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Never be cruel. Never be cowardly. Whether you were here for 5 minutes or 50 years. Whether you pop in and out or inhabit the vault. If you’re in it for the fez or just want to nick a screwdriver. If all you want is to do is pat the tin dog. Maybe you want the planets -  maybe you need the stars. If you’ve smiled from afar or taken it into your heart -

- we’re all real fans of Doctor Who. Love is not a competition. Let us be kind.

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Can we please ship Mickey Smith and Reinette? Just do yourself a favor for a second and imagine:

  • it’s Mickey’s first trip to outer space in the TARDIS. They find the fireplace, and good old tin-dog Mickey knocks the wrong thing and wheels around into 1700s France
  • he sees this little girl (and Mickey is good with kids), and he hears the clock—and he’s a mechanic, he knows a six-foot sound when he hears one—he is scared out of his mind, but Mickey Smith is not one to leave scared little kids, his grandmother taught him better than that
  • and there’s THE AUTOMATON. Mickey Smith, panicked in trying to protect this kid and not get killed in his first outing, catches the Automaton’s attention and gets it over by the fireplace and hooked to the ledge
  • Frantic, he smacks the thing that got him here and he’s back at the spaceship, automaton in tow, Ten mildly shocked but happy to play with more robots if Mickey will go get them
  • Ten is so distracted by the robot that he doesn’t notice a certain somebody pressing the thing again—Mickey wants to make sure the little French girl is okay—Rose’s “wait!” falls on empty air.
  • and oh shit, Mickey is met by this gorgeous woman, who calls him her imaginary friend and seems to remember him as a hero, an angel, not a scared guy—and oh no, this woman is Madame de Pompadour, isn’t she?!
  • quite a start for your first adventure
  • And when Mickey gets back through the fireplace, Rose and the Doctor have wandered off—of course they have, that’s what they do—so Mickey, looking for them, wanders through another door and into France again, and meets Reinette some more
  • and more automatons, of course; but Mickey’s a mechanic, he knows his way around those; delicate parts snap easily
  • Reinette is a delicate part, and wants to dance
  • Meanwhile, the Doctor and Rose are working it out from the ship—Reinette being 37 is what the droids want; and oh, no, the droids are about to strike.
  • Mickey doesn’t consult them. He has a horse (after all, he’s let Rose keep the Doctor), he has a mirror, he has Reinette—
  • Reinette.
  • Reinette, the only woman who has focused on him, and seen the hero he could be.
  • Reinette, so loyal that she rejoices even if he only shows up every few years.
  • Reinette, who is treated as an object by the droids just as much as he is treated as a tin dog by the rest of his life.
  • Reinette……
  • Mickey Smith jumps through the mirror, riding a horse. He and Reinette drink wine, and count the stars they would like to visit but never will now.
  • One wrong fireplace and Reinette is gone forever. Mickey reads her letter in the TARDIS. The Doctor and Rose leave him alone (alone, again). Mickey decides he will be the hero Reinette saw him as.
  • Next adventure, Mickey defeats thousands of Cybermen.

Ten being a puppy in Born Again

Hetalia at a Sleepover
  • France: brought all 69 of his body pillows with him*
  • England: didn't eat any food, demanded they watch Doctor Who
  • america: hosted the sleepover, won the pillow fight, ate a half of the blue cake because "WE COULDN'T LET IT GO TO WASTE"
  • canada: ate the caramel popcorn, pranked everyone by putting on pornhub instead of the movie
  • china: laughed when the dog died
  • russia: sat on everyone
  • prussia: laid on the couch alllllll day and didn't move for a second, instantly regretted not moving when russia decided to sit on the couch
  • hungary: hit prussia on the head with her frying pan when she found out he basically ate 3/4 of the food
  • japan: ate half of his popcorn, cried when the dog died, scolded china when he laughed as the dog died
  • italy: ran for cover when the pillow fight started
  • romano: "YOU BASTARD! WHY DID YOU THROW THAT PILLOW AT ME IN THE FIRST PLACE?!!??? ************!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
  • germany: the awkward one at the sleepover, judged each movie they watched. shed a tear as the dog died
  • "damn, china's being a bitch!"
  • "Zhat vas zhe dumbest zhing Captain America ever did."
  • liechtenstein: when refused permission to enter the pillow fight by switzerland, she knitted cute bows and blankets with hungary, belarus, and ukraine
  • belarus: basically hissed at each and every country
  • ukraine: her shirt accidently ripped open and America was able to enjoy the bubbles for a while after he slipped on a banana peel
  • switzerland: forbade liechtenstein to do ANYTHING with austria
  • austria: couldn't find a piano, so he went exploring
  • australia: laughed at the food and cried about steve irwin while they watched Crocodile Dundee
  • sealand: pranked denmark by pouring pineapples all over him...but cried when he realized it reminded him of Gutters
  • denmark: was reading Gutters and cried at Sealand's prank
  • norway: rolled his eyes at everyone and was just as awkward as germany
  • sweden: picked the best movie out of them all
  • finland: kept sealand away from the violent movies...and the food
  • iceland: played dressup with his puffin
  • hidekaz himuraya decided to come and see how his creations were doing: *sees all the chaos* *sweats* what have i done...
Questions Ask

