doctor who meets...well doctor who


a madwoman with a box (T, 62k, ao3) >> a bering & wells doctor who au

“Warehouse 13 meets Doctor Who. When Secret Service agent Myka Bering is brought to Cardiff by a mysterious organization known as the Torchwood Institute, she writes off their pitch as a nonsensical prank. Aliens? In Cardiff? Impossible. But after storming out of the briefing, leaving her confused partner and potential employer behind, she runs into the strangest woman she’s ever met. It’s then that things take an even sharper turn for the unusual.”

let me ramble for a bit, because i’m really pleased about finally finishing this: this is a story i started during the very first au week, back in 2012. a year and a half and three tumblr accounts later, it’s finally complete. every one of the original 15 chapters has been edited and rewritten, and the final 5 chapters finally made it up. i’m sure that anyone waiting for this to be completed gave up a long time ago, but i just felt like i needed to finish it for myself. also, it was a really nice catharsis after season 5. 

i hope you enjoy reading the story of myka and the doctor half as much as i enjoyed writing it. if you love the characters in warehouse 13 and the incomprehensible dei ex machina in doctor who (i sure do), then hey, there might be something here for you.

(also, if you have a really, really good memory, this may reveal my semi-secret identity. shhh. you saw nothing.)