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Doctor Who Rewatch: The Long Game


I have no association with this. But since a ton of you love orchestra + Doctor Who :) Also, we should do an epic collab like this together.


First off, this is absolutely awe inspiring.

This is the Doctor Who Orchestra. Don’t know if anyone knows who they are, but they’re an online collaboration of fans across the world who preform scores from the show, individually, and the piece is all edited together. This is the first song they did.

The talent and effort that goes into this is amazing, and it really shows how many fans are out there, even if it’s just to celebrate the music of the show, it’s amazing.

“This is Gallifrey/Vale Decem” by Murray Gold.

It is absolutely breathtaking. Give a peak at the others in the youtube channel.


OKAY HI I MISSED YOU ALL. I am back from Sydney woo. I went to the Doctor Who Symphonic orchestra and I literally can’t even explain how incredible it was. Also our presenters were Alex Kingston and Mark Williams and Murray Gold was there and said a few words so I was in the same room as them and almost died. IT WAS SO GOOD. Yeah so that happened. Now I can go crazy and catch up on everything ANYWAY I LOVE YOU ALL