Hello lovely people of the tumblr world. I was tagged by the amazing @harryismyfirstname to play this game (also check out her blog it’s amazing) thank you so much and I hope I don’t disappoint hahaha

(well that was off to a weird start already..)
And so let the games begin

Name: My full name is Esmeralda Nathalie Hollander but for short it’s just Esmee

Nickname: I have quite a few nicknames, I don’t even think I know all of them but mostly it’s stuff like Es or Essie. A friend of mine also likes to call me Essie Bosbessie (a bosbes is a blueberry in English ;)) I’m really weird so sometimes I talk in third person and then I call myself Esmoii (as in my name plus the French word for me, moi. You guys probably already knew that but yeah..) in my friend group people also call me unicorn that’s probably also my name in quite a few of their phones and I think that’s about it.

Zodiac Sign: I’m a Capricorn and let’s just say I don’t believe any of those zodiac posts cause they all think we’re evil or something

Height: last time I checked I was 1.62 m that’s somewhere around 5'3 I think

Orientation: I absolutely hate these kinds of questions just because I’m heterosexual and there are loads of “straight” people hating on the LGBTQ community. But I absolutely love every single person in the LGBTQ community . A few of my friends are LGBTQ and they are the most awesome people you’ll meet and I just love them to death ❤ ( and…. I just found out there is no rainbow flag in the emojis)

Gender: I’m a girl but I’d rather be an amazing unicorn

Nationality: I’m Dutch but I also love the other part of me which is Filipino, after all I look more Filipino than I do Dutch and the food is way better XP

Favourite fruit: MANGO!!! ( and again I can’t find the emoji)

Favourite season: I actually don’t like any season at all XD because through out the year I’m always sick. Spring and Summer bring hay fever and when it’s Autumn or Winter I always get a cold. But if I had to choose it has to be Autumn or Winter, because it’s cold and I can wear oversized sweaters and drink loads of hot cocoa and tea. Also Christmas I absolutely love Christmas even though here in Holland we don’t celebrate it as much, because we have something called “Sinterklaas”

Favourite weather: when it’s not to cold and not to hot so you’ll have to wear a jacket but you won’t get cold. This is a hard thing to achieve because it’s either raining and very cold or it’s really hot and dry or hot and stuffy. stupid Dutch weather

Favourite flower: roses because they remind me of my father and Lilly’s

Favourite smell: although I love the smell of books, I love the smell of vanilla and coconut so much more. It smells so sweet and reminds me of cookies

Favourite colour: When I was younger my favourite colour was blue and I hated pink, now I’ve come to the conclusion that I like every colour but it has to be in pastels

Favourite animal: I love animals and I don’t like people in general so you’re pretty damn special if I like you. but the animals I love the most are cats, dogs and dolphins

Tea, Coffee or Hot Chocolate?: I hate coffee, I just can’t stand the taste even the smell of it, and even if there is a little bit of coffee in something I can taste it and immediately don’t like it anymore. On the other hand I love tea and hot chocolate because what’s not to love

Favourite Fiction Character: This is a horrible question, there are so many characters I love to death so I’m not going to choose

