doctor who on location

Metropolitan Police Box (1948) - blue in colour. Used to direct calls to the police station before the mobile/cell phone. Made famous by the long-running, iconic, British TV series, Doctor Who (the “TARDIS”). Unlike an ordinary callbox, its telephone was located behind a hinged door so it could be used from the outside, and the interior of the box was, in effect, a miniature police station for use by police officers to read and fill in reports, take meal breaks and even temporarily hold prisoners until the arrival of transport.


Cardiff, Wales 2014

[1] Wharton street [Torchwood; 1x08 A Day in the Death; beginning scene] 
[2] ‘Electro’ cinema [Torchwood; 2x10 From Out of the Rain] 
[3] ‘Bad Wolf’ Bay [Doctor Who; 2x13 Doomsday] 
[4] Me at my happiest in front of Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff.
[5-6-7] DW Experience. Outfits.
[8-9] TARDIS: Before vs. After


Rise of the Cybermen/The Age of Steel - Behind the Scenes (Part Seven)

David’s memories of the episode, from Doctor Who Magazine #375:

“Very cold nights on location.  It snowed.  They Cybermen were fairly overwhelming. And the Tyler family all together - a nice place to be. I’d never met Shaun Dingwall (Pete Tyler) before, but he quickly became part of the clan. He’s a lovely guy.”

From the DVD commentary with Noel Clarke (Mickey Smith), Camille Coduri (Jackie Tyler), and Shaun Dingwall (Pete Tyler)

Camille: Do you think he does make it up as he goes along?

Noel: Partly, yeah.  And I think the good thing that David brings to the Doctor is that old eccentricity where he kinda is winging it, winging it. […]

Camille:  Oh I love David’s choices as an actor.  He’s so commanding, isn’t he? You believe that this CyberLeader would…

Noel: Would listen

Camille: Absolutely

Noel: It’s really clever how the Doctor can sort of figure things out without letting you know that he’s figured them out.

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“Throwback Thursday” - Here are Peter and Jenna looking very comfy and cozy in their warm coats while filming The Zygon Invasion on the Doctor Who set. Unfortunately for all whouffaldi watchers, they were rarely on location together. These are from different days and different locales, but they still look good together.

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Doctor Who Challenge

Day 41: Favorite Location

↳ Gallifrey

It was beautiful. They used to call it the Shining World of the Seven Systems. And on the Continent of Wild Endeavour, in the Mountains of Solace and Solitude, there stood the Citadel of the Time Lords, the oldest and most mighty race in the universe, looking down on the galaxies below. Sworn never to interfere, only to watch.“

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