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Behind the Scenes of The Waters of Mars (Part Six)

Excerpts from Benjamin Cook’s interview with Lindsay Duncan in DWM 415:

“Where’s Gadget?” asks assistant script editor Jennie Fava.  “He must be around here somewhere.”

“Probably lying in the corner, broken,” replies veteran Doctor Who director Graeme Harper.  Gadget is a three foot tall, Wall-E-type robot probe on tracks. (Altogether now: “Awwww!”)  He has two arms, skeletal hands, and big camera-lens eyes. “He’s not on today, is he? Hasn’t he wrapped for this episode?  Thank God.”

“Very temperamental. Attention-seeking, constantly.  And, of course, terribly unpredictable, says Lindsay Duncan, the Captain herself, when asked about the Doctor’s latest friendly-but-temperamental robotic ally.  (See also: K9, Kamelion, and Adric.)  “Every time we try to get a shot, a bit of Gadget drops off,” she laughs.  “But there’s a great deal of humor focused on the Gadget robot, which is delightful and works really, really well, especially in such a dark episode.  I had one of my most joyful times on set, on Gadget, tearing down this strip of corridor.”

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It’s my whole heart
Weighted and measured inside
And it’s an old scar
Trying to bleach it out
And it’s my whole heart
Deemed and delivered a crime