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Since I noticed a ton of you keeps reblogging this thing, which is way too old and low-res and it makes me feel a little awkward, I made another sketch. Thank you.  ಠ◡ಠ

First Doctor audios and the Panel of DOOM

Most of the Chicago TARDIS convention this year was amazing and fantastic- however, I was very disappointed by everything I heard concerning Big Finish and the First Doctor era. 

Worst news first: Jason Haigh-Ellery (the guy who runs Big Finish) told me that they weren’t going to do any more audios with William Russell. ;_; 

I’m not entirely clear whether Russ asked to stop or if Jason simply decided not to ask him back for more, but he said Russ ‘was having difficulties’ recording the most recent audios and was ‘simply too old’. (He hadn’t apparently told Nicholas Briggs they weren’t doing any more with Russ tho, and Nick seemed keen that they might still work with him again yet, so maybe if we’re lucky, we might have hope of convincing him to do at least another Short Trip or two yet. *fingers crossed*)

Other bad news: There was supposed to be a fan panel discussing the upcoming re-cast First Doctor audios- I was supposed to be on it, and I was intending to represent the section of fandom who wasn’t in favor of it. I was expecting a polite exchange of ideas among fans from different viewpoints- HOWEVER: when I got there, only one of the other panelists had showed up, so they brought in NICHOLAS BRIGGS to be on the panel with us instead.


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Christmas icons

I made a few Christmas icons and I need you to help me decide which one to take

(you can also use them if you want, but please reblog ;))

so, what do you think, which one should I take?

Fic: Solace (Eleven/Clara)

Summary: Clara receives a knock on her door. Before/After The Time of the Doctor (here be spoilers)

Author: Rebecca 

Rating: R (ish)

Author’s Notes: I hope this isn’t a terrible mess, but I needed to write this because of reasons.

- - - -

You know that feeling you get whenever months seem to fly by in the blink of an eye and hours stretch on for what feels like days? That’s what it’s like when when you return to your life after travelling with the Doctor. Clara had never wanted to abandon her life on Earth or disrupt her own timeline, which was why she had restricted their travels to certain days of the week. Granted, her Wednesdays sometimes lasted a month or longer, but she really tried to keep in sync with her life. Her travels with the Doctor were a part of her life, not the other way around, and she liked it like that. She wished it had never changed.


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“Stuck With You” - Digital Oil Painting

Since I posted the last chapter of Christmas In Gallifrey today, I thought I’d post the painting I did of the manip I made for the cover art. I also like to think that this could easily be TenToo and Rose, during their first Christmas in Pete’s World.

This is NOT a Photoshop filter, every stroke is painted by me.


I think I posted this before. I know others have as this has been around for more than a year now, but I need a cheer-me-up and this does it. For those who don’t know it, this video is a trailer for an alternate universe where Series 8 was a romantic comedy. The fact it works is testament to the fact that at times it actually was.

I get the feeling that whoever made the video also sees the end of Last Christmas as Clara and Twelve eloping…you’ll see.

The Doctor is an all new man and has been for a while. It may have slipped his mind that out there, in a very tangled and complicated way, is his wife that has never seen this face before and doesn’t even know about this incarnation. We’re about to stand with the Doctor and see what River is like when she doesn’t know he’s looking. We’re about to see what River thinks of Matt Smith turning into Peter Capaldi.

River Song meets the Capaldi Doctor, that’s got to be fun – I’d like to write that. That’s what made me want to write. I knew it had to be a big romp for Christmas day and there’s nothing like River Song to make that evident – River brings a whole storm of camp glamour to it.
—  Steven Moffat, giving an introduction to The Husbands of River Song and what made him want to write the episode [x]

I’m going on the record and saying that I really don’t think that Clara is leaving/dying in the Christmas episode.  

They’ve been doing so much with her character this season, practically every episode has made me look at her in a different way.  There’s no way that Danny’s death and the Doctor leaving isn’t going to lead to more character development.  From a story telling point of view, it doesn’t make sense to put a character through that and then kill them before you can really explore the consequences.  She doesn’t feel like a character who’s story is coming to an end, but a character who still has a lot of potential left for story telling.

The only way I see Clara leaving is if Jenna Coleman wants to move on, but given how well she gets along with Peter Capaldi, I doubt that that’s the case.