way I like it and I never get bored HEY NOW you're an all star get your game on go play hey now you're a rockstar get the show on get paid ALL THAT GLITTERS IS GOLD ONLY SHOOTING STAAAAAAAAAAAARS some BODY once asked could I spare some change for gas I need to get my self away from this plaaace I said YEP. WHAT A CONCEPT. I COULD USE A LITTLE GAS MYSELF. And we could all use a little chaaaAAAAAAAANGE WELL the years start comin and they don't stop comin fed to the rules and I hit the ground runnin don't make sense not o live for fun your brain gets smart and your head gets dumb so much to do so much to see so what's wrong with takin the backstreets youll never know if you don't go you'll never shine if you don't gooOOO HEY NOW YOURE AN ALL STAR GET YOUR GAME ON GO PLAAAY HEY NOW YOURE A ROCK STAR GET THE SHOW ON GET PAID AND ALL THAT GLITTERS IS GOOOOOOOLD ONLY SHOOTIN STAAAAARS BREAK THE MOOOOOOLD

THE RESIDENT (fka The City)
STUDIO: 20th Century Fox Television/3 Arts Entertainment/Fuqua Films
TEAM: Amy Holden Jones, Hayley Schore, Roshan Sethi, Oly Obst, Antoine Fuqua, Phillip Noyce

LOGLINE: An idealistic young doctor begins his first day under the supervision of a tough, brilliant senior resident who pulls the curtain back on all of the good and evil in modern-day medicine. Lives might be saved or lost, but expectations will always be shattered.

Cast (thus far)

  • Manish Dayal (The Hundred-Foot Journey) will play Devon Pravesh, a first-year resident at Kings County Hospital. Top of his class at medical school, the type to follow rules, and driven and passionate when it comes to medicine, Devon is a hard-working perfectionist from a working-class background.
  • Matt Czuchry (The Good Wife) will play a tough, brilliant and cocky senior resident, Conrad Hawkins, who pulls the curtain back on all of the good and evil in modern day medicine.
  • Emily VanCamp (Revenge) will play Nicolette aka Nic, the nurse who is Conrad’s (Czuchry) on-again-off-again romantic fling.
  • Shaunette Renée Wilson (Billions) will play Mina Okafor, a Nigerian rising surgical star recently trained on a new device that could redefine surgery.
  • Valerie Cruz (The Following) will play hospital CEO Renata Lopez.
  • Bruce Greenwood (Star Trek) will play Chief of Surgery Dr. Soloman Bell, every inch the image of an ideal surgeon. 

Further details:

  • the pilot will be shot in Atlanta
  • this show was originally developed at Showtime
4417. When Starfire must return to her home planet to rule, she has to leave behind she and Dick’s baby daughter because her people will never accept what they perceive to be an alien or foreigner living on their planet. Dick tries his best to cope, but in the end realises it’s not safe for him to raise the little girl because if any of his enemies found out about her, they’d come after her. In the end, he gives the child to Wally and Jinx, who already have a family of their own, to raise. He bribes doctors and government officials to forge documents saying Wally and Jinx are the girl’s biological parents. The girl grows up calling him Uncle Dick obliviously for the rest of her life while her siblings wonder why she’s the only one of them without red hair.

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Relationship Status: as single as they get

Lipstick to Chapstick: chapstick for everyday, lipstick when I go out with friends and have the mood to do make-up

Last movie I watched: Beauty and the Beast (the live-action) <3

Last Song I Listened To: Nearly Witches by Panic! at the Disco

Top 3 shows/Dramas/Anime: The Originals, BBC Sherlock, Doctor Who (Outlander is a close 4th)

Top 3 characters: you come into my house Manon Blackbeak from ToG, Rhys from ACoTaR and Diana Farley from RQ.

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 Property Lines, by Dusted

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  • Star Trek TOS 
  • Doctor Who 
  • Broadchurch

Top three characters: 

  • Leonard McCoy (Star Trek TOS/AOS) 
  • Gandalf (The Lord of the Rings) 
  • Indiana Jones (Indiana Jones)

Top three ships (giving you four, because rules are made to be broken)

  • AOS McKirk (Star Trek) 
  • TOS McSpirk (Star Trek) 
  • Dramione (Harry Potter) 
  • Clara x Rose (Doctor Who)

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relationship status: nonexistent

last song i listened to: club low - model aeroplanes

last movie i watched: the devil wears prada

favorite color: green

top three favorite shows: doctor who, it’s always sunny in philadelphia, the x-files

top three favorite characters: eleventh doctor, fox mulder, dana scully

top three favorite ships: clara x the doctor (doctor who), jim x pam (the office), hermione x ron (harry potter)

how would you describe where you live to someone who haven’t ever heard of your country/town/city? calm, urban, quiet

how would you describe your clothing-style? me???

