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Take Your Gatekeeping and Shove It.

So, this past weekend, I took my 11-year-old daughter to SuperCon to meet her favorite actor (and favorite Doctor), Peter Capaldi.

She wore a little blue TARDIS-decorated dress and some Doctor Who pins, and she nearly cried with joy when Capaldi greeted her for the photo op. He was a consummate gentleman and such a sweet and enthusiastic person.

An hour or so after the wonderful photo op experience, she and I were sitting at a table in the food court area.

A burly, older man plopped down nearby.  He looked at my little girl’s outfit, smiled, and said, “Do you even KNOW anything about Doctor Who?”

WTF, dude?

I was too stunned for a second to even respond, so he started right in with the ‘quizzing.’

“Who are the Doctor’s biggest enemies, and what planet does he come from?” this stranger asked.

Now I had moved past shocked and right into indignant/angry/protective mode.

“I don’t want her to be quizzed on something she loves, because I don’t want her thinking she has to prove ANYthing in order to be a fan,“ I told him.

Looking at my daughter, I said “You don’t owe strangers explanations or information, ok?“  She said OK and looked relieved.

Still he pressed on, patronizing grin and all: “Oh, I just want to be sure parents are raising their kids right.” Then he turned to my daughter again and asked “Who was the first Doctor, then?”

I cut him off right there. “No. I don’t want her quizzed. At all.”

Dude blinked in disbelief, sighed, and left about a minute later.

“Thanks,” my daughter said. “He was making me feel awkward.”

I held her hand and looked into her eyes. “Some men think they can have power over you by making you prove yourself. You never have to do it. They’re just insecure and pitiful, so they want to make you feel like it, too.  It’s not only about fan stuff, and it’s not always just men, but be careful not to fall into that trap, ok?”

That crap isn’t harmless fun. It sets up a pattern of approval-seeking, self-justification, self-doubt, and fear of exclusion that is very dangerous for children (particularly girls).

Fuck that.

TL;DR:  Do NOT come at me, my little girl, or anyone in my vicinity with your condescending, gatekeeping bullshit.

The next time, I won’t make the mistake of even TRYING to be polite.

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Based on what we already know of Aunt Sharon, it’s… kind of obvious she neglected seven-year-old Amy to the point of what most people would call child abuse? And I hate that that goes so ignored by fandom, so I really wish this scene (detailed in the latest Doctor Who Magazine) had been left in.

Shy Surprise

Request:  Can you do an imagine with 11 where he lands in your room accidentally cause you live in an old hotel (not sure if you know but like the one in supernatural in season two) and your parents fight a lot and he invites you to travel with him

Requester: Anon

Pairing: Eleventh Doctor x Shy!Teenage!Reader

Warnings: Parents Arguing

Words: 974


“NO NO NO!“ 

The Doctor loved the TARDIS, there was no doubt about that. But sometimes she was the most infuriating ship ever built. She could hold a thousand rooms, zoom through millions of light years, withstand the journey through the time vortex, yet she still hadn’t mastered going where The Doctor drove her. 

Sticking his head out the door, his frown deepening as he clicks his tongue beratingly, nd looked around the desert scene; not a hint of civilisation in sight. He stomped back into wack the console gently. 

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I’m really disappointed with how this whole fidget spinner craze turned out. I was hoping that it would make it easier for people who needed them to get them at local stores at good prices, but that’s not what’s happening.

The kid across the street that my sister and I babysit is really upset right now because he got one last year for his ADHD, but now they’ve been banned at his school. Kids are buying them and using them like toys, doing tricks with them and just being disruptive. So now the kids who actually need to use them to concentrate aren’t allowed to have them at all because they think it would be unfair for certain kids to have “toys” and ban them for everyone else. 

I should have known this was how it was going to turn out when someone at work pointed out that the one I’ve been using for awhile was “the hottest new kids toy” and didn’t believe me when I told him it was a tool and not something I use just for fun. 


Okay hear me out but why are almost all of the DW companion’s parents either at least half dead or MIA

Because I’m all about representation so whERE ARE THE PARENTS

Like okay we’ll start with Rose (classic who would take way too long)
So Rose’s dad - dead, hit by a car
Jack - doesn’t really count he’s too old to have parents
Martha - both parents intact, well done RTD
Donna - God knows where her dad was, but we had Wilfred so all is good in the world - but still(!) no father
Amy - parents got eaten by a hole so she forgot about them, still MIA, eventually do come back
Rory - Brian Brian Brian Brian. Brian is the best I love Brian.
Clara - dead mother
Bill - dead mother, dad MIA

Do we, as watchers of the show, just like the vulnerability of loss, or do they just use it on the show as a plot point (Amy, Rose, kind of Clara, probably Bill at some point). But seriously the chances of the Doctor pretty much always finding someone who’s parent/s are gone is pretty slim. Like these companions are in their 20’s, not many people lose their parents when they’re that young. I get that a lot of people are from single parent homes but still.

Also can the companions have more siblings pls.

guys I am so serious but I have no idea what just happened and I am having real, physical difficulty typing rn because my whole body is shaking? like, okay, so this thing flew over head that woke me up, I guess it just sounded like a regular aircraft but kind of low, and then there was this burning heavy pressure and it made the back of my eyelids go white (even though I was in a dark room with my eyes shut hang on of course I had my eyes shut oh well) but I am not making this up and it felt like I was, idk, being microwaved or fucking something and I was like ‘well this is how I die’ but it went but I felt…. just awful, after, and I still do but the main thing is my hands? are shaking so badly I cannot describe how much I am kinda of not okay

also this is like, 7:17am in the uk it just happened in like the last half hour? anyone else?

EDIT: okay so my friend on skype is an angel and talked to me about normal shit and now I have stopped shaking and feel better, I really hope it was aliens because dude that would be sweet but I’ll talk to my two-doctors-who-are-also-my-parents about it and see if I need to see an actual GP, sorry for wigging you out but I literally kinda felt like I was? dying? for a bit there. oops

Edit edit: sooo I might have had a seizure, going to see the doctor later today, whelp. Really sorry for scaring you but bloody hell I never want that again.

hey i’m sick of a culture which tells little kids they should be ‘doing the do’ at ridiculous ages and then is shocked when they have a nude photos scandal or get pregnant or get hurt by adults or older kids or kids their age or younger kids, and i’m even MORE sick of doctors and parents who think the only solution is MORE CONTRACEPTIVE YOUNGER, rather than, i dunno, TELLING KIDS NOT TO HAVE SEX UNTIL THEY’RE READY AND NOT SHAMING THEM FOR NOT BEING READY FOR A LONG TIME