doctor who in 3d


Literally just spent two hours staring at him, we made eye contact twice, he looked super uncomfortable both times, it was a magical experience


I Didn’t Choose The Fandom Life…

A motion poster designed by Risa Rodil, animated by Jonny Eveson

A little while back I asked Risa if I could take one of her posters and animate it in 3D. We both settled on this design, a great piece of typography, with enough other fun animatable bits to warrant making the design move.

I had so much fun making this! Figuring out how each element animates to correlate with the particular fandom.

Thanks again to Risa for trusting me with her work like this. You can watch the whole animation in HD on Vimeo below:

‘Tenth Doctor 3D Glasses’ Photographic Print by jemscribbles
The Tenth Doctor, looking for void stuff. Digital drawing by Josie Murray • Also buy this artwork on wall prints, apparel, stickers, and more.

Now available on Redbubble!  (At @colourinside’s request!)


Doctor Who: Heaven Sent - Breaking the wall: Animated

Shared by Rachel Talalay on her Twitter, check out this amazing 3D animation put toward the final scenes of the Doctor escaping his nightmarish confides. This type of animation put me to mind of the classic DOS games on my PC.

F.Y.I.: the sound effects of the Veil screaming are the same creature sounds from games. One I used to play in the late 90′s into the 2000′s was Drakan: Order of the Flame. It had a creature called a Scavenger. Once killed, it makes that similar shriek sound like the Veil.

Here’s another video from veetov comparing animation to the live action sequences: