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2017 needs us.

notsomeaningfool  asked:

Hi. Me & friends were arguing over the definition of 'a true Whovian'. I haven't watched episodes that were before Christopher Eccleston era. My friends said I don't fit into the definition. So am I or am I not a Whovian?

You absolutely are a Whovian! Whether you’ve seen one episode or you’ve been watching for your entire life, you’re a Whovian. If you’ve only seen New Who, that’s great. If you’ve seen every single episode and the movie, that’s great too. 

Being a Whovian isn’t about how many episodes you’ve seen but how much you love the show. If you like Doctor Who and want to be a Whovian then congrats, you are one. 

megxrubia  asked:

I really want to start watching doctor who but which season should I start with since its been there from 1963 (Wikipedia). Or should I just start from the beginning movies and all that

Hello! We’re happy to hear that you’d like to start watching the show, you’re in for such a treat!

We would recommend that you start with the revival series, otherwise known as ‘New Who’. This series began in 2005 with Christopher Eccleston and is a great jumping off point for new Whovians! The very very early episodes (1963-1989), also called ‘Classic Who’ are excellent and definitely worth watching, but you can skip over them for now.

If you want to get a sampling of the show before diving in headfirst, Whovians in the past have recommended starting with Vincent and the Doctor, Blink, or Listen! But you can also take a look through the reblogs of this post to see what current Whovians have to say. 

If things still aren’t clear, we have a hopefully very helpful post that we made just for people like you and if you have more questions, our askbox is always open.

Hello Whovians! With San Diego Comic Con starting in a few days (it starts Wednesday night, can you believe?), we figured you guise would probably have some questions regarding all the crazy shenanigans that’ll be happening over the next week and a bit. So we thought hey, what better than to do an Ask the Adipose: SDCC Edition!

(It’s us! Hello, tumblr.)

“But how does this work,” you might be asking. “What does this mean?”

Well, this works in one of two ways. Way one: you send us a message through our askbox with your question and make sure to include “Ask the Adipose” somewhere in your message. Way two: make a text post, photoset, video, drawing, or anything else you can think of and post it to your blog with the tag #Ask the Adipose.

(That’s us when we see your questions.)

Some sample questions:

  • What can we expect from the DW Fan Meetup on Saturday? (A: fun times and good rhymes.)
  • Can anyone go to the DW Panel on Thursday? (A: if you have a SDCC badge, yes.)
  • Why are you tiny Adipose so adorable? (A: while this isn’t strictly a Comic Con question, it’s because we eat our veggies.)

As you can see, the possibilities are almost endless so we’re sure you’ll have some great questions for us. It’s going to be a fantastic time and we can’t wait to get answering!


The Beast Below
>For Amy Pond’s first trip in the TARDIS, the Eleventh Doctor brings his new companion to the 33rd century, where all of the United Kingdom’s citizens (apart from the Scottish) live onboard Starship UK, searching for a new home amongst the stars as the Earth is being roasted by solar flares. However, the Doctor soon finds something amiss onboard the vessel. The citizens appear to fear “the smiling fellows in the booths” and ignore crying children. What is going on? What secrets does Starship UK hold at its depths, and who is hiding them? Soon, the Doctor is forced to make an impossible choice. No matter what he chooses, death is the only outcome.