Number of Blankets you sleep with: There is standard one blanket I sleep with but sometimes in winter I have one extra because otherwise it’s to cold and in summer I sleep with a malong which I got as a present from my grandmother

Dream Trip: My dream trip in real life has got to be going to America because I’ve never been there and I would love to go there. Dream wise it has to be London for some weird reason I’m always there when I dream about something, sometimes I’m just there to visit and sometimes I live there. I also love going to different universe’s either it be the Harry potter universe, doctor who and sometimes the little girl in me turns up again and I’m saving the world with the girls from winx club. I have a really broad imagination and I’m in loads of fandoms so most of my dreams revolve around one of the fandoms

Blog Created: to be honest I don’t know and I don’t know where I can find it but I think it has to be 2016 or early 2017

Wow! That was so fun and it kinda turned out to be a long post ( man I miss writing, maybe i should start again) again thank you @harryismyfirstname for tagging me. In return I want to tag: @lifeisahighway41402 and @vikkstarburst123

A Place For Us To Dream || Journey’s End

Title: A Place For Us To Dream (65/65)
Rating: T
Summary: —Doomsday AU— What would have happened if the Doctor’s lever had been the one to slip? If the Doctor had been the one trapped in the parallel universe? Rose has to pick up the pieces and carry on in his place. After all, someone has to be the Doctor.
Characters: Tenth Doctor, Rose Tyler, Jackie Tyler, Pete Tyler, Mickey Smith, Martha Jones, Donna Noble
Notes: This story was inspired by a number of things — namely badwolfrun trying to keep me entertained at work by sending me this ask, which became this graphic and this graphic made by MK, and subsequent discussions with MK and perfectlyrose. Enjoy!


Note: Well here it is. The end of this epic adventure. Well, the end of part one anyways :D I just wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone who supported me – whether it be with fanart or reviews or whatever. You are all amazing and I love you to death. Special special thanks to badwolfrun​, whose dedication to this story is almost frightening (in a good way!).

I’ll start posting the sequel next Friday (August 21). The title is A Journey Through Time.

And could you do me a favor? If you’ve been a silent reader all this time speak up and let me know? I’d really like to hear from the people who don’t usually speak up. Even if it’s just an anon message. That’s what anon is for, you know.

Now. Here we go!

The TARDIS doors creaked open, and there was Donna. She ran out, and Davros fired.


The beam of energy stopped halfway to Donna, however. The Doctor looked back to see Rose holding a glowing hand out to it.

Move, Donna.

I am! Donna insisted, only to be stopped as she was surrounded by Daleks. Rose—!

Everyone watched, stunned, as the Daleks surrounding Donna disintegrated into golden dust.

“Rose, stop,” the Doctor insisted, his mind flashing back to Platform Five. She was going to die if she kept doing this.

“Relax, my Doctor.” Her voice reverberated just slightly. “Everything will be fine.”

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How would Jihoon,Seungcheol,Jeonghan & Wonwoo be when his girlfriend got like a quite serious disease but has a chance to cure it. But she just smile at them & said that everything is going to be alright

Oh lordy a heartacher 3 I’ll try my best

Jihoon would be wrecked. He’d be so freaked out over the fact that you might die and he might lose you, trying to be strong for you but in reality just having a total break down. Every part of his heart would be breaking. He’d be serious constantly, always worried about you. He’d live life normally, pretending to be fine but in reality he’d have become clumsy, always dropping things or just stop doing something, occasionally breaking down when he was alone. He’d become harsher to the members, never smiling at all anymore- not that they wouldn’t know why. All his free time would be spent with you, making sure you were comfortable. When the news came that you could be cured he’d be crying, every part of him so relieved. He would grab one of your hands, squeezing it tightly as he brought it to his forehead, trying to fight back the tears as they silently ran down his face. When you just smile and tell him everything will be fine, he would just grab your face, softly kissing your forehead before hugging you to his chest tightly. 

