doctor who fan art friday

Inspired by ‘A Bit Western-ish’ by @humansrsuperior

Completely forgot I had made this. Found it last night when I was looking for pics to photoshop. Unfortunately the fic was taken down but you should definitely check out her artwork. She has some gorgeous Nine x Rose, Ten x Rose and Tentoo x Rose pieces as well as artwork from multiple other fandoms.


My Paul McGann encounters:
In the first photo, I wasn’t there. My friend Sandra was at a convention in London and had him sign my sketch for the “Butterfly” version of Eight. (I didn’t have the finished version done in time. :( )
Then I actually got to meet him at the Phoenix Comic Con (I was terrified enough, and Colin Baker, who was the first Doctor I ever met, was sitting nearby )
My hands were shaking so badly as I gave him a copy of my Time War Eight. Then I nervously asked if I could take a picture with my stuffed wombat. (#Wombat Friday— it’s a fun Pre-Raphaelite thing!)
He pulled ME into the picture and then I got a big unexpected KISS. Sooooo, yes, I floated around for a couple days after that.
Best Wombat Friday EVER.