doctor who facebook page

so the doctor who facebook page is posting fanart now, right? and usually I like wouldn’t give half a shit but… this is one of the things they posted

for anyone who isn’t the biggest doctor who fan, this is fanart of two incarnations of the character The Master

The Official Doctor Who Facebook page posted selfcest and I’m crying

 “oh, you didn’t read the books, you can’t possibly be a fan.”
“Oh, you didn’t watch the whole series, you can’t possibly be a fan.”
“Oh, you don’t listen to all the goofy bands that write songs about the books/movies/show/comics/videogame. You can’t possibly be a fan.”

so, people on the official doctor who facebook page are being quite rude. i normally wouldn’t care, because people are rude on the internet in general all the time, but it feels really disrespectful to jenna’s work to see people celebrate that she’s “finally” leaving and saying other awful things regarding the character that she’s clearly cared so much for and worked so hard with the past three years of her life. so if you guys want to head over there, leave some nice comments about either jenna, clara, or both, that would be lovely. thanks!

Doctor Who Facebook Page hits 2 million followers!!! Matt writes thank you message with a flurry of exclamation points!!!

2 million!!! We have a special message from Matt Smith to say thank you!!!

“Doctor Who facebookers!!! All 2 million of you, thank you for your support!!!! I hope you enjoy the new season!!! We start filming very soon!!! Will keep you posted on Facebook!!!! The monsters are coming!!!!”

We <3 Matt’s use of exclamation points. Look how he even squeezed in two more in the photo above!