Seongchol would be heartbroken. His first reaction would be tears, just streaming down his face over the fact that you might die. He’d just hold you so tight you’d barely be able to breathe. When he was alone he’d sob to himself, fraught over the fact that he might lose you, asking why you? After the initial shock he’d constantly be doting on you, making sure you feel well and accompanying you to every hospital visit, and even if you feel the slightest bit cold he’d run to get you a blanket and a cup of tea. When you tell him you have the chance to be cured, he’d be shocked, freezing up before it hit him, and then breaking out into joy filled yells, fist pumping into the air, telling nearly everyone he saw that you were going to be cured! He’d tear up just a little bit and immediately scoop you up, swinging you around. You’re going to live!! When you smile sweetly and tell him everything will be alright, he would pull you into his lap and hug you tightly, kissing your hair and murmuring “I know.” 

Jeonghan would just go into shock. He’d turn into a rock, refusing to even believe it. You can’t die. There is no way. His denial would last a short amount of time, refusing to talk to anyone but you, and only in quiet voice, ignoring whatever you were saying whenever you brought up the disease. Finally, he would just except it when you are a doctor’s visit one day and the doctor would admit you might only have few months to live. He would just start to cry. He’d hold onto you, letting his tears fall, swearing through heaven and hell he would not let you die. He would be constantly by your side, quietly making sure you were taken care of, like a silent guardian angel. The day the news came that they’d discovered a cure for your disease, he would be hollering in happiness, no longer quiet like usual. He’d give you the biggest smile and just hug you, sitting beside you for the rest of the appointment, holding your hand and listening intently as the doctor would explain your treatment. Afterwards he’d smile at you brightly and tell you that you are going to live- as well as a joking “I told you so”. When you smile and say you’ll be alright, he would just kiss you sweetly and put his forehead to yours, letting you know he understood.

Wonwoo just wouldn’t even know what to do, he’d be so shocked. He’d be freaking out, pacing everywhere and constantly asking, “What do you mean serious disease?” and “It’s curable, right? She’ll be fine?” and “You can fix this can’t you?” His shy exterior would fade into that of a guard dog. He’d be gruff with anyone who even tried to say you weren’t going to get better- especially the doctors, and then constantly doting on you, staying by your side. Eventually he would kind of internally accept it but would still persist that they would find a cure, always telling you that he was sure that the next time you visited the doctor that he’d have good news and when he didn’t he just say he didn’t know what he was talking about. When the cure came he would just be flooded with relief. His only reaction would be to turn and just envelope you in a hug, his breath heavy and erratic. “Thank god,” he would murmur. When you finally pull back and look up at him, smiling, saying you’d be just fine, he would take a shaky breath and just nod before kissing you softly and pulling you back into the hug. 

Aw this near broke my heart I hope I have someone like these guys if something like that ever happens to me 3


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Years, Hannibal advent day 27

for @howishughdancyevenpossible whose post (here) inspired me to write today’s advent fic, they were so kind as to let me run with their idea. Thank you again my dear!

this took on a life of it’s own.


Will woke to the early morning sun that poured through the wide multi-paned windows that stretched across one wall of the bedroom he shared with Hannibal. He yawned and stretched, luxuriating in the cool silk sheets below him in the three years at Hannibal’s side after their fall, Will found himself growing more and more comfortable with Hannibal’s expensive tastes and in turn Hannibal’s had found himself enjoying the simple things in life. It’s safe to say they spoiled each other, immensely.

One good example of how Will spoiled his husband were the overnight cinnamon rolls that were waiting for him downstairs, from the first moment he had tasted them Hannibal had absolutely adored them and now he never stopped pestering Will to reveal his secret recipe. Will never did, he only smiled and shook his head every time Hannibal asked much to the man’s chargin. But because of his love for Will’s cinnamon rolls it was now a sort of tradition that they had them every Saturday morning and Will would bring them up to Hannibal to wake him up in the morning. Another thing Hannibal had grown used to these past three years was sleeping in, who would have guessed the doctor was truly someone who would rather stay in bed than get up and start the day. Now that he didn’t have patients calling him at all hours of the day or night and the fact that they were relatively safe in their homey Parisian cottage, having been declared dead back in the states, he found no reason to keep up the pretense of the early riser doctor. Will on the other had could never get the hang of sleeping too late, like clockwork he got up hours before Hannibal to let the dogs out and start breakfast, which was now his responsibility alone. He figured it was from the years of working early mornings in the boatyard with his dad and years of FBI work, he never minded though it meant he got to see his sleepy cannibal wake up with yawns, soft smiles, and morning cuddles.

Speaking of the devil, Will turned on his side to look at his husband of three years who snored softly next to him. He lay on his stomach facing Will, the fingers of one hand pressed loosely to his lips as the other was curled up and around his pillow. Will grinned as he sat up letting the light his Hannibal’s face, who turned his head and snuffled into his pillow already mumbling for just five more minutes. Will pressed a kiss to his bare shoulder and then again behind his ear, pushing away Hannibal’s long shoulder length hair away with his hand Will whispered in his ear.

“I’ll come back with some coffee, hmmm?”

Hannibal nodded already drifting back under as Will slipped out of bed, not bothering to gather up the silk bathrobe as he’d soon be covered in flour anyway. On his way to the bathroom he stopped to pet Encephalitis, their three legged dachshund who was flopped on its back asleep in the swell of Hannibal’s sheet covered ass. With all his hesitation Hannibal had taken a liking to the dog, breaking his own rule of no dogs in the bed when he bought her little stairs that led up to their bed to make it easier for her to join them at night. Encephalitis chuffed herself awake and bounced down the stairs to join him in the bathroom as he relieved himself. She followed him down the stairs and into the kitchen where he opened the sliding glass door that led to the backyard and let her out. He left the door open to let her come and go as she pleased while he set out to make coffee and boil the water to help the rolls rise. As the coffee steeped in the French press Will retrieved the p remade rolls from the fridge and placed them in the cold oven and put a pan of boiling hot water underneath the rolls and shut the door, there they would stay for thirty minutes.

During that time he poured Hannibal a large mug of strong coffee, still puttering around the house in just his boxer-briefs Will brought the coffee back upstairs and into their bedroom. Where he set it down on the nightstand before turning with his hands on his hips to take in his husband, who now was on his back head turned away from the sun. Encephalitis had found herself back in bed with Hannibal, cradled in the crook of his arm. Will ran his fingers through the hair on Hannibal’s chest and rubbed his stomach, massaging the heel of his hand into the scar there. Leaning over he pressed feather light kisses to the corner of Hannibal’s mouth, the man hummed but showed no signs of joining the waking world.

“Hannibal, come on. Start waking up for me, I brought you coffee.”

Hannibal nodded and mumbled a groggy thank you, but nuzzled back into his pillow resolutely refusing to wake. Will really hadn’t expected anything different; he loved it when Hannibal was like this, the man’s trust firmly in Will’s hands as he gluttoned on sleep. He only smiled and pressed another kiss to Hannibal’s forehead and rubbed his belly for a few more moments watching as he slept.

Finally deeming that it was time to get the rolls baking Will made his wake back down stairs. Removing the pan of water he emptied it and put it on the stove to make the icing, he turned on the oven and started the timer. He had some time before he needed to start the icing so he poured himself some coffee and spooned in two sugars, he checked the news in both Paris and America on Hannibal’s tablet. When he could smell the cinnamon and yeast Will began the hot cream cheese icing, as a last thought Will took out another pan and started frying up slices of “long pig” bacon. This particular one was rather rude, daring to touch himself as he peeked through windows at children, definitely not something neither Will nor Hannibal could let slide.

When the timer went off and the bacon was crispy and draining on some paper towels, Will removed them from the oven and turned it off. Setting the tray on the counter he turned and took up the icing and drizzled a generous amount all over each roll which were easily the size of Hannibal’s palm, when done he set six cinnamon rolls on a separate tray to sit in the pantry to stale so he could use them to make bread pudding for tomorrow’s dessert, if Hannibal could keep his mitts off of them. On his way back into the kitchen he snagged the breakfast tray and piled four rolls along with the bacon and his own topped off cup of coffee along with a carafe of fresh coffee, and made his way back upstairs.

In the bedroom Hannibal hadn’t moved an inch, still sprawled out on his back. Will shook his head and set the breakfast tray on the bed and climbed into it to join Hannibal. Now more persistent to wake Hannibal, his kisses were harder and his touch more insistent. He rubbed circles on Hannibal’s belly and chest each one brought Hannibal a little closer to consciousness, Will murmured gently calling him to eat.

