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Seeing as I have returned from the dead, now is the perfect opportunity to follow more people! My tastes have changed a little and my dash needs some love.

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-Musicals in general

-Bookish things


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That’s all I can think of for now. If I come up with more I’ll add on to it. Now GO GO GO. PUNCH THAT BUTTON. LIKE A BOSS.


Examples of some of the scarves I’ve made, all of which are on sale now on my etsy page; Hazelknit.

@angry-muggle-lord’s commission of a Doctor Watson scarf from Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, a 12’ Doctor Who Scarf, and a personal project of a Newt Scamander Hufflepuff scarf (though extra long).


It took over a year, but I’m pretty much finished. The lighting’s not so great in my room so the background colors in these pics aren’t done justice. I wanted the background area to look sort of supernova-ish so I used some really vibrant pinks/purples as well as lighter blues and black. I’m just gonna add in some stars as an after effect. This thing is huge!


finally finished knitting my scarf! its the season 18 scarf from doctor who (pattern from, and its 17 feet and 8 inches long! (its longer than my dorm room lmao)
still have to sew in all the ends (😧) and its supposed to have a crocheted border and tassels, so its not fully complete yet, but it has reached its final length


An amazing, incredible and insanely detailed sci-fi mobile from our good friend and professional Etsy crafter, Knit Knit.

The theme song from each series plays at the touch of a moon crater, in music-box melody! It’s incredible.


Bless the people who love the Eighth Doctor.

Like. Ten gets so much love from everyone and goodness know I’m at the top of that list. And Eleven is really popular too. And Four is the definitive Doctor if you’re over 50 or really into Classic Series Who. Even Nine gets some love from most people.

But poor Eight had so little time. Unless you follow the audio adventures.



But he had so little time. And people will still make him their absolute favorite.

So the people who love Eight the best have these really big hearts that overlook the minimal exposure we got and just welcome him into the family like the really quiet kid that most people ignore or just find too hard to get to know even they wish they could getting adopted by this really small but loving family who love and appreciate him and make an effort to really get to know him.