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8. How does your character feel about religion?

I never thought about that tbh.

I think they have, like for many other things, really not a strong opinion on it. Like, they are aware different religions exist and that some ppl take them very seriously, and they probably don’t get it at all. But, on the other hand, I feel like they wouldn’t find it too absurd that others search and find strength and stability in it? Like, it’s just one of those things People With Emotions™ do and need. What do they care.

As for themselves, they don’t feel like they belong to a certain religion. It’s just really not important to them.

46. Is your character tall? Short? What about size? Weight? Posture? How do they feel about their physical body?

Lmao that’s funny because I talked about this before - Luca and I determined Phantom’s height from Bobby’s, so according to that, they’re 6′0′’ and that’s Nahyuta’s height too. Talk parallels to me, I love them.
As for weight, tbh I suck at determining what’s “normal” bc I’ve had some issues with it so Iiii basically like just never think about weight much so eh.
“How do they feel about their physical body” lmao they’d rather not have one.

Quick Ref Sheet || Mun and Muse Edition!

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name  :   jemma simmons
nickname  :   jem ( if ur close ), fitzsimmons when fitz is around, ma’am, doctor
zodiac sign  :   virgo  /  rabbit
gender  :   cis female
favourite color  :  one is impossible to choose, blues & purples are always a favorite though
average hours of sleep  :   it’s all or nothing, it entirely depends on her mental state. better days, it’s 6-7 hours. when working and being very intense on a project, 3-5. bad mental health days can be next to no sleep for days at a time.  regardless of any of these, she tends to work herself to a point where she will end up napping in the nearest possible location.
last thing you googled  :   tusk  of  ganesha  meaning
height  :   5′4″

name  :   kate
nickname  :   …kate. bb-kate.
zodiac sign  :   virgo  /  ox
gender  :   cis  female
favorite color  :   like. the color palette of fraction’s run of hawkeye, like those kinds of blues and purples? that.
average hours of sleep  :   5-9? there is no average it’s just whatever i can get in honestly
last thing you googled  :   guardians of the galaxy telltale
height  :   5′3″