doctor who is a very serious show

Cafe AU

I don’t know how this AU just hits today, but I also love the idea about Drift as Barista while Ratchet is an overworked doctor and is a regular customer in the cafe.

At first, Drift sense such an unusual attraction towards Ratchet, who becomes their regular customer and comes every early in the morning. He tries to not to show much how he was interested on Ratchet but fails, hiding in the corner while watching Ratchet drinks, being always the one who will serve coffee for him, and even take the cashier role just so he could face Ratchet.

He always tries his best to make Ratchet feel comfortable and even serve him with newspaper. Ratchet is also very serious at reading newspaper, serious about how news was going worst and see people kept dying each day, so he usually compliments Drift’s effort for him in rush or busy mood.

But there is this one day, when Ratchet finally in calm mood and unexpectedly make an eye contact at Drift when he make compliments, leaving him started to get more awkward as he blushes suddenly in front of him.

Drift hoping Ratchet didn’t noticed it, but he actually did, and its been since before. 

Ever since Ratchet and Drift began to form its relationship, Drift become more excited as ever and even put some decorative designs on his coffee. Until he never thought he already have put too many heart designs on Ratchet’s coffee, too obvious he’s already fallen in love ww


Ratchet asking Drift what kind of taste he likes and since he likes sweet better than bitter, Ratchet took a sugar cube & make Drift hold it for a second on his mouth before proceeding to kiss him and makes out from sugar.

I actually got more headcanons for this AU, but its already morning that I didn’t sleep all night just for the livestream >< ww