“Come on Hannibal, time to wake up I’ve brought breakfast. It’s Saturday so cinnamon rolls are in store for you if you wake up.”

Hannibal’s eyebrows rose but didn’t open his eyes as he took a deep breath in, “You’ve made bacon as well.”

Will nodded even though Hannibal couldn’t see him, he took Encephalitis in his arms and moved her away to Hannibal could sit up. Though instead of sitting Hannibal rose to lean back on his elbows to gaze at Will with naked adoration in his eyes, lips quirked in a soft smile that was just for him.

“You look radiant this morning Will.”

Will laughed and kissed Hannibal who happily returned it, “You say that every morning.”

“And each morning it becomes truer than the last, lovely boy.”

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Sorry same anon. I meant 2 and 20. I'm so sorry

It’s all good.

2: With a hoarse voice, under the blankets

20: As we huddle together, the storm raging outside

The Way You Said I Love You

Will gladly accepted the hot bowl of soup from Nico, scooting over on the bed to make room for his husband. Nico crawled under the blankets next to him, shivering once he got settled. Thunder cracked loudly outside, and Will wondered idly who did what to piss Zeus off so much.

“Thanks for the soup.” Will’s voice cracked horribly, and he winced at the sound of it, like someone had sent his vocal cords through a cheese grader.

“I still can’t believe you went outside in the rain with wet hair. Aren’t you the doctor?” Nico laid his head on Will’s shoulder, his cold nose bringing some relief to Will’s hot skin.

“I was just letting the dog out.” Will sipped on the broth, letting a few noodles slide down his sore throat.

“Barefoot without a shirt on. It’s no wonder you’re sick now.” Nico pressed his nose into the side of Will’s face and inhaled sharply when thunder hit directly about them, rattling their windows.

“Hey,” Will cooed softly, “you know it’s not going to hurt us. We’ve helped Zeus out too many times.” Nico shook slightly and Will set the cup aside on the nightstand, sliding down in the bed next to Nico. 

Lighting momentarily lit up the room and Nico whined before burying his face in Will’s chest, trembling as Will wrapped his arms around him. Will pulled the blankets over their heads with his free hand before carding it through Nico’s hair.

“There’s no reason to be scared.” Will hummed, his voice cracking and ruining the soothing tone he was trying to create. “It’s not going to hurt us.” 

“The storms hurt my head. They make everything fuzzy.” Nico kept his eyes firmly shut while Will rubbed circles into his shoulder blades. 

“I know. It’s because you’re a son of Hades. Just like storms hurt Percy’s head, and flying gives you both nausea. Or how sailing makes Jason sick to his stomach. It’s a Big Three thing.” Will kissed the top of his head. “It’ll be okay though. We’re way over due on some peace and quiet for a few millenniums.”

Nico whined quietly again at distant thunder, but slowly his shaking stopped. “Sorry. You’re sick, you shouldn’t have to be taking care of me.”

Will smiled down at his husband. “Nah, I always take care of you. I love taking care of you.”

A heavy lump at their feet told both men that the dog had decided to join them. Nico smiled slightly and Will closed his eyes. Nico kissed his forehead and whispered to his skin. “Get some sleep. You’ll feel better in the morning. I love you.” He settled back into Will, heaving a quiet sigh of exhaustion. 

Will’s mind was slipping, the fever slowly taking over his thoughts. He knew he’d be sorry tomorrow. His voice came out hoarse and barely audible over the sound of rain hitting the roof and the windows. “Goodnight, I love you too.”

The storm ragged on, but Nico and Will were perfectly content right where they were.

I’m slowly getting back into the swing of prompts.

(Closed Asylum rp for littlechubbyamerica) -Princess-

A man was barking and growling in his cage. Making a whole lot of noises and causing most of the doctors to stay away from the door this man is in. His name is Princess. Or at least that’s what everybody else calls him. He was taken in the asylum for not only his barking and growling in a dog like manner, but also he was taken in for cannibalism. “Princess please stop barking and speak like a human being. Your not a dog”. The man growled and snarled at the doctor who was trying to shut him up. After a while Princess finally became silent and he coward to a corner. He never really speaks actual words, yet when he does, it’s only because he have something important to say, or if someone is literally trying to engage into a conversation with him. His cell door opened and he let his tongue out and crawled over to whoever opened the door.

