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Imagine Your OTP #15

B strutting around the house in A’s clothes and randomly posing.

reading angsty fics of your OTP be like

about halfway through

continuing to read it

when you start to read another one

Normal teenage girls cry over boys. I cry over the potential relationships between 20-40 year old men I’ve never met before.

Just As Sane As I Am

Fandom: Doctor Who
Pairing: Tenth Doctor x reader
Summary: You weren’t expecting the doctor to turn up for Christmas, but he’s a man full of surprises
Warnings: None
A/N: @marvelximagines @ladywiseowl @multi–fandom-imagines @cocoobbesses

You woke with a start, hearing a shockingly familiar sound outside your window. Not caring that you were barefoot and still in your pyjamas, you sprinted down the stairs and out the front door, slipping on the ice.
A blue police box stood out in the white snow, the sounds of its engines fading to silence. You crossed your fingers behind your back, hoping against hope that-
Your serious expression broke into a broad smile as a familiar face appeared around the door of the TARDIS. The messy hair, the pinstriped suit, the tatty converse; all topped with a cheeky grin and a Scottish accent.
“Doctor!” you greeted him, hugging him tightly. It had been months since you last saw him, and those months had been incredibly boring.
“I didn’t think you’d show up, with it being Christmas and all,” you told him, shutting the door behind you. You were glad the TARDIS was warm, as your pyjamas were definitely not designed for being out in the snow.
“Of course I showed up, it’s Christmas!” he grinned. “Now get that box of decorations from your attic, this place just doesn’t look festive enough.”
As you were making your way to the door, you stopped, turning and looking at him curiously.
“How do you know I have decorations in my attic?” you asked incredulously. He tapped the side of his nose secretively, grinning. You rolled your eyes, going to collect the decorations.

“I brought all I could carry,” you called, nudging the TARDIS door open with your hip. “Mrs Brown across the street now thinks she’s going insane, thinks she’s seeing police boxes appearing from nowhere.”
“What did you tell her?” came the doctor’s voice from somewhere deep within the TARDIS.
“Told her she’s just as sane as I am,” you said, setting the box down on the floor.
“So where do you want all this stuff?” you called. The doctor’s face appeared on one of the upper levels.

A few hours later, and the TARDIS looked like an explosion in a Christmas factory. The controls were covered in baubles and fairy lights, all the railings were wrapped in tinsel, and the doctor had managed to find Santa hats for you both.
“It looks good,” you said, sipping on your mug of hot chocolate.
“It really does,” he agreed. “Merry Christmas, (Y/N).”
“Merry Christmas, Doctor.”

Captain Who

Timelords shouldn’t leave their TARDIS unattended or criminal masterminds steal them right from under their noses. And just like that, Carswell Thorne is flying through space and time, leading soap rebellions and fighting in intergalactic wars against evil queens.

Among his way, he finds the only mechanic that can repair a battered TARDIS, he’s sure of it. He is less sure about her being a lost princess though. And an emperor that absolutely needs a break from all his emperor-ing - who would be better for the job than Thorne? Wolf hybrids and farm girls, guards and princesses and androids  - everyone finds their place in the TARDIS (it’s a good thing that the TARDIS is “bigger on the inside”).

And finally, a damsel in distress he frees from captivity. A girl who has never been anywhere or seen anything and who dreams of deep soul connections and passionate kisses and daring escapades, not that she would tell him that. (But he knows.)

Being a true gentleman and hero in spe, Thorne takes her with him as his companion. It helps that she’s a sonic screwdriver in human form. A good thing to have by your side if you always get in trouble and have to run and escape. Which they do. A lot. If they are not too busy kissing that is.

But adventures can only last so long and eventually, after many, many journeys through time and space, they decide to stay on the planet that Cress loves better than any other they have visited so far - Earth.

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Whouffaldi AU // The White Raven

In some universe, a rebellious human time traveller Clara Oswald has gone and gotten herself into a sleazy deal, with a choronolock tattooed right at the back of her neck. So she travels around avoiding each and every raven or bird she sees. Although, I must point out that hers is no ordinary chronolock, as it is the one connected to the white Quantum Shade, The White Raven, who is no ordinary bird. He is very humanoid and always under “deep cover” with his wings that are invisible to others. But then, Clara Oswald too is no ordinary girl either, she is the impossible girl. So, as the chronolock counts down and the White Raven prepares to collect his soul, he starts to find himself, for once, unwilling to do what he has to.