doctor who in 3d
‘Tenth Doctor 3D Glasses’ Photographic Print by jemscribbles
The Tenth Doctor, looking for void stuff. Digital drawing by Josie Murray • Also buy this artwork on wall prints, apparel, stickers, and more.

Now available on Redbubble!  (At @colourinside’s request!)


I Didn’t Choose The Fandom Life…

A motion poster designed by Risa Rodil, animated by Jonny Eveson

A little while back I asked Risa if I could take one of her posters and animate it in 3D. We both settled on this design, a great piece of typography, with enough other fun animatable bits to warrant making the design move.

I had so much fun making this! Figuring out how each element animates to correlate with the particular fandom.

Thanks again to Risa for trusting me with her work like this. You can watch the whole animation in HD on Vimeo below:



If any of my followers were into Doctor Who at some point but fell off due to Moffat’s writing I highly recommend catching up. Season 7 is rock bottom tbh. Season 8 was alright but the finale was amazing. Season 9 was super good, some of the episodes even resolved the 50th plot and made it waaayyy better (because let’s be real the 50th was spectacular to watch but the plot was trash). So far season 10 is incredible. It’s a gift. I love it and I love Bill so much. It feels much more like seasons 1-4 of new who imo. But like Clara actually got super fleshed out and feels like a person and not a fantasy. River’s plot was resolved and it was actually REALLY GOOD. And obviously this is all my opinion and yours could be different, but this is all coming from someone who prefers the RTD era and almost stopped watching the show herself after season 7. The worst part is that Moffat’s still in charge! He wrote this stuff! Why couldn’t his writing be this good the whole time lmao. If anyone wants to talk about this feel free to message me.