doctor who parade

Guys i want a friend

Seriously I want a friend who sends me random selfies at three am; i want a friend with the one i can have conversation only using music lyrics; I want a friend with the one i can fangirl about bands and actors; I want a friend with the one i can talk about art and music knowing Im not boring them; I want a friend that actually wants to talk to me; i want a friend that sends me bad jokes and the cheesiest pick up lines, just because; I just want a friend, a best friend, someone that actually cares.

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Can… can we just talk about the fact that the BBC did a “Goodbye Twelve” video to the intro of “Welcome to the Black Parade”

Do you ever just hear a song you haven’t listened to in a while, and you suddenly have a mini flashback? You can hear, smell, even feel where you were when you first listened to it. And it is the most amazing feeling in the world.


HEY GUYS~! What better way to finish out this fantastic year with another drunken adventures with the 4TH at Dragoncon! This year was so much drunk, I couldn’t remember where I was…. but I was indeed aware of what was happening XD! My boy costuming Sherlock, while I was caught in the Atlanta Fashion Police! I can’t wait to do more selfies, more drunk, and party with good people next year~!

when someone insults your fandom

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Hi guys!

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I know it hurts today
It might hurt for a few more weeks
or months
or even years
But one day you’ll be happy
one day you’ll find someone who makes you happy.
So just hold on love.
It gets better
—  someone who cares

“I remember the time Dalek Bobby came out to me. Yes, it was shocking at first, but we did accept him for who he was. He was still a Dalek, after all. We don’t want to waste such fabulous superior genes. When he exterminates these days, he does it with such a happy sparkle in his eyestalk. I’m proud of Dalek Bobby.”

-Davros, Creator of the Daleks