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Sometimes when you sail too far into the fandom, you’ll encounter what most shippers couldn’t perceive as a normal ship. This painfully breathtaking vessel is called a RARESHIP

1. Other shippers just couldn’t get why you’re digging it

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2 Sometimes their reactions are too uncouthy.

3. Even when you have persuaded them to just try reading a great fic or two, their reactions are just like:

4. There’s not enough fangirling material so you’re treating every one you found like precious gem

5. You’ve hit that Kudos button for the gazillionth time already on an AO3 fanfiction featuring your rareship. There are only, like, 5 of them.

6. You asked the author in a tumblr prompt to write another fanfiction featuring your rareship, for every possible kink you could think of

 7. You remember every single interaction of the two characters in the canon material, no matter how minuscule it was 

 8. Digging through Pixiv for fanarts 

 9. You have no other choice but to learn Japanese to understand the doujinshis that no scanslator team could possibly pick up 


Behind the scenes of The Idiot’s Lantern (Part Three of Four)

Excerpts from Jason Arnopp’s interviews in DWM #371

Euros [Lyn, Director]: “At one point, David had such a duck’s arse haircut that I was afraid we’d taken it too far!  Both their haircuts were a nightmare, cos every time their helmets went on and off, the hair had to be reset.”

Mark [Gatiss, Writer]: “I got so used to David having huge hair that it was quite a shock to see him with normal hair in the other stories!”

Euros discussing “Faceless Rose”:
“It really was Billie Piper standing there, mainly because it’s such an emotive scene for the Doctor. But she had crosses all over her face, so she and David just wet themselves!  At the beginning of that scene, she had a blanket over her head as well, and when that came off her hair kept standing up at a funny angle.  I think that was the scene with the most corpsing.  Seven takes.”

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David Tennant Appreciation 2015:  Free Day for David’s B-day 
Happy Birthday, David!!!

‘I know what you’re wondering,’ said the Doctor cheerfully. 'Did he fire that thing six times or only five? Well, to tell you the truth I think I’ve lost count, sorry about that. So you’ve got to ask yourself one question. Do you feel lucky… sir?’ …The Doctor arched his eyebrow inquisitively. 'Well, do you?’
The guard just stared at the Doctor’s hand. 'That’s a banana,’ he said.
The Doctor stared at him, as if wondering why he was stating the obvious. 'Of course,’ he said, gesturing with the outstretched fruit. 'But the item my friend just retrieved from your holster isn’t.’
—  ‘Seeing I’
fic: it goes dancing by in the morning & in the night time

this is for the @legendslikestardust prompt, ‘fireside’. this piece is loosely inspired by the arctic monkeys song.

“You stayed, you know,” he tells her pensively one night, as they lie beneath the stars. “You were gone – but you stayed. Sometimes it was concrete: I’d find your shirt in the console room, or your favourite mug in the kitchen.”

“Never did get the chance to move my stuff out,” Rose says, reaching over to intertwine her fingers with the Doctor’s.

“Never will, now,” he adds, shrugging slightly. “Anyway – often it was… subtle. I could swear I’d hear an echo of your voice, or smell that dreadful perfume your mother gave you for your birthday one year.”

Rose laughs. “I remember that. It reminded me of those horrible flowers on – where was it?”

“Trifle,” the Doctor says, and both of them giggle.

A shooting star trails across the sky, and the Doctor uses Rose’s finger to point it out, holding both of their hands up above them. It dies out, and he lets their hands fall back down to the ground. The grass is damp; it had rained earlier. Neither of them minds.

“Doctor?” Rose asks hesitantly, quiet voice piercing the silence.


“Will he…”

But she can’t bring herself to finish the question. Will he remember me? It feels selfish to ask. It feels selfish to want to him to. None of this changes how much she hopes he does.

“The thing is,” the Doctor says, squeezing her hand, “you’ll never really be gone from the TARDIS. Not really. Even now, he’ll find something of yours when he isn’t expecting to, or he’ll go on a new search for your bedroom.”

“It’s gone?”

“Disappeared when you did. Never could find it – believe me, I looked.” The Doctor pulls Rose’s hand over his single heart; she can feel it beating underneath her fingertips through his suit jacket. “And you’ll never leave here. Not ever.”

Rose rolls over to kiss him softly, and he responds by moving his hand to to tangle in her hair, holding her close. “I love you,” she says.

“I love you,” he answers. “Rose Tyler. Always have.”

She kisses him again.

I’m Sorry, What? (Peter Parker x Reader)

Anonymous asked:

I wish you would write a fic where Tony had a daughter with a woman years ago and they secretly kept in touch. The girl is now 15 and her mom dies so tony moves her to the tower and she crushes on peter Parker.

Warnings: Angst (sorry) and kinda funny fluff ending?

A/N: This was a somewhat request from my main blog. More of a ‘I wish you would write a fic…’ type things. I hope you all enjoy!

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