which people do you count into your family? besides my family, my college friends

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relationship status: Recently single?

colour: Scarlet 

pets:My family has two kitties called Loki and Thalia, but living in a rented house means I don’t have my own.

last song I listened to: Plain Gold Ring by Kimbra 

TV show: Face off, Criminal Minds, Agent Carter, Critical Role

first fandom: Doctor Who, my mum watched it as a kid and introduced it to us when we were little.

hobbies: Dancing, Overwatch, Playing nerdy RPG’s, Reading and Music.

books I’m currently reading: God, so many text books, and one about the history of tube stations?

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I’ve wanted to write here for the past two months but have genuinely been so shellshocked by what’s happened that I’ve been too frightened to even try.

In mid December I ended the relationship with the italian. An egocentric narcissistic mess of a man. I know I’m a mess. I’m wholeheartedly honest about that. But he’s a mess in the worst possible way- he doesn’t even know it. He knows what he does, he knows he’s dishonest, he knows he’s causing you pain but doesn’t care enough to stop. He lives within his own ego filled little bubble.

On the 29th of december I lost our baby. I had had no intention of having another baby. I had pleaded with my doctor to have my tubes tied. My lack of faith in men to take control of their own fertility, my living with mental illness and already having my daughter who I feel I already fail had encouraged that step. But alas gender bias ruled and I was turned down being a lowly thirty two year old mother who has severe mental illness under the conditions that I may change my mind if I met the right person and/or got better. Something that had I been allowed this would never have had to happen to me.

I’m not meant to be pregnant. I’ve been anorexic since I was a small child and so puberty was late, my menstrual cycle hugely irregular and my fertility at risk. Despite being on the pill I fell pregnant six weeks into our relationship, something that caused me indescribable worry. I already knew he wouldn’t be a good father. But I tried. Dear God I fucking tried. I tried to get on with things. As with my pregnancy with my daughter I again had a horrible pregnancy, suffering badly with hypermesis gravidarum, I couldn’t hold water down most days, couldn’t even sit up without vomiting. So I spent the nineteen weeks and five days mostly horizontal. Because of this and the fact that I had had to be induced early with Ava due to preeclampsia, this pregnancy was again high risk and so I had to have constant checks that my little baby was ok and growing as expected, same as little Ava who was born weighing only 5lbs 10oz. Except this time I bled throughout the pregnancy and had pains daily. At eighteen weeks I had ended up with an infection where my temperature and blood pressure shot through the roof, I fainted in Wilko’s, a sign something wasn’t right and only a hint at the time to come. The next few days I spent back and forth between the hospital. On the 27th of December I was on the way to my daughter’s father’s house as he’s been taking care of me since I’d ended things with the Italian- who didn’t know how to take care of me, of anyone other than himself, and we had a car accident having to stop suddenly and a car came into the back of us. And so on the 29th of December my little baby was gone. It was the most traumatic experience of my life, a life that trauma has been prevalent. Two days from being five months pregnant my baby was gone. I had surgery to remove that soul from me. While I attempted to cope, panic attack after panic attack and cried until I was sick the father was off at another woman’s house.

Ten weeks have passed. My body as it was before. But thinner. But you wouldn’t know. My face though, it shows what I’ve been through, more drawn, my eyes dark and puffy, my skin dry and spotty. I’m taking time moment to moment to try and rebuild myself from rock bottom.

All over again.

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Relationship status: taken

Favorite colour: pink, especially a darker pink I always refer to as raspberry

Lipstick or chapstick: chapstick

Last song I listened to: I Don’t Wanna Live Forever ZAYN & Taylor Swift

Last movie I watched: The Dark Night Rises

Top 3 TV shows:

Parks and Recreation (Leslie and Ben, April and Andy! Ron Swanson!)
Frasier (Daphne and Niles <3. This is my ultimate comfort show. I grew up with it)
Doctor Who (I am only in season 3 though)(10th Doctor love)(I miss Rose)

Top 3 characters:

Hermione Granger
Luna Lovegood
Petyr Baelish (he is so intriguing and you can’t tell me he is not good looking)

Top 3 ships:

Newtina (Newt Scamander/Tina Goldstein)
Malec (Magnus Bane/Alec Lightwood)
Romione (Ron Weasley/Hermione Granger)

Books I’m currently reading:

Just finished Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare (I really LOVED it)
Percy Jackson: The Sea of Monsters by Rick Riordan (finally jumping on the camp half blood bandwagon)
Fanfiction. So much fanfiction.

