doctor who manicure

Totally not the best picture, but this is another Doctor Who inspired manicure. It’s the TARDIS flying through a random galaxy in space. I took a break from the Sherlock themed manicures because I finally have all the nail polishes I need to create the galaxy nails. Also, it’s just in time for the reveal of the Twelfth Doctor even though I don’t want to know who he is because I wanted it to be a surprise. The right hand is all just galaxy nails, so nothing different.


Doctor Who nails!

Right hand from thumb to pinky:
TARDIS, Nine’s leather jacket and red shirt, Ten’s trench coat, blue suit, and red tie, Eleven’s salmon shirt, bow tie, and suspenders/braces, and Eleven’s fez.

Left hand from thumb to pinky:
Dalek body, Cyberman head, (a really fail) Vashta Nerada, a Silence, and a raging Weeping Angel.

Aside from the Vashta Nerada, I am quite surprised and pleased with how my right hand turned out. I’m getting better at drawing with my left hand!