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Alternate ending Zygon Inversion

Doctor Who Magazine editor Tom Spilsbury was interviewed awhile back by the Radio Free Skaro podcast people. In the interview he mentioned receiving a script for the Zygon Inversion which ended rather differently to the episode that aired. In that earlier script Bonnie wasn’t talked round and instead was shot dead.

No-one can know the Doctor’s name, except each successive showrunner. We’re taken into a special room far beneath the BBC and given the ancient and special runes that spell his true and awful name. We’re commanded never to reveal what we have learned, because then the show would have to be renamed ‘Mildred’. Oh, bugger.
—  Steven Moffat in Doctor Who Magazine #475
In DWM 452! Written by Benjamin Cook


(I cut the first bit out because it’s not so interesting/repeats of stuff said before!)

“The first time it hit me, actually,” says Matt, “was last night. In bed. Thinking about Karen.”
“Stop thinking about me in bed!" 
"I freaked her out this morning,” he grins, “I was like, ‘I was thinking about you in bed last night.’ But not thinking about her like that,” he tells DWM, just to be clear, “because er, she’s repulsive to me -" 
Karen laughs.
“It was just, like, 'Oh, she won’t be around anymore.’ Then today she walked in the room and I thought, 'She’s not going to be walking in rooms anymore.’”
“I’ll be walking in other rooms that aren’t these rooms.”
“Yeah, with Blake Lively. Or, um, Josh Hartnett.”
Karen is dreading her, Matt, and Arthur’s final scene together today. “I don’t know if I’ll be able to get through it. It’s probably going to be loaded with all the emotion that comes with leaving the show. Which is a lot.”
Matt: “It’s been the biggest influence, change, factor, point of interest, point of focus, in our lives for three years.”
“We’ve spent a good chunk of our twenties on this show -”
“-together,” cuts in Matt. “We’ve developed our own language, like you do in any relationship. If I were to do this, for instance -” He starts stroking Karen’s arm affectionately. “And she would go -”
“No,” purrs Karen, “I have to go.”
“Please. Don’t leave.”
“It’s time for me to leave.”
“Don’t leave. Please don’t leave.
"Now, now, you’ve got to deal with this like a man. Like a big boy.”
“Like a big boy?” Matt guffaws. “That’s disgusting! Don’t call me big boy. You’ve never done that before.” Regardless, he starts stroking Karen’s hair. “Stroke my hair. Reciprocate.”
Okay, this is getting weird. But it’s how they roll. Matt offers DWM another example: “The Uncomfortable Touch Game is quite a fun one. The day a new actor walks on set… okay let’s say you’re a new actor, Ben. You come in. We’ll be talking -”
“So, like, what have you done recently?” Karen asks DWM. Matt places one hand on DWM’s knee. It’s… unsettling. Karen persists. “Like, what do you think of the set?” Matt’s hand doesn’t move.
Presently, he explodes with laughter. “You see how far you can push it,” he explains. “We’ve done it to loads of people. It’s quite embarrassing at first, because you’ve got to make that leap. They go, 'What are you doing?’”
“They freak out,” chuckles Karen. Then she pauses, kind of sad. “I’m going to miss this." 


Photoshoot for the 400th issue of DWM

I love the eye-twisting nature of the cover holding the cover holding the cover image, as well as the Fourth/Tenth side-by-side images.  It’s time traveling fun.

Benjamin Cook: So when did you start reading Doctor Who Magazine?
David Tennant: I bought the first issue in 1979
Benjamin Cook: Is this where I express disbelief that you’re possibly old enough?
David Tennant: Nah, of course I’m old enough, I’m 997 years old.


Behind the scenes of The Stolen Earth / Journey’s End (Part 2 of 8)

Excerpts from Doctor Who Magazine #398, behind the scenes of The Stolen Earth/Journey’s End as reported by Benjamin Cook

Production on Doctor Who has ground to a halt.  Tools have been downed. Cameras abandoned. And for why? Because make-up artist Steve Smith has arrived on set, in the Nobles’ living room, carrying a mongrel puppy dog called Jack.  “What is it?” asks Bernard Cribbins.

“It’s a dog,” explains Steve.

“Well, I can see that.”

He belongs to the lady across the road.  “She just threw it at me,” explains Steve, “and said, Catherine would like to see Jack, wouldn’t she?”

“Oh, I do, I so do,” coos Catherine Tate, taking Jack in her arms.

“Can we get all puppies off set!” pleads Simon Morris, the First Assistant Director. But no one is listening.

“Aww, he still smells of his mother’s womb,” says Catherine, taking a sniff.

“That’s disgusting,” exclaims David Tennant.  “Just wait til he pees on you.”

“Nah, I couldn’t have a dog that’s smaller than a cat,” reasons Catherine. “He is lovely, though.”

“Tell people it’s a hamster,” suggests David.  Meanwhile, across the room, Phil Collinson is ripping up today’s shooting schedule.

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Steven Moffat: ‘He won’t be the dashing young man he was a minute ago’


The latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine ventures behind the scenes of Doctor Who Live: The Next Doctor, to interview showrunner Steven Moffat, presenter Zoë Ball and features an exclusive letter from Twelfth Doctor Peter Capaldi.

“The Doctor’s always said he’s thousands of years old, and suddenly he’s going to look closer to what we know he secretly is” says Steven Moffat, in an exclusive sneak-peek quote given to “He’s going to look like an older man. A fiercer man. He won’t be the dashing young man he was a minute ago, and I think that’ll be rather exciting…”

Of Peter Capaldi, Moffat goes on to say “He’s always looked like Doctor Who, how has this taken us so long?! Because the moment you say his name, you go ‘Of course!’ Because he’s got the hair, and he’s got the look, he’s brilliant, he’s known to be a fan, of course it’s bloody him!

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David Tennant, talking about winning the best Doctor poll in DWM back in 2006.

At the premiere of The Runaway Bride with Sarah Parish and Catherine Tate