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Relationship status: taken by a lovely guy

Last song you listened to: New Hampshire by pwr bttm

Last book you read: Catcher in the Rye probs

Favourite colour: Pastel yellow, punk green, and goth purple (don’t make me pick 1)

Top 3 shows: UM let’s do this 3 live action shows; Doctor Who, Sherlock, and Community. 3 cartoon shows; Steven Universe, Gravity Falls, and Rick and Morty

Top 3 characters: Rick Sanchez (from Rick and Morty), Dipper Pines (from Gravity Falls), and Garnet (from Steven Universe)

Top 3 ships: me x whatever thing i’m into at the time, Tythan, and Septiplier tbh. I’m a shitty youtube shipper.

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Effectively, Poland’s women are in trouble.

The exceptionally conservative government plan to put forward a project that would ban abortions - even in situations where the fetus has no chance of survival, the pregnancy is a result of a rape, or the life of a woman is in danger.

The plan also includes jail time for the pregnancy’s termination and “endangering pregnancy” for up to five years, for the pregnant women and their doctors.

The opponents of the ruling party have argued that the change would risk the lives of women and force girls as young as eleven, who have been raped or subjected to incest, either to give birth or face going to jail.

All important players in said ruling party, along with parts of the opposition endorsed it, so unless they’ll change their minds, it’s said that the motion could pass without any issues.

#czarnyprotest is the hashtag created for this issue, essentially translating into “black protest”, where the people against this movement wear black to show their disapproval. Approximately seven million people trended this hashtag on the day of its conception, showing the enormous amount of people that are afraid of this motion coming to pass.

In the words of @wojciala, a woman living in Poland right now, who told me about this issue (because mainstream media doesn’t seem to have caught on: “if embryo is defected, has no chance of survival I still have to give birth to it and watch it die”.

No one should have to go through that. No one should have the rights over their body taken away.

Women in Poland are in trouble. Take a look for yourself: the informative Reddit thread, the Guardian.

Low Town was a shanty town that had grown up around the columns that kept the Capitol Dome level. Even on Gallifrey, there were the poor. Many people in Low Town came to the Capitol looking for work in the Guard, or the Civil Service. Perhaps some had tried to apply for the Academy. Others might have left the life in the Capitol, disillusioned with the rule of the Time Lords. Peltroc sometimes felt that way, and he could see that this was a very different way to live from the disciplined, ordered world above, but he could see no benefit in coming down here. The truth was that people lived here because this was a halfway house with many of the advantages of the Capitol, such as energy sources, fresh water and the rule of law, but with none of the social obligations to the ‘Timeys’, no loomgeld or tithes. The authorities tolerated Low Town because it allowed them to monitor and control lawlessness, keeping it confined to LowTown where they could see it. More than a few Time Lords, particularly the younger ones, had ventured down here to the bars and the brothels to see how the other half lived. They were hypocrites: aristocrats playing at being commoners for the night. Invariably the Capitol Guard had to venture down to extricate them from the clutches of some criminal or other, but at least those Time Lords acknowledged the existence of places like this. The sad truth was that the poor lived in Low Town because most of the elite didn’t care one way or the other what the poor did.

Some parts of Low Town were almost respectable. In places rich merchants had found and refurbished the ruins of old villas, and restored the old roads, parts of the ancient city that the Dome hadn’t enclosed when it had been erected by the generation after Rassilon. There was genuine civic pride there, not to mention a flourishing economy. Other parts of Low Town were filthy, temporary structures made from packing materials and wreckage. There was no disease, of course, no starvation, and the lifespans here were as long as the Time Lords’ – once you’d taken into account that the accident rate was several orders higher than the controlled environment of the Capitol and Citadel. But in Low Town the gift of immortality simply meant that the poor lived in squalor for ten thousand years more than they otherwise would.

- The Infinity Doctors, Lance Parkin 

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001.  Adventure Time: Finn the Human
002.  Doctor Who: Ninth iteration of the Doctor
003.  Criminal Minds: Spencer Reid
004.  Hide Satou: Poyopoyo
005.  Stranger Things: Dustin
006.  Preacher: Cassidy
007.  One Punch Man: Genos
008.  Doctor Who: Donna Noble
009.  House M.D: House
010.  The Walking Dead: Daryl

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Favourite place: Wow idk, I haven’t been to many interesting places. Literally anywhere aside from I live would probably me cool to me. I feel like Ireland would be a beautiful place to visit

Favourite colour: Purple

Pets: I have the most adorable dog, Andy, he is fluffy and I love him to death.

Favourite TV Show: These kind of questions are the worst how do I choose??? I guess a show that I’ll always love is Doctor Who.

First fandom: Narnia

Books that I’m currently reading: Not reading anything currently but I recently read Rebellion by Kass Morgan.

Favourite book: Again, HOW DO I CHOOSE. Can I cheat and say the Harry Potter series? Well I’m going to :)

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relationship status: married to dean winchester atm
lipstick or chapstick: chapstick tbh
last song i listened to: Who lives, who dies, who tells your story
last movie i watched: A Single Man (RECOMENDATION!!!!)
top three characters: OK I CANT CHOOSE THREE FIGHT ME. Sherlock, Castiel, Will Herondale, The Doctor, Percy, Angelica Schyler, Leo Valdez 



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The ‘code’ the Doctor broke

I was just thinking about something Ohila says to the Doctor in “Hell Bent”. Just before he and Clara escape in their new TARDIS, Ohila say “You have broken every code you ever lived by.”

Note that odd choice of word. Code. She didn’t say “principle”. She didn’t say “rule.” She didn’t say “law” (and the Doctor has spoken before about abiding by the Laws of Time, one of which he tries to demolish by saving Clara.) He also specifically uses the phrase “There are rules” when talking about this sort of thing in “Before the Flood” and “Girl Who Died.”

No - Ohila uses “code.”

Steven Moffat is known for being very precise with his wording, and he had acknowledged that he uses euphemisms rather than direct wording.

The Canadian Oxford Dictionary has numerous definitions for Code, but the relevant one is:

A person’s standard of moral behaviour.

When Ohila accuses the Doctor of going against every “code” he ever lived by … is she accusing him of breaking his own longstanding rule of never falling in love with a companion? (True, Clara isn’t the first, but she’s one of only a select few.) Consider that the Doctor’s rebuttal is about the universe owing him “this” (at the risk of pointing out a moment of objectifying, the “this” is Clara, obviously), and then Ohila talks about giving her hope. Ohila is not talking to him at all about fracturing time and all that. She’s talking about him falling for Clara and turning off his brain in the process.

Food for thought. And I bet someone out there can take this and pull together a Shakespeare parallel.


Doctor Who, Last Christmas and the Return of Magic

“How do you think those presents got under the tree every year?
By magic?

When the dust had settled in Death in Heaven, the world of Doctor Who lay in ruins. Within its universe, the events which had transpired were gruesome enough. The dead had risen from their graves, transformed into unrecogniseable machines suitable, at least at first glance, only for destruction and conquest. But beyond the borders of the seen, in the foundations of the story, an even more unsettling shift had taken place.

Our villainess had infected the nature of the tale, had played the Mistress of stories and twisted them into something else, in which Mary Poppins seeks to rule the universe, the afterlife steals your soul, and the very idea of who the Doctor was and will be is challenged. Even as the Doctor proclaims his identity and rejects her plans, she still wins. The magic has died, because how could it live when all the stories were falsehoods and all the true heroes were the ones who had already fallen?

Left were only our two favourite liars, the Doctor and Clara. The idiot with a box and the woman who claimed to have invented herself. They told each other one more fairytale - one more lie -, hid their faces in the hug of a goodbye, and the story took its final breath.

Except, of course, it has to go on.

The grief and the loss, the world without any good men left were not about to be mended easily, the two friends separated by pride and the mistaken belief they could do the right thing not united by anything short of a miracle. And so a miracle happened, the spark of magic reignited by literal magic, stories resurrected by another story. The fairytale heals itself, by the power of Christmas and, yes, apparently Santa Caus. An unexpected but strangely beautiful path, to save Clara and the Doctor from the one scenario out of which they cannot find the way themseves.

This isn’t the same fairytale which started in Amelia’s garden, made of words and the power to reclaim everything magic had stolen and given. It isn’t the same fairytale spinning backwards and forwards through time from Demons Run, which left its kidnapped child triumphant over her enemies, determined to make her own fate, but still hiding her damage. And it’s not going to be the same fairytale in which a young woman made herself into a storybook heroine with nothing but ideals and the memory of her mother’s soufflé.

This Santa Claus doesn’t bring dolls and pencils and fish, like in the thankful prayer which stood at the beginning of the Moffat era. This Santa leaves deadly crabs in his wake, allows dreams to be weaponised so the dream can be born anew. A new story. New magic. And a reckless, scary, adventurous series ahead of us.