doctor who flower crown

Lee Min Ho KDRAMA themed drinking ideas:


  • Take a shot every time Kim Tan cries
  • Take a shot every time Young Do bullies EunSang 
  • Take a shot every time Bo Na and Chan Young fight
  • Drink an entire bottle of alcohol when you see Heechul

City Hunter:

  • Take a shot every time ahjussi and YoonSung fight about his spending/credit card debt.
  • Take a shot every time Kim Na Na does something incredibly stupid that lands her in the kind of trouble that should have gotten her killed in the 4th episode.
  • Take a shot every time YoonSung bails NaNa out of trouble.
  • Take a shot every time YoonSung sulks and pretends not to like NaNa.


  • Take a shot every time IlShin does something that pisses you off. 
  • Take a shot every time Court Lady Choi chastises General Choi 
  • Take a shot every time Eun Soo screams 

Boys Over Flowers:

  • Take a shot every time Jun Pyo bullies someone
  • Take a shot every time Jun Pyo’s mother does something that pisses you off
  • Take a shot every time JanDi just goes along with JunPyo when she should literally slap him in the fucking face
  • Take a shot every time you get JiHoo/JanDi ship feels
  • Take a shot every time JanDi’s parents encourage her to go to a school where she is bullied an isolated by other students because they think she’s getting a better education but in reality she’s just spending a lot of time with a group of boys which is weird, but no they’re entirely cool with it during the entire freaking drama and they’re even cooler with it when she starts dating Jun Pyo bc they get new furniture and shit.
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dramafever been throwing some shade at LMH lately

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

Exhibit C:

 Exhibit D:

Now if ya’ll don’t stop the ghost of General Choi is gonna come and beat the ridiculousness out of ya’ll with his sword.

And then he’s gonna time travel back and live with Eun Soo and his 120938085489232 kids

A Year In Fic - 2015

I was tagged by @dreameater1988 to do this and well here we go. All links lead to my AO3 account.













I posted the multi chapter fics in the month I started with them, except “Collide” because I started this one in November 2014, but wrote mainly in 2015. 

Total Word Count: 420.404 (Wow, that is quite a number and I am surprised it are so many stories in the end. Fun fact, I always think, it could have been a little bit more. I was rather lazy in August. Also I have written a couple stories that were for friends and are not published. So I think I can be okay with this list )

Okay, I think everyone is tagged by now, as I am late to the party, if you want to do this, feel tagged! 

Sweater Watchdogs Masterpost

Because I have a lot of time to waste, and i figured it would be nice to do something for one of my favorite watchdogs blog @westleybestley

Edited: 13 July 2016

Named Watchdogs

Unnamed Watchdogs

  • Season 1

The Fugitives
The Watchdogs who used Wander’s helpfulness to capture him
The Civilian Watchdog

The Little Guy
The Watchdog who said “maybe you’ll get a medal or smtg” to Westley

The Birthday Boy
Popcorn Watchdog

The Big Job
German Scientist & the Janitor

The Gift & The Gift II: The Giftening
The first Watchdog to get a gift (thats definitely Tim btw)
The Watchdog who got a signed picture of Wander

The Rider
The Watchdog who got Ryder
The Watchdog who didn’t care that Sylvia lost her dog or smtg


The dancing Watchdog (short The Bathroom Break)

  • Season 2

The Greater Hater
The Watchdog who thought Hater was named Lord Vader

The Big Day
The Watchdog Pastry Chef
The Watchdog who was killing it on the guitar
The flower crowned Watchdogs

The Axe
The Watchdog Doctor 

The Rager
The Watchdog who almost died of boredom & got zapped to life by Hater

The Good Bad Guy
The Watchdog who took a picture of Hater (my request!) 

The Battle Royale
The two Watchdogs who got their eyes poked by a Fistfighter 

The New Toy
The Watchdog who likes to stack 
The Jet packed Watchdogs

The Eye on the Skullship
The Watchdog Chef
The Watchdog with the enchiladas tattoo (ENCHILADAAAAS) 
The Watchdog Captain-Tim-walker (thats definitely Tim btw)

The Hole… Lotta Nothin’
The Watchdog who made Hater’s mechanical arm 

The Show Stopper
The drummers Watchdogs (rip) 
The Watchdog who was a little tied up at the moment

The Cartoon
The Watchdogs animators

My Fair Hatey
Dog-person & Cat-person Watchdogs
Mustard or Mayo Watchdogs
Choir Singers Watchdogs

The Sick Day
Barry & the Watchdog who played volleyball

Original Characters!

Watchdogs in clothing other than a sweater

Minions in clothing (not the yellow ones dear lord)

Other Characters


Watchdogs SAVEWOY! (sign the petition here!)