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Robin: Our mission is to make this wreckage safe and neutralize the Sladebots. Until that is achieved -

Raven: [strained] Robin, when Garfield is in the room, my one and only ‘mission’ is to keep him alive long enough to get everyone else home! And trust me, it’s not easy! Now if he’s dead back there, I’ll never forgive myself. And if he’s alive, I’ll never forgive him. [Pause] And Gar, you’re standing right behind me, aren’t you?

Beast Boy: Oh, yeah.

Raven: I hate you.

Beast Boy: No, you don’t.

Something of the Wolf, Chapter 1

This is a prompt fill for @doctorroseprompts pulling out all the stops for Bad Wolf month. It’s a Bad Wolf reveal addressing Rose’s longer life and telepathic abilities as a result. Also a Doomsday fixit and a Jack Harkness reunion with a side helping of established relationship Ten x Rose because I never do anything by halves.

Summary: Rose was able to hold onto her lever just that little bit longer and she and the Doctor both walked away from Canary Wharf. But it wasn’t just coincidence that kept them together, as the Doctor and Rose are soon to discover. There may be a bit more than just something of the Wolf about Rose Tyler…


“I want to go through the flat.”

Rose’s pronouncement, delivered over breakfast the morning after Canary Wharf, prompted an instant of stunned silence from the Doctor. He had been expecting an entreaty for a relaxing spa planet or a quiet day in, not a determined set of the chin and a firm demand. He swallowed, buying time to respond.

“Rose, are you sure?” As Rose’s gaze took on a steely glint, he quickly backpedaled. “I mean, we live in a time machine. You don’t have to do this right away, you could take some time…”

Fortunately, Rose didn’t seem offended by his suggestion. She sighed, and her demeanour softened slightly.

“I know, but I want to do it now,” she said, picking at her granola. “It’s just… all that belongs to my old life,” she said, putting down her spoon as she gave up all attempts to feign appetite. “I don’t want to have it hanging over my head for any longer than it needs to.” She fixed him with a frank look. “I wanna move forward, with you, Doctor.”

The Doctor found himself once again humbled by Rose’s love and devotion. He’d all but destroyed her family the day before, inadvertently forcing her to choose between himself and her mother. After their initial rush of passion and relief had burnt itself out, once the Doctor had taken care of her various injuries, Rose had cried herself to sleep in his arms, the full consequences of the day crashing down on her all at once.

For all that she’d so strongly advocated that her mother go to the other world with Pete, it didn’t make their separation any easier to bear, and the Doctor knew that. He’d assumed that she might withdraw a bit, take some time to adjust to her new circumstances before she could be her old self around him. He wondered if there would ever come a time when Rose Tyler would stop surprising him.

“It’s your decision, Rose,” he said at last, meaning every word. He’d learned his lesson after his aborted attempt to send Rose to Pete’s World against her will. She smiled at him; a small smile, but the Doctor counted it a triumph nonetheless.

“Thank-you, Doctor,” she said, rising and beginning to clear away the remnants of their meal. At the sink, she hesitated, biting her lip as she looked back at him. “Could you… I mean, would you mind…”

The Doctor’s hearts twisted. “Of course I’ll help you, Rose,” he said quietly. “You don’t have to ask.” Reassured, she turned back to the dishes and he grabbed a towel, watching the movements of her hands within the suds as she methodically cleaned their plates.

Was it possible that she was unaware that there was absolutely nothing in the universe that he would deny her, if it was within his power to grant (including a number of things that weren’t, if he were being completely honest) even before she essentially renounced her family in order to stay with him? Half of him was of the opinion that this was a situation that should be rectified immediately and the other half lived in terror of the day Rose figured it out. Still, he felt Rose deserved a tangible symbol of how much she meant to him, and he set the idea to percolate in his brain as they made their way to the console room.

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So when me and my boyfriend were watching creepy pastas, I eventually couldn’t take it anymore because it scared me a bit, so I covered my ears and closed my eyes. Then he realized what I was doing and so he puts my hand away from one of my ears and covers it with his and then says “just look at me, okay?” and he just stared into my eyes with the most calming and loving look. And I feel everyone deserves someone like this.

anonymous asked:

hi!!! i was wondering if there were any new doctor AU or medical of the sort! Thank you babes!! 💕💕

sure! ^^ new + some that weren’t recced before:

  • that would be enough - both are doctors and their jobs keep them busy and it makes kyungsoo sad
  • Stay For A Minute - jongin is a pediatric surgeon and kyungsoo is in neuro, they meet in between their shifts and quickly bond
  • I Am An Organ Donor, Need Anything? My Heart, Perhaps? - fluff with medical pick up lines
  • Shot at you (and your heart) - doc kyungsoo is a surgeon he saves jongin numerous times, jongin although very secretive of his job gets attracted to the doctor quickly
  • Problem Solved + The Doctor’s Solution - pwp, Kyungsoo is finally ready to get his personal examination done by nonetheless, handsome doctor, Kim Jongin
  • The Delirium of Negation - a bit more intense read kind of like gods are like stars born dying
  • Dream Theater: Doctors - soo is single doctor who doesn’t like relationships because he’s so busy, jongin is a new doctor who changes that
  • caught between dreams and secret loves + in my dreams (you’re there with me): sec part is where kyungsoo is a doctor a the first they are kind of friends with benefits and soo doesn’t have time for a relationship and in the second he regrets it
  • Come One, Come All - circus!au + set in 1950, kyungsoo is a med student who runs away with a circus in search of an adventure and little did he know it’d come in form of a lithe and graceful acrobat (so soft and pure ;;)
  • Descendants of the Moon - DOTS!au, doctor!au + wolf!au + military!au, doctor kyungsoo and his team of paramedics were sent on a secret mission to help to an undercover unit of military soldiers. which turns out to be different from the usual ones
  • Doctor, Please -  fluff, doctor!soo and jongin using cheesy pickup lines (that work!)
  • check me out - rainbowtoxicity’s stress relieving fluff/comedy!!! nini has a rash on his…balls but his doc is his big crush (Dr. Hottie Do :–)

and vet!kd extras - i’m sure there are more but these are rly medical i guess?:

  • You’re Too Dog Gone Cute - vet jongin; they meet when ksoo’s puppy gets sick
  • counting pulses - vet kyungsoo; jongin’s puppy got food poisoning and jongin panics so he calls sehun to get him to his friend

doctor / hospital au requests here :) enjoy ~ Admin J