doctor who head!canon

No, you don’t get it. Like, Twelve was a professor for FIFTY FREAKING YEARS. Do you know how much head-canon you could take away from that?

Like, did he start off right away as the quirky/batshit-crazy professor, or did he start off mild and stoically polite, and then slowly let his eccentric qualities slip out one by one over the years?
How often did he go to faculty meetings? What did the other professors and adjuncts think of him? Did any of them hone in on the fact that, for fifty years, he looked exactly the same and never seemed to age all that much? Did he keep to himself, or was he super social? Did he chill in the dining hall with, like, the drugged-out Dramatic Acting professor and the super-cranked Advertising professor and just talk about books and art and the theoretical possibilities of time travel? Did he go on road trips with Acting and Advertising during spring break and get into regular-professor shenanigans? Like, did he do a five-day pub crawl with them in Cardiff or some shit like that?
And what about other classes? Did he teach anything besides Physics? Did he stick within the science curriculum, or did have a course on Shakespeare one year, and then on Van Goth the next? How long before the faculty heads gave him tenure? Did they make an acceptation to give him tenure sooner – like, “No, we NEED you to be here properly, you know SO FREAKING MUCH about EVERYTHING”?
Were their professors who envied him because of his knowledge? Did he have rival-professors gunning for his job?
Did he get invited to old students’ weddings? Did he ever meet up with old students after they graduated for, like, a cup of tea at the local cafe – just to catch up on things? In what ways did he truly effect the lives of his students?
And how did he handle the students who had to be in his class, who were forced to take physics in order to continue their art or history or acting degrees and therefore honestly did NOT want to be there?
How did he handle disruptive, or lazy, or offensive students?
How did he handle students who liked physics, but disliked him?
How did he handle the students that DID like him? Who were obsessed with him? Who made romantic advances toward him? There must have been at least one, surely.
What were his office hours? How many 0s or Fs did he give per class?
And the most important question of all – how much like Dick from Third Rock From the Sun was he? Exactly?

Whouffaldi Headcanons

The Doctor throwing a little surprise birthday party for Clara in the TARDIS but not on her birth date in real world time, but the actual days that she’s been alive because (of course) he kept track. 

The Doctor getting her a gift that she’s been talking about forever (bonus if the gift is something that doesn’t exist on earth at that time and he goes across time and space to find it for her) 

The Doctor planning out the entire day for her and takes her on this great adventure. But it’s all a surprise to Clara, and every time they arrive somewhere, clara has the biggest smile spread across her face, turns to him and says “how’d you know?!” And he just smiles and gives her this shrug 

He takes her to see Marcus Aurelius and plays happy birthday with him oh his electric and Marcus on bass 

He ends the trip by taking her to see Jane Austen who has coincidentally also had a party going on at the time. The doctor introduces them and they immediately hit it off. After a few drinks late into the night, Clara ends up making out with Jane in the corner. Thankfully the doctor came and grabbed Clara before they started drawing attention from anybody else 

The doctor having to carry Clara back to the TARDIS because Clara is drunk The doctor returning Clara back to her flat and puts her in bed as he goes and sleeps on the couch so he could keep an eye on her, just in case. 

Clara waking up in the middle of the night and sees the doctor on the couch and ends up waking him with a hug 

The doctor remembering he had one more present for her and gets out his guitar and plays a song he wrote for her 

She falls back asleep cuddling against him on the couch and the last words she mutters before she dozes off are “when’s your birthday Doctor?” 

(Part 3/?)

Firm Head Canon

I believe that Time Lord children may switch freely between genders, sex, and orientation freely, as they choose, before they reach their majority, when most choose the final form of their first incarnation.

‘This is the Doctor in the days before he knew me. And he looks at me… He looks right through me and it shouldn’t kill me but it does.’

But just think for one  second about the Doctor’s side of it.  As he get older he knows that one day he’s going to meet this Dr River Song person and yet in the back of his mind he knows that she dies because of him.  And then he meets her and she’s so much more than he ever imagined that she would be, and he loves her.  The Doctor loves River Song.

They get married and they travel around time for a while and then he’s sitting there, all alone, and he remembers.  He remembers that River went to the library to save him.  He’s sitting there talking to Amy and crying and he goes ‘There’s a time coming when I’ll look at her, and I’ll look right through her, and it shouldn’t kill me, but it does.’

I have my own views on Doctor Who and who the Doctor is and how he came to be, and what he is and they don’t fit in with any of these fan theories. But that’s how it should be – everyone should have their own take on it. Everybody’s theory is valid.
—  Peter on everyone getting to have their own Doctor Who head-canon