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This wasn’t that funny to me when I was making this but then the overwhelming accuracy hit me and I’m dying laughing on the floor with tears rolling down my cheeks. This is it. This should be the whouffaldi theme song.


thats right! we’re gonna give you a chance to win some cool doctor who themed hand made bags! 


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This is open world wide, we will ship anywhere. You will have to give us your mailing address if you win.



1. An exploding TARDIS tote bag, with yellow stripey lining. Good for holding your books, your groceries, your laptop…

2. A medium sized Dalek zipper bag, with black circles lining. Good for holding pencils, or make-up, or travel size toiletries.

3. A small TARDIS zipper pouch with polka dot lining. Good for holding change and cards and things. 

Send us an ask if there are any questions! Good luck! 


The final scene of Doomsday vs. the same scene from The Runaway Bride

From the Runaway Bride commentary track with David Tennant and Julie Gardner:

Julie: There we have Donna entering your TARDIS

David: Interestingly, that sequence was the closing seconds of Doomsday

Julie: Yes

David: …which was the end of series two - but not those actual pictures. We re-shot it.  We have two directors of photography on Doctor Who, Ernie and Rory.  Ernie shot Doomsday in the way he likes to shoot the TARDIS and likes to light the TARDIS, which is lots of greens and lots of reds.  Rory prefers it to be a more kind of golden affair

Julie: Yeah - a bit more yellow-y

David: Yeah, so the version of that scene would fit with the scene we’re now in [the rest of the Doctor/Donna initial scene in the TARDIS] we had to re-shoot it and do a kind-of Rory version of the scene.

Julie: and did you make different choices as an actor the second time?

David: No, in fact we had the dvd player by the side of the set to try to re-create it as exactly as we possibly could, so that you wouldn’t necessarily notice that it was different - although I just told you, so that gives that away


THESE ARE THE NEW ITEMS I AM ADDING TO THE GIVEAWAY SO PLEASE MAKE NOTE OF THIS. FOR SOME REASON ITS NOT LETTING ME ADD ANYTHING TO THE ORIGINAL POST SO FOR NOW PLEASE REBLOG THIS ALSO. (If someone feels like trying to add these photos and text to it for me I’ll literally just send you something awesome in the mail for doing it no joke, I’m feeling generous and lazy)

-Day Tripper
-The Donnie Darko Book
-Nobody Likes You (Green Day)
-Green Day
-Green Day Guitar Tab Book

-Final Fantasy VII (play station)

-Misfits Skull Shirt, size large
-Ramones Shirt, size large
-System of a Down Shirt, size medium
-Fall Out Boy shirt, size large
-I Don’t Care What You Think FOB Shirt, size medium
-exterminate Dalek shirt, size large
-MCR Black Parade shirt, size large
-mad man with a box doctor who shirt, size medium
-Black Flag Everything Went Black Shirt, size large
-Green Day shirt, size large
-Nightmare Before Christmas Shirt
-The Killers Shirt, size medium
-Panic! At the Disco shirt, size medium
-Nirvana Shirt, size medium

-Let It Be- The Beatles (vinyl)
-Abbey Road- The Beatles (vinyl)
-Legacy of Brutality- The Misfits (vinyl)
-Walk Among Us- The Misfits (vinyl)
- UNO DOS TRE box set with CUATRO DVD - Green Day

"I knew, from the first moment, that The Runaway Bride would end with the Doctor saying, 'Her name was Rose'"

“We don’t actually say what we’re thinking, not deliberately, not consciously. We’re revealing and guarding at the same time. You hear it, every day, in the way people say other people’s names. If someone fancies someone, but hasn’t said so out loud - and might not even be hugely conscious of it themselves - the way that they say that person’s name just gives it away.”

- Russell T Davies in Doctor Who: The Writer’s tale



Thats right me and Alik r doin a thing. We’ve decided to get rid of ALL our band merch and give it to 3 lucky winners.


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Items include:


  • Skrillex- Bangarang
  • The Ready Set- Feel Good Now EP
  • Nevershoutnever- Time Travel
  • Nevershoutnever-Harmony
  • Sleeping With Sirens- If You Were A Movie, This Would Be Your Soundtrack
  • Somewhere South of Perfect- What Happened to Love? EP


  • Pierce The Veil Collide with the Sky Tour Shirt (m)
  • BMTH Sempiternal Logo Shirt (m)
  • BMTH Owl (s)
  • BMTH Steel City (s)
  • SWS Zombie (m)
  • BTF Polar Bear (m)
  • ATL Everything is A-okay (s)
  • ATl I feel like dancin’ Tank (m)
  • Green Day Face’s shirt (m) fits like small
  • NSN Time Travel Logo shirt (s)
  • TRS Keep Calm and Listen to the Ready Set shirt (M)
  • MCR hang man (S)
  • MMI stay metal kitty tank (m) fits like small 
  • OM&M meet my dedication tank (M)
  • FIR tank (L)
  • TRS Love like Woah Booty Shorts (m)
  • PTV Beanie
  • Supernatural Beanie


Smallish Posters

  • BMTH- Sempiternal Logo
  • Secrets- The Ascent
  • CTE- The Fallout
  • OM&M- The Flood
  • Leathermouth 

Signed Posters

  • ATL Don’t Panic AP Special Signed by all members
  • Anthem Made (Kellin Quinn)
  • HAND DRAWN Feel Good Now Poster signed by Jordan W
  • Time Travel Poster with Christofer Drew’s Handprint
  • Another Anthem Made (Kellin Quinn)

Other Posters

  • 60 Alternative Press Posters
  • Panic! At The Disco oldish poster
  • Too Weird to Live Tour Poster
  • Two Drop Dead fold out posters
  • Two of the same PTV posters- we got them on Collide with the Sky tour


  • Drop Dead X-Mas Ornaments x9 
  • Drop Dead Stickers x3
  • Anthem Made Sticker
  • Buttons- Bazinga, Normal People Scare Me, Doctor Who, Fall Out Boy Save Rock and Roll
  • Green Day Pick- Necklace- Pick from Uno Dos Tres tour thrown into the crowd by Mike
  • 3 AP Magazines 

First Place!!!!!!

  • First Choice of 11 Shirts
  • 30 AP Posters
  • 2 signed posters 
  • Choice of 3 smaller posters or 2 other posters
  • Choice of 3 “Extras" 
  • Choice of 3 CD’s

Second Place!!!

  • 5 shirts
  • 20 AP Posters
  • 1 signed poster
  • 2 "other” posters or 2 “smaller” posters
  • Choice of 2 “extras" 
  • Other 3 CDs

Third Place!!! 

  • 2 clothes
  • 10 AP Posters
  • Leftover posters
  • Leftover "extras”



giving away

-Loki plush toy with hat

-devils trap tank (if you’re a guy, or a girl who is uncomfortable with baring your shoulder, you can message me with another thing that you wish to have)

-Destiel bracelet

-Sherlock and john Watson matching rings.

 -Sherlock quote pillow 

-bad wold, doctor who mug

-gallifreyan locket


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now be free and bask in the shit i’m giving away 

if this gets really popular i will add more prizes to win. 


maidmargaery’s i-hit-a-big-milestone-and-i-love-my-followers-so-much-i-want-to-cry GIVEAWAY!!!


→ three 3rd prize winners will receive their choice of dw, got or marvel:

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  • necklace [x] [x] [x or phone case [x] [x] [x]
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  • phone case
  • laptop decal or stud earrings


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  • the items shown in the photo and linked are only one option from each fandom. if you win, i will discuss with you your choice for prizes

anonymous asked:

Can you do 20 for a DW pairing? You pick you! :)

20. things you said that i wasn’t meant to hear

Twelve/Rose (since no one ever prompts that ;) )

(i’ve also done this prompt for tentoo/rose and for nine/rose if that’s more your speed)

Barovox was a planet renowned for its multiple markets full of mechanical parts - the galaxy’s best one-stop shop for anyone needing to do repairs on ships new and old. It was, incidentally, the Doctor’s favorite place to shop for TARDIS parts. He’d visited many times over the years, enough times that his companions usually opted out of stepping foot in the markets in favor of staying on the TARDIS or at home relaxing.

