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Type: Imagine

Pairing: 11th Doctor x OC

Prompt: From Anonymous: I need a oneshot please! Imagine the eleventh doctor accidentally saying something that makes you feel horrible and instantly regretting it and apologizing.


“Doctor! We can’t just leave them!”

You screeched following after The Doctor as he walked immediately to the console leaving you to close the doors with an annoyed snap of your fingers. The Doctor refuses to spare you a glance, looking at the controls as he flicks switches and presses button.

“Yes we can.” He countered, easily dismissing you. Your eyes narrow as you stomp up to him so that you were beside him. “Doctor, we can’t just let the inhabitants of that planet die while we fly away. We have to do something!” You yell in annoyance trying to figure out why he is so against saving these people.

The Doctor pulls down a lever angrily before turning to face you. “No we do not! These people are a fixed point in time. They are to die at a specific time and there is nothing I can do to change this. Let it go, (Y/N).” He said sternly, anger flashing in his eyes. But, you didn’t back down.

“So what? We change things all the time. Why not this time? You’ve changed a fixed point before. I’m sure we can do so-.” “No!” The Doctor burst stepping closer to you till you were both chest to chest. Both of you glaring at each other. “Those times were different.” “How were they different?” You asked in disbelief. “They just are! I can’t change everything!”

You ground your teeth. “Yes, yes you can. We can at least warn them! Or something!” The Doctor’s eyes were dark as he looked down at you, something in his eyes seemed to snap. “NO WE WILL NOT!” He roared at you making you flinch and look at him with wide eyes. “Maybe your little ape brain can’t understand but, this is my ship. What I say goes and we are not changing this! We can and will not! Do I make myself clear?!”

He yelled at you making you flinch back with every sentence. And when he was done he appeared to realize what he said and all the anger seeped from his body as he looked at you. Your eyes were glossy with unshed tears and your jaw was so clenched he could hear your teeth grinding. Your body was shaking slightly and when you realized he was done you blinked a few times making the tears fall. You sniffled.

His eyes were wide with panic. “(Y/N)? Love, I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean-.” You held up a hand silencing him before lowering it before you took off running towards the corridor. “(Y/N)!” He screamed after you before chasing after you.

Your vision was blurry with tears as you ran as fast as you could through the endless corridors of the TARDIS. You kept making turns hoping to lose the Doctor but it was as if he knew your every move as his footsteps continued to follow you.

You finally reached a dead end making you glare up at the ceiling. “This isn’t funny, TARDIS.” You said coldly, not calling her Sexy as you usually would. You could hear his calls as he got closer and felt yourself shake as his words rushed back to you.

You walked to the corner and sat down before bringing your knees to your chest and wrapping your arms around them as you hid your face in them. Tears began running down your face as you remembered what he said.

Were you nothing more than amusement to him?

Were you so stupid as to believe he cared for you?

Were you nothing more than a guest on his ship?

Did you not share his bed?

Did you not kiss him?

Did you not hug him when he felt conflicted with Amy and Rory?

Were you not always there for him?

Apparently it was not enough as you had a little ‘Ape Brain’. After all he was the mighty Time Lord. You had no rule over him. You had no opinion.

Then, you heard the footsteps grow louder before they stopped and you knew he found you. “(Y/N), sweetheart?” He asked delicately before slowly walking towards you. You didn’t move hoping he would take the hint and leave you.

Of course he wouldn’t.

He moved and kneeled in front of you. “(Y/N)…” He breathed before reaching a hand out to you and as soon as his hand touched you, you shuffled away closer to the wall. He let out a strange noise as you moved away from him. A type of whimper it seemed.

“(Y/N). My love, I’m so sorry. I didn’t-I didn’t mean to say those awful things to you. I was just angry. I wanted to help them but, it was a fixed event. The thought of even trying to change it makes me… makes me want to heave. I’m sorry I couldn’t do anything, I’m sorry I was useless. I just wanted to do something and I felt horrible because I couldn’t. But, that was no reason to take it out on you. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean those things. I lost my temper and they just came out. Please, please don’t move from me. Please, please forgive me. I’m sorry. Please.”

He pleaded with you, his voice growing thick as he began getting choked up. You raised your head just a bit so that you could see him. He looked at you with tears as he swallowed thickly. It broke your heart to see him this way. And his sadness was evident. He felt genuinely sorry and looked genuinely terrified at the thought of you not forgiving him.

When he noticed he had your attention he spoke again. “I know I haven’t said it. I was terrified to. I’ve never been good at it either. I either wait too late or I’m just too afraid. But… (Y/N)? I love you. I love you and I can’t bare the thought of you leaving me because of this. Please forgive me.”

By the time he finished you were looking at him fully with wide eyes. You’d always imagined how he’d say those words to you. Admittedly, you never thought it would happen like this but… they happened. You sniffled before throwing your arms around him. “I love you too.” You said into his neck as his arms wrapped around you, holding you tightly.

“Do you forgive me?”

“Of course I do, Space Man.”