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met in veterinarian's waiting room AU with klaine, and maybe one of them has an exotic pet and the other has a fluffy one?

Klaine Bingo : Regression

“Shh, Pepe, it’s okay, the good doctor will take care of you.”

Blaine pets the poor little skunk who is shivering in his arms, his chin hooked over Blaine’s arm and his usually animated tail laying limply over his stomach.

Doctor Cohen-Chang’s waiting room is empty, but then again, it is 4 a.m.–Blaine knows that otherwise she wouldn’t have been able to see him on such short notice.

But Pepe has been vomiting regularly all day long, and Blaine worries that it might be Intussusception.

Yes he has been checking veterinarian forums online.

“Is that a skunk?”

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shit my friends and family say meme

“I fed him and now he won’t leave.”
“We will change the future!”
“You can’t just change the whole English language to suit you!”
“Does it hurt when you stick your finger in there?”
“What are they teaching you at that school of yours?”
“Why do I pay good money to send you to school if you aren’t going to learn anything?”
“Hey, _______ , they’re talking about yoda!”
“Oh look who it is! The best person in the world!”
“Um excuse me, where the fuck is my invite?!”
“You can’t wear superman tracksuit pants and a batman jumper!”
“He’s obsessed with the turkey microphone.”
“I put sticky tape on there, that means no!”
“He fucking ate my maltesers!”
“Yeah, taste the string on my shorts.”
“She told my doctor I smoked weed and now I have to deal with a lecture.”
“I fucking locked that bitch outside who let her in.”
“I think I have had several mid-life crisis’s already.”
“Your dog keeps staring at me.”
“I’m batman and you’re robin.”
“All he is ever doing is sleeping, watching anime or playing video games.”
“He’s kinda like the hulk, you won’t like him when he’s angry.”
“_______ thought the Trojans were Vikings.”
“I just bought a forty pack of condoms.”
“She’s evil, don’t let her out of the bottle.”
“_______, thinks you hate him.”
“I always knock when ________ is over, just in case they’re having sex.”
“Aagh! Why are there so many cats?!”
“That’s because you’re adopted!”
“I have to look at dead bodies like once a week.”
“What are those things doing inside?”
“We started to rewatch Supernatural for you and now you won’t even watch it!”
“Your father’s an idiot.”
“I’m sorry ________ but you’ve been voted off the island, get out.”
“People think that just because they have a PhD they can teach, but they can’t.”

