doctor who narnia rp


This is Doctor Who, The Chronicles Of Narnia, The Hunger Games, Alice In Wonderland RP.

The White Witch is back and stronger than ever. When she threatens the very existence of Narnia, Earth and even the whole universe by unleashing untold power deep within the heart of Narnia, the Narnians have to sound the horn to bring back the heroes of Narnia. However, the Doctor finds himself drawn to Narnia, with his TARDIS leading the way. Will Aslan, the Heroes of Narnia, The Doctor and his companions save Narnia and the whole universe? Or will the White Witch win? And is she the only one hell-bent on destroying the fabric of space and time? 

We are currently accepting applications for both canon and original characters. Please visit the rules, application form and updates page.

Characters Desperately Needed:

Finally, we hope you will join us and may the Oods be ever in your favour. (Yes Oods)