doctor who logos

Just for a fun, I had a go at designing a new Doctor Who logo. I wanted to base it vaguely on my favourites – the 1970 Bernard Lodge design for Jon Pertwee and Sid Sutton’s 1980 design – and to come up with something that was simple and not immediately sci-fi or comic book in style.

I ended up doing something a bit Rennie-Mackintosh influenced, which might be quite appropriate given Peter Capaldi’s links to the Glasgow School of Art. And, to give it some context, the background is an idea I’ve been kicking around for a while for a new title sequence. I’d love the show’s opening to return to something more abstract and organic – a visual representation of time travel and the unknown, rather than a literal journey through a literal space.

Torchwood. Outside the government, beyond the police. And putting our logos on EVERYTHING.

So after weeks of seeing that icon with the pumpkin and the Torchwood logo scroll by on a few fandom blogs (@iant0jones and a couple of others), and needing a design for my cousins’ annual pumpkin carving party, I finally gave in and did the thing.

To be perfectly accurate, my friend and I both did the thing, except his thing was U.N.I.T. and my thing was Torchwood. (And my pumpkin was twice the size. I’m sure there’s a Captain Jack-worthy joke lurking in there somewhere, but I’m not going in after it.)

If these pumpkins can survive two weeks without withering, we’re going to enter them in the Doctor Who pumpkin carving contest at Who North America’s Doctoberfest. (I’ve already bleached them, and when they’re dry tomorrow I’ll try to seal them to keep the thin membranes from cracking, but two weeks is longer than most carved pumpkins seem to last. If only we had a TARDIS…)

The dream is over

I wrapped on Doctor Who on Wednesday. We shot my final scene and suddenly that was it, “That’s a wrap on Bethany.” They presented me with a chair back with my name and the Doctor Who Logo and away I went to get out of costume and take my make-up off.

A life’s ambition achieved, every moment relished and then… Over. I said bye to all the crew and to Sara my make-up artist and then went to my trailer and cried whilst I got changed.

I know it’s not over, it’s not even begun, from here there’s recording ADR then when it comes out there’s the attention, and then for the rest of my life, Whovians like myself wanting to talk to me about it, writing emails to me, and the conventions. Who’s always been a part of my life, and from here it will forever be a part of my life.

It’s awesome, but for now it’s back to reality knowing that down in Cardiff the Doctor and Clara continue on their travels. As a fan of Doctor Who, being in it is like living it for real. The most interesting time of your life happens with the funny man in the blue box and then he goes, and you’re left to deal with the reality, from danger, aliens and the time lord with all of time and space at his disposal to emptying a blocked sink, cleaning cat puke and doing my washing

Greatest job in the world, and I recognise how lucky I am, so many millions of people would give anything to be in my position, and now to deal with the realisation, I’ve probably reached the peak of my life’s ambitions.

Where can you go after that? Star Wars? Marvel Comics Universe? Game of Thrones? Hopefully all three then a Sesame Street guest spot followed by Desert Island Discs, then to weep salt tears for there are no more worlds to conquer.