Fantastic Foursome - Preference #2 - Dentist
  • Dan: You and Dan hop in the car, driving to the dentist to get your wisdom teeth out. On your way there, Dan turned his head, staring at you for a moment until he spoke up. "You're awfully calm over getting your wisdom teeth pulled out." He states, his eyes glancing back on the road. You shrug casually. "Yeah, dentists don't really scare me that much. I had to go there a few times as a child." You explain. "I find it quite easy." You add. Dan looked at you like you were crazy. "Really? Your not even one bit nervous or scared of getting your teeth yanked out?" "Nope." You reply, popping the 'p'. "Geez Y/N, wish I was as brave as you." he said. Once you arrive at the dentist, you both sit down in a seat, waiting for your name to be called out. You then suddenly feel a few butterflies, but you shrugged them off, wanting to show Dan that you weren't scared at all. Then came the dreaded moment. "Y/N?" one of the nurses called out, spotting you and giving you a smile. "Come right this way." Dan got up, reaching out to take your hand but you sat completely still, your hands frozen onto the sides of the chair. "No." you say sternly. Dan and the nurse exchange looks, then glancing back at you. "Y/N? You okay? I thought you said you were alright with it." "Not with getting my teeth yanked out." You hiss at him, quoting at what he said in the car. Your eyes still fixed on the space that you were staring at, your knuckles turned white from gripping the chair to hard. Dan gulped, now feeling bad at what he said. "Come on love, once it's over we can watch Doctor Who and eat some ice-cream." "Vanilla ice-cream?" You pout, now peering over to look at Dan, giving him puppy dog eyes. "Whatever flavour you'd like." He grinned. You shakily stand up, grab onto Dan's hand tightly and follow the nurse into the room.
  • Phil: "Don't make me go! Please!" You beg on your knees, clinging onto Phil's plaid shirt. "Y/N, your Mum said I have to take you! She said I'm the best at reassuring you!" You let out a loud whine, collapsing to the floor dramatically. Phil bent down to pull you up but you growled at him, making him jump back. "Don't touch me." You hiss, laying on your stomach. "Y/N, please, it will be over in no time." He grinned, crouching down next to you. "Bull." You reply back, your voice muffled from facing the ground. "Come on!" He says, literally dragging you out the door with your hands. You made your body limp, making yourself heavier for him. Phil groaned, picking you up and flinging you over his shoulder, carrying you to the car. You sat there in your seat, not even moving to put your seat belt on. "You are so dramatic!" Phil laughed, reaching over to buckle you in. You were still limp, your head resting against the window. Which was quite a bad mistake, since Phil drove over a bump, causing you to hit your head on the window. "YOW!" You yelp, jerking up and clutching the side of your head. Phil couldn't help but snicker. "That'll teach you." But the caring person he his, he reached his hand over to your head, giving it a quick, gentle rub. You both pull into the car park, Phil unbuckling his seat belt and hopping out of the car. You quickly made yourself limp again, meaning that he would have to take you in himself by carrying you again. Phil opened the car door, a dull look on his face. "Seriously." He sighed. "I'm not carrying you again." "Carry me." "No." "Yes." Phil chuckled silently, knowing he was defeated. He picked you up, carrying you bridal style to the entrance of the dentist. A few people gave you strange looks, but you just smirked at them.
  • Chris: Your leg jumps up and down anxiously as you bite your nails, staring into space. Chris looks up at you from the magazine that he found upon the coffee table in the waiting room. "What's up?" he asks innocently. "What's up? What's up!" You stare at him like he was crazy. "I'll tell you what's up. I'm at the bloody dentist about to get my bloody teeth yanked out!" You hiss loudly at him, making a lady look up from her newspaper and give you a stern look. When she wasn't looking anymore, you stuck your tongue out at her. Chris smirked and snickered, shaking his head. "Yes, obviously. But why do you look so nervous?" You turn your head to him. "Did you not hear me?" "Yes, I heard you quite fine." He pelted back sassily, his eyes on the magazine again. You huffed and crossed your arms, waiting for that dreadful moment where your name is called by that awfully cheery lady with the bad nose job. You felt Chris place a comforting hand on your leg, making it immediately stop shaking. You sighed. You've been petrified of dentists since you could remember. Right now, you were a nervous wreck! You lean into Chris's chest, starting to calm down a bit. He smiled and booped your nose, chuckling silently. You both then continued to read the magazine until you heard the nurse call you up. "Oh dear God help me." You mumble, praying up towards the roof. Chris laughs and takes your hand, telling you it's going to be okay as well as cracking a few jokes while leading you in there.
  • PJ: You seat next to PJ on the uncomfortable seats, waiting patiently for your turn to get your wisdom teeth out. "Will it hurt Peej?" You ask, looking up at him, the colour draining from your face. "It'll be fine Y/N." He whispers, pulling you into a hug. You lay your head on his chest, twiddling your thumbs. You suddenly felt sick, but you knew it was just from the butterflies in your tummy. You clutch your stomach lightly, a small frown on your face. PJ pressed a light kiss on your temple, grabbing one of your hands and holding it tightly. You smile a little, he always made you feel better. You start humming your favourite song, hoping that it would take your mind off the dentist. Pj smiled to himself, tapping his feet along with your humming. You hummed a few more songs until the dentist walked in and gave you a grin. "Y/N, is it? It's your turn." You gulp. "Oh God PJ, I don't think I can do this!" You squeak, your heart pounding. "Yes you can." he smiled reassuringly, giving you a quick thumbs up. You took a few deep breaths. "You're right, I can!" You say, beaming proudly. "That's the spirit! Lets go!" PJ grinned as you strolled confidently to the room, PJ chuckling behind you.
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