Clara had told him, in no uncertain terms, that she was not going to a glorified junkyard with him again so she was back in England while he rummaged through bits of metal, trying to find something with which to repair the time phase oscillator.

He had about given up on the stall he was at when a certain voice cut through the buzz of the marketplace. His head whipped up and he stepped away from the stall owner who was yelling at him that he either needed to pay for the part he was holding or put it back.

“Have your piece of junk back, I’m busy,” he said thrusting the broken coil back at the alien.

The Doctor’s eyes scanned the crowd as he tried to pick out where the voice had come from. He was terrible with faces and names this go round but he knew that voice and he knew he hadn’t heard it for a very long time.

He trotted through the crowd, eyes wide and head swiveling back and forth until he finally caught sight of blue and blonde in the mass of people and his hearts stuttered before galloping faster.

Even before she opened her mouth again to speak, he knew who she was. His hearts knew who she was and the name filtered from there to his brain to his mouth.

“Rose,” he breathed. It’d been so very long, millenia, since he’d seen her and the name still felt right on his tongue.

Rose stopped dead in her tracks and whipped her head around, zeroing in on the Doctor. He figured it wasn’t hard for her to figure out who had said her name when he was staring right at her, frozen in place.

She slipped through the crowd to get to him and looked up at him puzzled. “Do I know you?”

He blinked at her and then tried to give her his best scowl. He had a good face for scowling. The eyebrows were immensely helpful in that regard. “No.”

“You said my name though,” she pointed out.

“I did no such thing,” he denied.

“You did so. Plus you were staring right at me. So, out with it, what do you want and how do you know who I am?” Rose demanded, crossing her arms over her chest and staring up at him.

The Doctor suppressed a smile. Of course she wasn’t in the least bit put off my his scowl, if he remembered correctly she always gave as good as she got.

“You just reminded me of an old friend,” he said, finally.

Rose’s eyes softened and she searched his face, something about the words having sharpened her attention. “You remind me of someone, too,” she admitted. “Your eyes…”

She peered at him and then broke eye contact, shaking her head. “Thought there was a good chance of finding him here. Used to stop here all the time to get parts for his ship.”

“Good taste,” the Doctor said carefully, not wanting to give away who he was but wanting to prolong the conversation a bit longer. This was another stolen moment and he was going to treasure it.

(He thought that he had had to steal too many moments with her, that he hadn’t been given enough time with her originally. He’d stolen one attempted goodbye by burning up a sun, another when he was dying and he needed to see her again, even if she didn’t know him.)

(Maybe this time he could actually say goodbye.)

(He didn’t really want to, didn’t want to admit that this was their last stolen moment.)

“Never could understand a word of what he was saying when he started talking machines. Just my luck to keep datin’ mechanics,” she quipped with a small smile.

“This friend you’re looking for your boyfriend, then?” he asked.

Rose shrugged. “Not exactly. I love him but…” she trailed off and the Doctor wished he was better at reading expressions so he could figure out what was going on in her head.

“I’m sure you’ll find him and work things out,” he said, trying to sound as kind as possible, to try and rekindle the hope in her.

(She’d done it for him so many times, it was time he repaid the favor.)

She beamed up at him. “Thanks.” Rose scrunched her nose up. “I didn’t quite catch your name.”

“I’m no one,” he said. “Have a good life, Rose. Be happy.”

He caught a glimpse of her mouth hanging open in a shocked expression, recognition sparking in her eyes as he turned away and ducked down one of the alleyways that riddled the labyrinthine marketplace.

He peered around the corner and watched as she walked slowly down the street before disappearing in a blue flash.

“Be happy,” he repeated softly. That’s all he’d ever wanted for her and he hoped she’d found that with his other self. 

(A wish for her future was better than a goodbye anyways.)

With a downward twitch of his lips he turned and headed for his TARDIS.

Shopping could wait for another day. He was going to try to take his own advice and pick up Clara for an adventure and be happy.

I hope that my role hasn’t ended because I wasn’t officially told, ‘That’s it.’ I loved watching it growing up and I’m amazed that young girls have an obsession with River Song. They consider her to be a great, strong role model, which is lovely.
—  Alex Kingston, on her role as River Song in Doctor Who [x]