doctor who mun is doing the thing

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name: shhhhhhh
alias: Atalli, Ati, Ati-mun
gender: Female
place of birth: The Netherlands
spoken languages: English mainly though can speak broken Dutch, French, and Spanish
drink / smoke / drugs: I don’t normally drink but when I do, good god keep me away from red wine.
Other than that, never smoked or did drugs and probably never will.
likes: Video games, drawing, movies, fantasy in general, my friends who I fight for, and select family members
fears: Needles, doctors, and of course the occasional existential crises
personality traits: Shy, obnoxious, dedicated, ace procrastinator, “realist”, self-deprecating
disorders: *laughs nervously* fuck dude, I don’t know and don’t think I wanna know

hair colour: Dark brown
eye colour: Brown
height: 5′6″ and yet somehow I’m shorter than almost everyone I know. Why.
tattoos: dude i’m afraid of needles, of course i have none
piercings: d u d e 

siblings: A brother and a sister. Both older than me.
parents: They call me Daddy Issues just my mum 
children: Narga, my PS4, and Seregios, my 3DS 
pets: i’m working on it.

sexual preference: Grey-ace? Demi? Do I even know anymore?
relationship status: kek.

Well it’s time for the trickiest part of the night, trying to get my mun to get to bed! Locked in a paper for Synthesia Disorder and the hemispheres of the brain, happy? Yes, it’s nice to see someone interested in science but not so good when it’s getting late and they have things to do tomorrow! 

Don’t get all snappy! I’m just about done and then I’ll go to bed! Cross my hearts!

A-a-and someone has been rewatching Doctor Who again…

Munly Introductions

Holy cow I can finally make a proper introduction of myself!

So hello out there, the name’s Dr. Twitch and I’m the hands behind Oleander. I figured I’d make this introduction since I don’t see a whole lot of people doing ‘mun introductions’ (unless I’m just that unaware of things!). So who am I? Hell, just your average every day Joe who is busy with life and college! I decided to begin to use tumblr because of @ribbcn-bxnes​. We came up with this grand idea of siblings and started to delve into a deep, depressing story behind the two. I don’t normally do the whole ‘social media’ thing, but I love to roleplay and I really couldn’t resist the temptation to get him out there as his own being.

Anywho, what’s my point? This is sort of a promo/introduction of my blog with Oleander, and I’m kinda a newbie at this, so yeah. Come and say hello so the big ol’ guy. I’ll get some pictures of him up at some point.