doctor who pop up shop


My friends and I got the chance today to visit the Doctor Who Pop-up Shop in Newtown, Sydney, which was an absolutely delightful experience. The space itself is not very big, but inside it’s packed wall-to-wall with Doctor Who goodies, such as t-shirts, models, books and DVDs, puzzles, etc. We ended up buying a handful of assorted blind-boxed figurines ($12.99 for the large ones and $2.99-3.50 for the smaller lego figures), but were left pining for a few other items (augmented-reality dalek sticker, anyone?!).

I do think that a lot of the items can be found online for less, but sometimes it’s better to see what you’re purchasing in person, and in this case, you would also get the chance to meet other Whovians in the area. So if you’re in Sydney, I would definitely recommend going, if not to just to take a picture with their life-sized TARDIS or dalek!